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An Upgrade is a permanent car performance upgrade in the Asphalt series, which increases the car's rank. Upgrades can't be undone, so downgrading a vehicle isn't possible by conventional means. Upgrades differ from Boosters by not being time-related and from Pro Kits by not requiring parts, but only Credits or Tokens to apply. Also, in contrast to Pro Kit upgrades, all five upgrade levels (ten in the case of most motorcycles) are available for every car of the game.

The 2019 Holiday Update introduced the Ultimate status, indicated by a gold ULTIMATE icon. Ultimate vehicles are already fully upgraded as if they were MAX PRO. They cannot be upgraded any further.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


There are four categories for (standard) upgrades:

  1. Acceleration - depicted as an engine block
  2. Top Speed - depicted as a turbocharger
  3. Handling - depicted as a brake caliper
  4. Nitro - depicted as a nitrous tank

Each category contains five upgrade levels above the basic (zero) level, and each upgrade made adds to the performance of the car and increases the rank of the car.

Rank (when the car is either stock, MAX, PRO, or MAX+PRO) is calculated as: (34.7-SQRT((34180.823-92.692*Nitro)/Top Speed+1014.173))*1000 - This is assuming the unit system is set to metric.

The maxed out acceleration stat is 11/15 (73.33%) of the stock acceleration stat; the maxed out handling stat is the stock handling stat + 0.05 Gs; and the maxed out nitro stat is usually the stock nitro stat multiplied by 1.5. The maxed out top speed stat is a certain number higher than the stock top speed stat. Examples:

  • Acceleration: 2.20 sec → 1.69 sec
  • Handling: 1.300 Gs → 1.350 Gs
  • Nitro: 16.86 mph (27.14 km/h) → 25.29 mph (40.71 km/h)

Example from the Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7:

  • Rank: 1215.28 (1215) → 1438.98 (1439)
  • Acceleration: 3.90 sec → 2.86 sec
  • Top Speed: 183.72 mph (295.79 km/h) → 205.01 mph (330.07 km/h)
  • Handling: 1.200 Gs → 1.250 Gs
  • Nitro: 16.86 mph (27.14 km/h) → 25.29 mph (40.71 km/h)

Upgrade Prices

The upgrade prices of each level can be found from the car pages. Vehicles of Asphalt 8 page features a summary table of costs to max out the vehicles.

The price of the upgrades rises on every level and it also costs more to upgrade a higher end or more recently added car. The original cars of the game with blue and white license plates and all pre-Fuel Events Update cars (until after the introduction of SSC Tuatara around April 2014, which was the first car with higher upgrade costs) can be upgraded to MAX level with considerably less amount of Credits compared to the cars that were introduced in updates after the Fuel Events Update. The upgrade costs of the cars introduced in the Fuel Events Update fall mostly between these two ends. The SSC Tuatara is the first car to have higher upgrade costs.

This radical shift upwards in the upgrade (and purchase) costs of the cars has led to significant discrepancies to the relation between the upgrade costs and performance gains when upgrading a vehicle. It is notable though that while introducing this new era of high prices, it's mainly done by bringing in new cars to the game - the upgrade (and purchase) costs of the vehicles that are already found in the game aren't drastically modified. However, the highest cost for maxing out a Class D car drastically jumped in the Tenerife Update with the BMW M3 Sedan, which costs Credits 2,059,330​​ to max out.

Since v2.3, new cars added to the game can be upgraded either with Credits or Tokens. In the Elite Cars Update (v2.4.0), two new cars require Tokens for their upgrades: the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage and Mosler Super GT.

During the Munich Update, several recently released vehicles had their credit prices removed for some upgrades and were tokens only until it was reverted on October 31, 2017, due to negative reception from the community.

In nearly every update released in 2018, some event-based cars require Tokens for some upgrades, especially the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, which has every level 4 and 5 upgrades require a total of Tokens 13,950.

In the 2019 Spring Update, the upgrade prices for many vehicles were changed.

Free upgrades


The Fifteenth Anniversary Update made all free upgrades fully saleable.

