I originally posted this on the forums. Hopefully it will get some use here as well. PVP means player vs. player, or multiplayer in 3 letters.


PVP Tuning Guide - The Math - Part 1

I am going to run this in a 3 part series. The first part is pretty easy but it starts getting more complicated after that (at least more complicated to explain). Part 2 will be about max upgrades stat distribution. Part 3 will be pro kits stat distribution. I'm not good at putting things from my head into words that you can understand but I will try. I'm not even really that good at math. I hate math! But sometimes you just gotta dig in and make calculations for whatever project you are are working on. In this case, it is virtual cars.

You need to be half way decent at math to follow what is going on once we get to the harder stuff. When you understand how to make these calculations, you can then plug the info into your own spreadsheet and plan your upgrades in advance without screwing your car up. You will be able to calculate how many rank points and how much speed you gain from every single upgrade. 

Stat distribution is not really important unless you are die hard like me. Figuring out speed efficiency is the most important part so you don't start tuning a car wrong for PVP. We just want to find out what gives the most bang for the buck. Top speed or nitro? That is what we are covering in this first lesson.

---Part 1: Speed Efficiency-------------------------------------

We need a few pieces of information from the Asphalt 8 Wiki before we start. One of those is fake speed. Luckily, it is easy to find out which cars have fake speed because they are all listed on one page in the wiki. I don't know how they figured it out and I'm not sure it is 100% accurate but I am sure it is close enough. The margin of error is not going to make a big difference in the end so it is not really all that important. It will only be a point or two of error at most, less than 1% difference. We will get to fake speed at the end, after our calculations, so you can get accurate results for comparing cars.

I will use Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS as an example because it has fake speed. We will apply the fake speed math after we get to the final values. Fake speed is actually the easiest part once you know how.

Please follow and do the math with me for practice. I try and lay it out step by step.

At the end I will put up final values for a car, without all the math, as a test so you can see if you are doing it right.

---collecting numbers--------------------------------------------

First we need to know minimum rank, maximum rank, and pro rank. For Camaro SS it is... 1136-1585-1771. This information is available in a lot of places but I just get it from the wiki since I'm already gathering other info from the same page.

Type in 'asphalt 8 wiki' in your web browser search and go there. Then type in your car, Camaro SS, in the wiki search bar at the top of the page, and go to there. You should now be on the Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS wiki page.

Under the 'performance stats' tab it will list a bunch of good information, we need those speed numbers for our math. The stock/max/pro ranks are on the right side.

I do it in miles per hour since I'm a fat cheeseburger eating yank that don't speak metric! You can do the same thing with kmh, just subsitute mph for kmh. Everything else works the same way.

km/h = mph x 1.609344

mph = km/h / 1.609344


Lets gather our information...

We need to know the difference in speed between stock and max.

Stock top speed is 180.1mph and nitro is 10.6mph.

Max top speed is 239.6mph and nitro is 16.0mph.

Calculate the difference for each of these.

top speed is 239.6 - 180.1 = 59.5mph difference

nitro is 16.0 - 10.6 = 5.4mph difference


Same thing for the difference between max and pro...

Max top speed is 239.6mph and nitro is 16.0mph.

Pro top speed is 277.1mph and nitro is 19.3mph.

pro kit top speed is 277.1 - 239.6 = 37.5mph difference

pro kit nitro is 19.3 - 16.0 = 3.3mph difference


As you can already see, nitro is terrible on Camaro, only adding a few mph. And we are not even done with the math yet! This is an easy example because the difference is so big. Other cars are not as easy at this point. Camaro is just that much overpowered.

Ok, keep those difference numbers handy. One more set of numbers and we can begin sorting it out.

---upgrades percentage---

Now we need to know the Asphalt 8 Upgrade Rank Percentages, bookmark this page, it is a great shortcut to all the car pages in one spot. Go over the other information on the page to help you understand what is going on.

Look down the list and find our car. For Camaro SS it is %15/45/15/25.

15% of points go to accel, 45% of points go to top speed, 15% go to handling, 25% goes to nitro.

Lets say, for example, that there is 100 total points to upgrade from stock to max on a random car. That means 15 points will go to accel, 45 points go to top speed, 15 points go to handling, and 25 points go to nitro.

If you only max out nitro on this example car, and nothing else, then your rank will increase by 25 points.

Is it making sense? I hope so!

---doing the math---

Each car is different and upgrade rank percentages is what makes PVP tuning possible where you can tune certain cars to be faster than others by doing a little math. The best cars have a lot of extra speed for its rank if you tune it right. This is what they mean by "proper tuning". For Camaro you can get speed faster than 1590 cars at rank 1450!

Lets start putting it together. Here are our numbers again.

