• I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on September 15
  • I am Male

Hello! I’m

My Asphalt 8 lifetime story

For 1.5 year, or maybe two, I played on a windows tablet. Fine, but then I went to high school. At the time I had collected my first S-class car, of course, Veneno. I still remember farming for it like hell. However, I went to high school and needed a Ipad. That changed everything.

I remember being so sad that the game couldn’t be transferred. But because of my love for the game, I started over.

Well, that actually worked out. My first real good car (at the time) was the Sesto Elemento. Well, for like half, maybe one year I didn’t play too often, and didn’t progress that fast, but when I started playing I remember I reached season 8 in like a week, half a month. And so did season 9. And then, this March, April or something like that I just thought when I saw the Riviera Championship, ‘why not?’. I started it and dicovered I was able to complete those things, while before I always thought you needed millions for it. So Riviera drove into my garage.

After Riviera, I started to farm real credits. I remember this year around May, June when TRION NEMESIS and TVR Sagaris were both on sale and I had some double credits, I farmed like hell with Sesto Elemento that mastery 14, which gives around 5.500 credits. Bought them both. That’s when I really progressed, now too in Multiplayer, with my Sagaris. Hated those ARSE’s though, which came at the exact moment that I bought the NEMESIS. Well, when I look back at the video, I see again the ARSE R&D.

Then, the AIE R&D came. I started, but never finished it.

I started collecting tokens just around August. That’s also like the point where I stopped using my Sagaris which was now really inferior to everything around there. Got me three times to PRO League. Good old Sagaris... A little later, around September, my first Legendary Blueprint car came in: Alpine Celebration. I love it still. But what’s more important, somewhere in October, more in the early days of it, I got a message that I had won 500 TOKENS DAILY FOR 30 DAYS!! That changed everything. I wasn’t afraid of steep upgrade prices anymore and boldly started the MP4-31 Championship. I spent almost 4K tokens. I got it at 7-2-10-0, just that 2 more than the lowest possible tuning. I was happy like hell. Well, after I got it my Mclaren 675LT drove in. Worst buy of my life, I thought like a week after. But well, once I’ll upgrade it.

Well that’s what happened. I’m now again on 5300 tokens and still 5K to collect! I now started the Hyundai i30 N R&D, which is hopefully gonna be my best D class car and my first R&D car too. I gave up this one though. Hoping to get AIE someday still, as my second (or more?) R&D. Well when so, or before, see y’all in Multiplayer!

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