aka Justin Tan

  • I live in Quezon City
  • My occupation is Social Media Manager of Filipino girl group DIVAS
  • I am male

Hello everyone! I have been playing Asphalt 8 since September 2013, but moved on to PH showbiz's female artists due to Vivendi's hostile takeover, which made Asphalt 8 full of money payments, and Gameloft greedy

My current Asphalt goals

Things i missed out on Asphalt 8

Best bargains i had

Favorite cars


  • Lamborghini Veneno (Always using it as my farming car)
  • Koenigsegg One:1 (Currently fastest car at S1700, 5555, 1121)
  • TRION NEMESIS (Will try to farm A8Credits to buy this car, best S Class Car that can be purchased with A8Credits, faster S Class Cars either require to be assembled with Blueprints, a completion of their event (some have A8Tokens only upgrades or must be purchased with A8Tokens)
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3, bought it on a Black Friday sale after it became a A8Tokens only car.


  • Ford Shelby GT500 (Best B car at launch, that had a major price increase, from A8Credits 76,000 to A8Tokens 2,150).
  • Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Was a good C Class Car with low upgrade costs, but has become an A8Tokens car after i bought it for A8Credits 95,000


Most hated things about Asphalt 8

  • The cars that were A8Credits purchasable that were changed to A8Tokens-only cars on 1/19/18 and 3/23/18, along with the Ferrari LaFerrari having increased in the Fast Lane Update from A8Credits 235,000 or A8Tokens 1,975 to A8Tokens 2,400.
  • Cars that have A8Tokens-only upgrades
  • Users getting permabanned by error
  • Gameloft being Greedloft
  • The Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4, having a requirement of 60 V12 MPI engines, and A8Tokens -only upgrades requiring A8Tokens 13,950, and having no free upgrades given from it's R&D
  • Many Exclusive Deals being changed on December 26, 2018 into A8Tokens only

Cars/Motorcycles i will never get

  • Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 (The requirement of 60 V12 MPI Engines and all level 4 and 5 upgrades being A8Tokens only upgrades requiring A8Tokens 13,950 with no A8Credits payment option and no free upgrades rewarded in it's Research & Development) & the cheapest collection (Glimpse into the Future, requiring the McLaren P1, which was changed to A8Tokens 2,100.
  • 2015 GTA Spano, would require purchasing a total of A8Credits 120,000,000 or A8Tokens 600,000 via in app purchases to get through the VIP Levels, which costs ₱200,000 worth of In App Purchases.
  • TVR Sagaris Special Edition

Non-Asphalt stuff

  • Home Country: Philippines
  • Favorite singers: DIVAS (Filipino girl group composed of Kyla, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan and Angeline Quinto)
  • Favorite actress: Maja Salvador
  • Favorite Talent Management: Star Magic, Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.
  • Favorite concert(s): DIVAS Live in Manila (held on November 11, 2016, during Multiplayer League Update), Boyz II Men with DIVAS, held on December 15, 2018, during Holiday Update.
  • Favorite TV show: World of Dance Philippines
  • Favorite KPop artist:BLACKPINK

If i had a choice of either paying real money for Asphalt-related stuff or meeting Filipina actresses/female singers

  • Would i rather pay for the talent fee of the Filipina girl group DIVAS, a group composed of Kyla, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan and Angeline Quinto, or buy A8Tokens with real money in order to obtain all A8Tokens only upgrades that require A8Tokens 13,950 and 60 V12 MPI Engines required for MAX+PROing the Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 in Asphalt 8: Airborne?
    • I would rather skip the Centenario's R&D, not make any token iAPs to buy the tokens required for the Centenario's A8Tokens only upgrades requiring A8Tokens 13,950 for all level 4 and 5 upgrades and 60 V12 MPI Engines as there are no free upgrades in the R&D and too many difficult tests in the R&D and would rather pay the DIVAS talent fee instead.
  • Do you think i would have focused on DIVAS Live in Manila or on the Falcon F7's EDD?
    • I would have just prepared and focused on the DIVAS Live concert instead of starting the Falcon F7's EDD.
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