  • Class-specific upgrade cannot be obtained any longer, except for the Class A Upgrade Class A Upgrade and Class S Upgrade Class S Upgrade which are granted as league rewards in Multiplayer if the player already owns the awarded vehicle.
  • Vehicle-specific upgrades are sometimes offered for real money.
Upgrade Value
Class D Upgrade Class D Upgrade Fusion Coins 3,000
Class C Upgrade Class C Upgrade Fusion Coins 6,000
Class B Upgrade Class B Upgrade Fusion Coins 9,000
Class A Upgrade Class A Upgrade Fusion Coins 12,000
Class S Upgrade Class S Upgrade Fusion Coins 15,000

The sale value of vehicle-specific upgrades was reduced by factor 10; they now have the same value as a class-specific upgrade of the vehicle's reassigned class. Examples:

  • A free upgrade for the Hyundai i30 N has been reduced from Fusion Coins 30,000 to Fusion Coins 3,000 (both Class D).
  • A free upgrade for the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage has been reduced from Fusion Coins 120,000 (Class A) to Fusion Coins 15,000 (Class S).


Free upgrades could be earned as rewards by finishing certain collections or in certain R&Ds. Free upgrades from collections were class-specific while free upgrades from R&Ds were vehicle-specific.

The 2019 Holiday Update turned all free upgrades into inventory items, but only vehicle-specific upgrades could be sold for Fusion Coins Fusion Coins if the corresponding vehicle was at MAX level.


Spare vehicle-specific ugrades could not be fused separately, so if players had three Hommage upgrades, they could only fuse all three together.

Formerly, free upgrades (Class D & C) were also one of the alternating prizes in Multiplayer, when having a seven game (Class D upgrade) or nine game (Class C upgrade) winning streak (finishing in the top 3 in seven/nine Multiplayer games in succession). The other alternative prize for a 7 game winning streak was Credits 5,000. For the 9 game winning streak also a Nitro Starter or Credits 7,500 could be earned as a reward. Mastery also awarded Free Upgrades prior to the Fast Lane Update.

"Each free upgrade is linked to a class of cars (D, C, B, A, or S). When a player owns a free upgrade, the next purchase of an upgrade for a car in that class is free. The player cannot choose when they spend the free upgrade. It is always the first purchase they make after receiving it." (Source: Gameloft Forum - Thread: Questions & Answers by Fabien FromGameloft

How to upgrade a car?

  1. Select a car you wish to improve
  2. Tuning → Upgrade (the available upgrades are shown) → Tap on the purchase icon of the desired category. If the upgrade costs only Credits or Tokens, tap on the icon. Otherwise, if the upgrade is either Credits or Tokens, tap on one of the currencies.

On the Upgrade page

  • The Level numbers (LVL) indicate the current level of that category.
  • The performance gains are depicted with green color.
  • After upgrading all the categories to level 5, on the Car selection page a MAX symbol is lit beside the (lit/unlit) PRO symbol.

How AI Rank is calculated

AI racers' ranks are always optimized to be approximately equal to the recommended rank of the event or to the player's car rank, but is still limited to the MAX+PRO rank though. The AI racers always upgrade one level of top speed first before continuing with one level of acceleration, one level of handling, and one level of nitro. The process repeats until the car is maxed out. For example: if the recommended rank of the event is 1500, a BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage AI racer would be ranked at A1552 (4-5-4-4). Changing the recommended rank to 1557 changes the AI racer's rank to A1560 (5-5-4-4). If the recommended rank becomes 1566, the AI racer is ranked at A1568 (5-5-5-4). Change the recommended rank to 1575, and the AI racer is now ranked at A1608 (5-5-5-5).

If the car has to be ranked past its MAX rank, its Pro Kit upgrades always goes up by one level, but first being upgraded in Tires (Top Speed + Handling), then Suspension (Nitro + Handling), Drivetrain (Top Speed + Acceleration), and finally Exhaust (Nitro + Acceleration). The process repeats until the car reaches MAX+PRO.

Upgrade rank percentages

Main article: Asphalt 8 Upgrade Rank Percentages

Asphalt Xtreme

AX Upgrade system.png

The upgrade system in Asphalt: Xtreme takes a different approach towards installing the upgrades when compared to the main series. The new system can be considered to be combination of Upgrades and Pro Kits from Asphalt 8: Airborne. In addition to requiring sufficient credits to purchase the upgrades, upgrades now require a tech card, material card and upgrade card. All 3 cards can be won in Career races by achieving race stars.

The upgrade categories are identical to Asphalt 8's version but with a graphical redesign and are animated:

  1. Top Speed - depicted as a turbocharger
  2. Acceleration - depicted as an engine block
  3. Handling - depicted as a suspension spring
  4. Nitro - depicted as a nitrous tank