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It's all come down to this... You've helped mold this car into one of the finest driving machines of all time... Now a final race with our AI is all that stands between you and the big prize!

The Ultimate AI Challenge is a Versus race in the Research & Development and World Tour modes of Asphalt 8: Airborne that involves a ghost car named the "Ultimate AI".

A variation of the event, named Final, is used in Moto Blitz, and serves as the final race of each Moto Blitz season.


The Ultimate AI Challenge works exactly the same as a Versus race, except the other racer is a blue ghost car named the "Ultimate AI". Ultimate AI Challenges are always found at the end of each Lab, although there may be one or more prior to the end of the Lab.

There are currently 85 total Ultimate AI Challenges (and 13 Moto Blitz Finals) in the game.


Just finish the race before the AI does. The difficulty of this will vary according to the recommended rank. The final Ultimate AI Challenges found in the R&D events for most of the Class A/Class S cars (except the Mosler Super GT) and the Renault Alpine Celebration tend to be very difficult (often requiring a MAX+PRO car with a Nitro Starter, Tuning Kit, and Extra Tank activated), while the others tend to be easier (e.g. Alfa Romeo 4C, Lotus Evora Sport 410). Originally, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 can be won with a Multiplayer configuration rather than a MAX+PRO car by exploiting a shortcut glitch near the London Bridge, but due to the glitch being patched as of the Lunar New Year 2017 Update, the car can only be won at MAX+PRO. As of the Fast Lane Update, however, the penultimate AI of an R&D event can be more difficult to beat than the last AI, noticeable in the events for Ferrari F60 America and Ford GT (2017).

Losing the Ultimate AI Challenge allows the player to either redo it or skip it with Auto-Test, paying a high amount of tokens in the process (up to Tokens 2,800). However, sometimes, the game may actually cause the player's loss to be mistakenly registered as a win, as there is a small window allowing for a slightly slower lap time to be logged but still registered as a win.

For Ultimate AI Challenges that occur on difficult tracks like the Rio de Janeiro, Azure Coast, Patagonia, and Iceland tracks, it is best to practice them regularly and watch videos of the best routes for each track so as to be able to gain an edge when tackling the Ultimate AI Challenge, even if underranked by several points, but not too low that winning is impossible due to the lack of speed; it is generally recommended to upgrade the top speed and nitro (especially the latter in the ED Design Torq's case).

Ultimate AI Challenges generally recommend boosters. The final ones recommend the player be triple-boosted.

The Finals in Moto Blitz work with the same strategy, however players cannot pay tokens to auto-pass.


When the player reaches an Ultimate AI Challenge, the R&D team helping develop the car will say something, usually encouraging the player to go beat the Ultimate AI.

Lamborghini Huracán[]

This is it -- the biggest test of all. We've done some great work on this car, and if you can best the AI here, the prize is yours. Good luck!
Lab 003, Test 030

Lamborghini Egoista[]

Only the quote for Test 065 is available.

It's all come down to this... You've helped mold this car into one of the finest driving machines of all time... Now a final race with our AI is all that stands between you and the big prize!
Lab 004, Test 065

Peugeot SR1[]

Only the quotes for Tests 010 and 045 are available.

The Ultimate AI is primed and ready to go. Think you and your car have got what it takes to beat it?
Lab 001, Test 010
Okay, this one's for all the marbles! We've molded this car into a perfect ride, and if you can best the AI, it's all yours. Ready to drive?
Lab 003, Test 045

Alfa Romeo 4C[]

You've done it... hit all our projections, busted through our expectations... this really is a sports car that drives like a supercar. Just beat this AI, and the 4C is all yours!
Lab 005, Test 050

ED Design Torq[]

Only the quote for Test 007 is available.

Are you pumped? We're pumped. Let's test those 320 watt-hours of power against our in-house AI!
Lab 001, Test 007
It all comes down to this... John Henry versus the steam drill... human versus machine... you in the Torq versus the Torq's AI. May the best driver win!
Lab 004, Test 050

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage[]

BOOM! Interior design is DONE! (Seriously, we get SUPER excited about this sort of thing.) Time to test it out yourself by racing against our own in-house AI!
Lab 001, Test 007
All right, it's time to test your fancy new BMW augumented-reality helmet in action! Take the 3.0 Hommage out for a fancy race against our custom AI - and don't hold back!
Lab 002, Test 018
All that testing and we've finally got a solid design for the BMW's front end! Put it through its paces with a no-holds-barred race against our custom AI!
Lab 002, Test 027
The Hommage's spoiler is done! And we've distracted the insurance guy with mini muffins. Which means everything's ready for a SUPER-CHALLENGING AI RACE!
Lab 003, Test 033
These blueprints are dynamite! We've kitted out the new Hommage with plenty of callbacks to the '75 CSL... and it's time to field test them with a pulse-pounding AI race!
Lab 004, Test 044
That's it. You're ready. We've programmed our AI with a SUPER-POWERED version of the 1975 CSL... Beat it, and add its descendant to your garage for good!
Lab 004, Test 050

Mosler Super GT[]

For our last test, let's raise the level of exhilaration and pit you against the AI simulation!
Lab 001
All right, time to test out the modifed Mosler the only way possible -- against itself! May the best car win!
Lab 002
Now that we've got the modifications down pat, try it against our AI driver!
Lab 003
Think we've got a stable build here. We'll only know for certain after we test it against the AI.
Lab 004
Doug's programmed his most advanced AI ever to compete against you in this race. If you can beat it, the car is yours!
Lab 005, Test 050

Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014[]

Only the quote for Test 050 is available.

Beautifully done! The folks at Mercedes-AMG are impressed and say if you can beat their AI, the C-Coupe Touring Car 2014 is all yours. Claim your car!
Lab 004, Test 050

W Motors Fenyr Supersport[]

Only the quote for Test 065 is available.

