The Midwestern United States is one of the four census regions of the United States Census Bureau. It occupies the northern part of the United States. It was officially named the North Central Region by the Census Bureau until 1984. It is located between the Northeastern United States and the Western United States, with Canada to its north and the Southern United States to its south.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The map includes a port area (which in some variants is being hit by a tornado), a canyon area with a railroad, a mine tunnel, and a town area.


30" Variants

  • It's a Twister!
  • Transcontinental Race

60" Variants

  • Trainspotter
  • Time Travel

90" Variants

  • Canyon Launch
  • Whirlwind Curve
  • Gold Rush
  • Rolling Motorway
  • Hay Bail (Added 5/24/19)
  • Covered Bridge (Added 7/25/19)

120" Variants

  • US Wilderness
  • Navajo Nation

Cars with good acceleration, drifting, and handling are recommended here.


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