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Asphalt 9 is a very different game from Asphalt 8: Airborne. All the micro-optimizations that made you fast in Asphalt 8 will generally not make you fast in Asphalt 9.

For those who would rather read about the (many) differences, rather than play and figure out, there is a list of them here. NOTE: This page is in heavy construction and will be updated as soon as possible.

Car Physics

Cars take forever to accelerate, and everything slows you down. Everything includes:

  • Drifting
  • Steering/turning too hard
  • Hitting slow downed players
  • Driving on terrain (grass, dirt, sidewalk)
  • Hitting obstacles
  • Doing 360s

This, in addition to the nerfed nitro compared to Asphalt 8, means races are no longer about camping out at top speed and taking the shortest lines possible. You will slow down considerably in corners, and taking a smoother line can let you carry more speed. To get a feel for changes, it is surprisingly advisable to follow the tutorials and go slow.

  • Do some races with the TouchDrive. See what lines it takes, where it loses speed.
  • Run a lower steering sensitivity, and get a feel for how to turn your car.
  • Do races without touching nitro. You must first master the basics.
  • Turn off music. Engine sound actually reflects your speed, so you don't have to look up as often.
  • Upgrade your skills before upgrading your car. Like in Asphalt 8, you should be able to beat the Career mode AIs from a solid margin below recommended rank.

When driving in Asphalt 9, you can gain speed by going on ramps and running certain types of nitro (depending on which situation your car is in). This is recommended for big ramps at locations like U.S Midwest, Shanghai, etc. This is also a good way to catch up to opponents. Try to learn the fastest routes of each location. Career mode is a good way to start and practice. You could also do time-limited events to earn prizes and upgrade your car.


Unlike Asphalt 8, upgrades have limits. In Asphalt 9, there is a new “star-up” feature. When you unlock a new car, it starts at one star. As the class gets higher, so does how many stars a car can have. Cars can have 3 to a whopping 6 stars. The only way to star-up your cars is to obtain blueprints for that car, through Career, Card Packs, or the Legends Store. At 1 star, you only upgrade up to Level 4, whereas in Asphalt 8 you can upgrade without any limit (unless you run out of currency).

In addition, there are no token upgrades in Asphalt 9.


Multiplayer in Asphalt 9 is very different than in Asphalt 8.


Here is a quote from the forum:

The matchmaking is based on your race results: As you win and lose against other players, your skill level changes to reflect how well you perform in the game.
Occasionally you will be matched against players that are driving cars that have higher ranks than yours. This means that:

  • they do not play as well as you and need a stronger car to reach your skill level
  • they are transitioning to their real skill level and will quickly move up the ranks.

That means matchmaking is based purely on your rating, and NOT by car ranks. If you don't know what that means, here is an example:

You are in Gold League, rating 1275. You bring your Dodge Challenger SRT8 out in MP. You will race:

- Higher-ranked cars that could beat you in seconds (Vulcans, Lotus Evora Sport 410s, 911s, W70s; etc.)

- Skilled players with the above saying. The opposite may also happen.

That will happen more often than not. You MUST bring your best car out in MP, or you will fall in the last place and lose rating!