1136-1585-1771            (stock/max/pro ranks)

%15/45/15/25              (upgrade rank percentages)

max top speed 59.5mph     (difference in top speed from stock to max)

max nitro 5.4mph          (difference in nitro speed from stock to max)

pro kit top speed 37.5mph (difference in top speed from max to pro)

pro kit nitro 3.3mph      (difference in nitro speed from max to pro)

---max points---

First we need to figure out the total rank points going from stock to full max, no pro.

max - stock = points 1586 - 1136 = 449

There is a total of 449 rank points gained on Camaro SS from stock to full max with no pro kits. Now we can break it down to each individual stat.


Acceleration... 15% of max points

449 x 0.15 = 67.35

There are 67 (rounded) rank points gained if you only upgrade accel.

On Camaro, if you only add accel, your rank would be 1136 + 67 = 1203. Your build will be 5000/0000 with a final rank of 1203.

---top speed---

Top speed... 45% of max points

449 x 0.45 = 202.05

you gain 202 rank points if you only upgrade top speed.

If you only max top speed on your Camaro, your rank would be 1136 + 202 = 1338. Build 0500/0000 will be at rank 1338.


Handling... 15% of max points

449 x 0.15 = 67.35

1136 + 67 = 1203. Build 0050/0000 will be at rank 1203


Nitro... 25% of max points

449 x 0.25 = 112.25

1136 + 112 = 1248. Build 0005/000 will be rank at 1248


There is a margin of error because of decimal places and rounding. The game uses whole numbers. I have not figured out how the game works this and it's not important so I don't try. Your final rank when you tune the car in game might be 1 point off. This mostly applies when we get into part 2 with partial builds. It's not big enough difference to be concerned about. Just be aware of it. It could mean the difference when you are trying to stay under 1590.

---calculating efficiency----------------------------------------------

We now know the speeds and we know how many rank points each stat will use. Now we can calculate speed efficiency.

We completely ignore handling and accel from here on. Our primary goal is achieving maximum speed at the lowest rank possible. Handling and Accel are 'dead stats' because they don't add any speed. Your car is good enough without any dead stats and you make up for the difference with driving skill. Pro kits are good, most of the time, because you get speed from them. It's all about the highest speed and keeping your rank low for matchmaking! However, if you have to choose between handling and accel pro kits, always take the pro kit with accel first.

---speed efficiency---

Lets start with top speed...

stock speed to max speed difference is 59.5mph

maxing top speed will increase rank 202 points

divide speed by rank for efficiency

max speed / max points = efficiency

59.5 / 202 = 0.294

Adding top speed will give you 0.294mph for each single rank point. Your efficiency on top speed is 0.294.

---nitro efficiency---

Now on to nitro...

stock nitro to max nitro difference is 5.4mph

maxing nitro will increase rank 112 points

5.4 / 112 = 0.048

each point of rank in nitro will give you 0.048mph. Your efficiency on nitro is 0.048.

---comparing results---

Wow a huge difference!

adding top speed gives you 0.294mph per point. That means 100 points worth of top speed will give you 29.4mph.

adding nitro gives you 0.048mph per point. 100 points worth of nitro will only give you a pathetic 4.8mph!

Which do you think is going to make your car faster? 5mph vs 30mph?

If you are only putting nitro on your Camaro SS then you are going to lose a ton of races, maybe even all of them...

---pro kits-----------------------------------------------------

Now we do pro kit efficiency. It's more or less the same math but there is some big differences. A few cars are weird but most follow the same pattern above. A top speed efficient car will usually be the same for pro kits. An example of a weird car is Lykan Hypersport, it is better to put only top speed and nitro and ignore pro kits if you are aiming to keep it under 1590. Pro kits have bad efficiency and the car handles pretty good without the extra accel and handling.

---more math stuffs--- 

First we need to know the rank difference between max and pro so we can split it up.

pro - max = pro points

1771 - 1585 = 186


Now things get a little more complicated. Tires use top speed and handling and we need to do some averaging between them.

This car is fairly easy since accel and handling are the same. Other cars are not like this.

top speed percentage + handling percentage divided by 2 = tires percentage (you are averaging them)

0.45 + 0.15 / 2 = 0.30

Tires use 30% of our 186 pro points.


Suspension uses nitro and handling and we average those percentages also.

nitro percentage + handling percentage / 2 = shocks percentage

0.25 + 0.15 / 2 = 0.20

Shocks = 20% of our pro points.


