Just another A8 player willing to share his experience with others to help them make wiser choices in playing the game. I'm not hardcore and don't spend money on games, but I've driven virtually all the A8 cars, via owning the car, events, my friends' account or R&D etc. So rest assured that all my car info is from firsthand experience.

My (self-proclaimed) main job is to refine and update existing pages and sometimes add on to new ones. Hope all viewers enjoy the Asphalt Wiki :)

My biography

A8 career

I started playing Asphalt 8 on 2nd February 2017 on my phone, when I chanced by the game while surfing the app store. At early-mid 2017 I created a computer account, and somewhere around mid-2017 I switched to mainly the computer account.

Before my current computer account, I previously had 2 android accounts which I lost, and an existing android account which I seldom use now.

For a period I played daily, but as the exams came up my account stagnated for a few weeks. However, by November my exams had ended and I went hardcore in that month. It was in that period that my account expanded the most rapidly and I reached many of my milestones, such as my first completed championship (Hussarya GT).

Given the restarting of school now, and the busy schedule following it, I am only able to squeeze some time to collect daily rewards and play heat cups. Still, I have spare time on weekends where I am allowed up to an hour.

Brief account overview

Vehicles owned: 73

Lifetime playtime: 4 days 22 hours

Most commonly used car: 2016 Camaro

Career stars: 1086

Licenses: ~230

Usual activities: Events, any R&D, Championships or EDD, Multiplayer, Farming

My best performing cars

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