This is it, driver! Beat our final attempt to best you, and the Fenyr Supersport is yours!
Lab 004, Test 065


Only the quote for Test 050 is available.

Eureka! We've made the perfect combustible portion! Now you must make the perfect performance and unlock the GT for yourself!

Arash AF10[]

Only the quotes for Tests 009, 022, and 060 are available.

Step on up! Time to see if you know the Arash AF10 better than the Ultimate AI!
Lab 001, Test 009
Ready for your rematch with the AI? Stay loose and stay ahead!
Lab 002, Test 022
The final showdown. Man versus a true marvel of technology. Win this, and you've more than earned that Arash AF10!
Lab 004, Test 060

Renault Alpine Celebration[]

Here's your chance to wash away all doubt. Beat the Ultimate AI in the Renault Alpine and we can start getting to serious work on this car!
Lab 001, Test 007
This has been an inspirational week, but it's time to pass the torch to the next team... so long as you can beat the Ultimate AI once again!
Lab 002, Test 018
Time to see if my gamble paid off. Beat the Ultimate AI in a showdown of Renault Alpines!
Lab 003, Test 027
I believe you have what it takes to beat the Ultimate AI! I hope to celebrate the Year of the Rooster along with your success today!
Lab 003, Test 033
Wow... the team says they didn't arrange this Ultimate AI challenge... it ASKED to challenge you! Better give it your all and grab all the upgrades you can.
Lab 004, Test 043
The Ultimate AI has watched your races even closer than we have! But win here, and the Renault Alpine is yours to keep! Happy Year of the Rooster!
Lab 004, Test 050

Lotus Evora Sport 410[]

All we've worked for comes down to this Ultimate AI Challenge. Max out this upgrades and win your Lotus Evora Sport 410 here and now!
Lab 004, Test 044

Porsche 911 GT3 RS[]

Thanks to you, our research is nearly complete. Beat the Ultimate version of the Lab 4 AI. Prove what we already know: You're the best!
Lab 004, Test 050

Peugeot RCZ R[]

This is it. We can't improve our AI any further. So let's see who's better: man or machine? Good luck, driver!
Lab 003, Test 035

KTM 1290 Super Duke R[]

The Ultimate Test for the Ultimate Driver: If you beat this AI, there isn't much else we can do. Thanks for the good work, driver. And good luck.
Lab 004, Test 050

Ducati SuperSport S[]

You and your Supersport S have shown us things about driving that we've never seen before. Let's see if our Ultimate AI can beat you, the master!
Lab 004, Test 050

Suzuki Hayabusa[]

Countless times you have defeated the tech that you helped create. But no longer. This is a race for your life. Man vs. Machine. Goodbye, driver.
Lab 004, Test 065

McLaren 650S GT3[]

This is it. The Ultimate AI. The perfect mix of computer and racer. Cool, but cunning. Calculated, but courageous. Good luck, Donuts. You'll need it.
Lab 004, Test 050

Pagani Huayra BC[]

OUR PRECIOUS AI...! IT'S LOOSE!!! O CRUEL HUBRIS, TO BE LAID LOW BY OUR OWN CREATION! Rescue us -- nay, the WORLD -- and we will never trouble you again!
Lab 004, Test 060

BMW S 1000 RR[]

This is it. If we win this, the AI will be ours to own and develop. You've done so much for this project. You're a true friend... Let's do this!
Lab 004, Test 050

Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition[]

The investors are all lined up. If the AI wins, it'll be sold to the highest bidder, no matter their morals. Win this race. Stop the conglomerate!
Test 050, Lab 004

Yamaha YZF-R6[]

This is it, driver -- the final battle! Beat the AI once and for all, and REALLY show us what you and the Yamaha YFZ-R6 can do!!!
Test 050, Lab 004

Apollo Intensa Emozione[]

I tried to keep us all safe, but I failed. The Ultimate AI has challenged you to a race. Win and it'll hand the lab back to us. Lose and we're toast.
Lab 004, Test 060

Rimac Concept S[]

The final battle! Our incredibly outdated AI mascot Jiggy 2000 versus the future -- YOU! Jiggy 2000 is the best... but you got this!
Lab 004, Test 050

Mazda RX-8 Special Edition[]

Time for the ultimate moment of truth. Human or machine? You or the AI? That's the eternal question. Good luck, driver!
Lab 004, Test 044

Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition[]

Here it is. You versus the Rogue AI. A couple labs ago, I would've bet everything on the computer... but now I see that I would've been wrong. Get 'em, racer!
Lab 005, Test 050

Maserati Alfieri[]

You've helped us, and if RanDy could still talk, he'd thank you. Good luck on this next race! May the best racer win!
Lab 004, Test 050

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR my2017[]

OK, racer. It's go time. Let's see if you can teach this AI virus some new tricks and defeat it for good! Asphalt Labs is counting on you!
Lab 004, Test 060

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series[]

And here we are. Beat me here and win a BRAND... NEW... CAR! And make history. Because TRIVIA BOT has never lost *for real* yet. Rev that engine, Racer 8.
Lab 004, Test 050

Hyundai i30 N[]

Okay, this one's for all the marbles! We've molded this car into a perfect ride, and if you can best the AI, it's all yours. Ready to drive?
Lab 003, Test 050

Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4[]

The final race! Do you have what it takes to best the Ultimate AI-X and claim the ultra-rare Lamborghini Centenario for yourself
Lab 004, Test 060

Infiniti Vision GT[]

60 mph! Are you ready to face the end?! Can you defeat Dr. Infinity? Let us race once and for all and see if the Infiniti Vision GT can best science itself!
Lab 004, Test 050

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