Unleashed is an event type in Asphalt 9: Legends.


Unleashed is a series of 3 events that provides rewards and Blueprints for the featured car. The event lasts for 10 days and starts before any major or Special Event.



Trial is the first event of the three. Players must beat a certain race time to earn rewards. The rewards are always Tokens small a9 and a few of the featured blueprints. Trial races can be used to grind for Tokens small a9 with its large payout and free try of the featured car.



Unleashed is the second event of the three. Like the first event, players must beat a certain race time to earn rewards. Unleashed races can be used to grind for blueprints and epic import parts of the featured car with its large payout. The event requires the player to have featured cars that meet the required rank.



Contest is the final event of the three. This event is a tournament but also considered a mini Trial event. Players can earn both Solo and Rank rewards. Solo rewards give Tokens small a9 while Rank rewards include Credits small a9, Class Part Packs and epic imports for the featured car. Rank rewards are based on the percentage bracket the player finishes the event in.


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