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Car Events Won (Asphalt 8)

Note: On September 2019, my old laptop failed. When I got a new one in November, I didn't reinstall Asphalt 8, therefore I retired from that game.

  1. McLaren MP4/8 Championship (first championship and car event ever won)
  2. Lotus Evora Sport 410 R&D (first R&D ever won)
  3. Porsche 959 Championship
  4. Porsche 718 Boxster Championship
  5. Kawasaki Z800 Championship
  6. Peugeot RCZ R R&D
  7. McLaren MP4-31 Championship (2nd run)
  8. Falcon F7 EDD (3rd run) (first EDD ever won)
  9. Honda Civic Type R Championship
  10. Hot Wheels Rip Rod™ Championship
  11. Hot Wheels Bone Shaker™ Championship
  12. Hot Wheels Twin Mill™ Championship
  13. Renault Trezor Championship
  14. BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R&D (3rd run)
  15. Ariel Atom V8 Championship
  16. Yamaha YZF-R6 R&D (first time beating final AI on first attempt)
  17. Apollo N Championship
  18. Vencer Sarthe Championship
  19. 2018 McLaren X2 Championship
  20. Mazda RX-8 Special Edition R&D
  21. Rezvani Beast Alpha Championship
  22. Porsche Carrera GT Championship
  23. Maserati Alfieri R&D
  24. Arrinera Hussarya GT Championship (2nd/Moments run) (first event won from Asphalt Moments)
  25. Weber Faster One EDD (3rd/Moments run)
  26. Vanda Electrics Dendrobium Championship (2nd/Moments run)
  27. McLaren M14A Championship (2nd run) (first time getting all 342 trophies)
  28. Buick Riviera Championship (2nd/Moments run)
  29. SCG 003S Championship (2nd run) (won at the last second, last car event I completed)


  • R&D Wins: 6
  • EDD Wins: 2
  • Championship Wins: 21
    • Championship Wins with all 342 Trophies: 1
  • World Tour Wins: 0
  • Wins from event's first run: 20
  • Wins from re-runs: 9
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