Announcement: Concept Car Decals, Putting them in other games, and comments.

News: I could be the next BeachSideRAGE editor if confirmed as well.

Asphalt 9 Shockwave Editor:

I always look for something to do. It will take me 1 year to edit and then go over. That's how you guess and edit.

[Category:My Favorite other games (Some will be deleted)

Avengers Academy -Look the best, because of graphics and actions. Best Characters: Wasp, Captain America and more! (He had deleted this game since March 2016.)

Nitro Nation- Information will included soon! (Deleted as he want to play later in next months.)

Nitro Nation/Stories- It has been with IOS in this year, but I deleted this game because it hard. So I would rather not try it again. (Deleted as he quit.)

ROBLOX- It could be one of my favorite games all time, but you can tell the controls look more better to references.

3D Tuning- It does do tuning stuffs to modify your car. But then you have to take a photo right away. Plus there now West Coast Customs. Which makes classic cars in Americans only. Sometimes, I will do that.

Minecraft Pocket Edition- It actually very popular to this game. I also do like this game, because it make buildings to craft in the Minecraft game. -Stills here.

Block City Wars- I have been playing this, since in 2014. But it was awesome game in adventure and in online mode. But each of them gets free for all in sandbox and PVP Maps. There only one new PVP map you could understand, it was Route 66. That was from Death Valley, CA and more! But don't even try this. -Deleted in April 2016

Gametime- It is not a game, but it give you to buy tickets on any stadiums! Not all of the tickets are cheap. They are mostly expensive, when you buy it. -It stills here by away. Not here anymore since 2016.

My worst other games:

NASCAR Raceview- I do not like for 5 mins for looking over it. But I do like almost all of them. Tracks and cars, yes. But in time watching, does want let me to look at it. So that's not it how I should buy it for monthly and yearly season. (Deleted as he watched.)

-Welcome To My Page!-

Im am rank 13/had moved -1 rank, but about to be in top 10 in this points standings of Asphalt Wikia. You would see it on above there. I hope see you later after some of editing around here. Here are the updates that be coming soon as well. Halloween Update have a update date where you should do it. Mostly like Bats Cup in Halloween. My games had been updated just if you look at it. Asphalt 9: Shockwave and Asphalt Xtreme would be my projects in this year. But I'm getting good at the results just right now. My goal is going in the top 10. The top 10 will be more popular if I get into this result. We hope we make it soon. It getting more longer just right now. Which means more challengin badges against me.

What's new about my profile?

Taking in the top 30 soon. Checked.

A lot of edits since 2015. Will get to that.

34 cars in my storage in Asphalt 8. Done. It is more than that right now.

DerrickMa5 More points! Checked.

He will find more cars until they were in the storage. Checked.

Upcoming Updates!

Spring (Elite Cars) Update -March 30 2016 Passed

Map Updates- TBA 2016

Last Halloween Update (No new cars or tracks) Just Pro Kits)- October 30 2016

Last Winter Update 2016- December 2016

Last Spring Update or new feature update- March 2017

What after the last spring update?

Well you know about it, it will set the release date on 2017, then it would be good to play with it.

So that's it.

Also I added a new screen of Asphalt 9: Shockwave menu screen. Thank you for waiting!

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