Since accel and handling are the same it works out to be the same as above. But if accel and handling were different then the results won't match like they do here.

top speed percentage + accel percentage /2 = drivetrain percentage

0.45 + 0.15 / 2 = 0.30

Drivetrain = 30%


nitro percentage + accel percentage /2 = exhaust percentage

0.25 + 0.15 / 2 = 0.20

Exhaust = 20%

---top speed kits---

Our rank percentages are %30/20/30/20 for pro kits = tires/shocks/drivetrain/exhaust

Now we can apply the same math as before...

pro points x tires percentage = tires points

186 x 0.30 = 55.8

pro points x drivetrain percentage = drivetrain points

186 x 0.30 = 55.8

Now we combine the points for tires and drivetrain which are 55.8 points each.

55.8 + 55.8 = 111.6 rounded to 112

Total points for top speed pro kits is 112.

Now we can get efficiency for top speed pro kits.

We already know pro kits add 37.5mph from the previous math so divide speed by rank like before.

pro kit top speed / pro kit top speed points = efficiency

37.5 / 112 = 0.335

Our efficiency for pro kits top speed is 0.335! Even higher than straight top speed! 0.335 is huge! Most good cars are around 0.250'ish. This means add pro kits first! The best bang for the buck on camaro is top speed pro kits.

---nitro pro kits---

total pro points x shocks percentage = shocks points

186 x 0.20 = 37.2

total pro points x exhaust percentage = exhaust points

186 x 0.20 = 37.2

Add them together..

37.2 + 37.2 = 74.4

nitro pro kits uses 74 points.

nitro pro kits add 3.3mph

3.3 / 74 = 0.044

eww.. nitro pro kits are pretty bad too!


We can also check our math for errors here to make sure we got it right.

74.4 + 111.6 = 186 or... 74 + 112 = 186

It adds up to the 186 we started with so everything looks good!

---putting it all together---

We have all the info we need to start making some basic tuning calculations. We already know nitro is bad so we will skip that. We are going to focus on top speed. Or as I like to call it, OP'ness points!

Lets build a 0500/5050 Camaro on paper!

top speed will add 202 points and 59.5mph

top speed kits will add 112 points and 37.5mph.

stock camaro is rank 1136 and 190.7mph.

1136 + 202 + 112 = 1450  <===final rank.

190.7 + 59.5 + 37.5 = 287.7mph  <===final speed before fake speed correction.

See how easy it is to give yourself a headache!

---fake speed-------------------------------------------------------

Go to the Speed Modification Page on the wiki.

You will notice Camaro SS is not there! But most everything else is. Camaro and Hommage both have a speed modifier. I forgot where I found it but I will put it here for you. Just remember this page for the other cars.

Camaro is 98.20% (or 0.9820)

Hommage is 97.70% (or 0.9770)

All you have to do is multiply the total speed of you car with the speed modifier.

Our Camaro SS has 287.7mph fake speed

287.7 x 0.9820 = 282.5mph real speed

Camaro SS real speed with a 0500/5050 build that is at rank 1450 is 282.5mph.


---the test---

I'm going to use Nissan Juke NISMO for the test. Do the math on it and see if you come up with these numbers.

ts efficiency 0.085

ni efficiency 0.240

pro kit ts eff. 0.090

pro kit ni eff. 0.172

build 0005/0505=915=185.4mph (or 298kmh, might be slightly off because my converter hates decimals)

---the end---

Well, if you made it this far and got it down, congratulations! Bask in the glory and feel the speed flow thru your veins!



Camaro uses 202 points and 59.5mph for top speed.

divide 202 by 20

202 / 20 = 10.1

now multiply that by 2

10.1 x 2 = 20.2 <=== first rank points on top speed

now multiply by 3

10.1 x 3 = 30.3 <=== points for second upgrade

now multiply by 4

10.1 x 4 = 40.4 <=== points for third upgrade

now multiply by 5

10.1 x 5 = 50.5 <=== points for fourth uprade

now multiply by 6

10.1 x 6 = 60.6 <===points for final upgrade

apply that same math to 59.5mph to get speed numbers.

this reply just covered part 2. easier than I thought haha!


Actually, here's part 3...

Instead of multiplying by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

For pro kits its 2.5, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.5

Notice that both of these equal 20 when added. it is just tightening the spread.

Remember how we combined tires and drivetrain before? don't combine them this time and do them separate.

For the speed, cut it in half. tires get half, drivetrain gets half.

This math is accurate for 90% of the cars. There are a few that are tweaked a little different but this math is still pretty close. It all works out the same in the end for max/pro. Some cars I have to tweak the multipliers to match my notes. If I change them, it is just small changes like 2.6, 3.4, 4.0, 4.5, 5.5 or something similar.

An important note. this is for pro kits with 5 levels. i have not sorted out the math for the cars with less than 5 pro kits. a car like dezir with 8 total pro kits would use 8 as its divider instead of 20. The multipliers must equal 8 and there must be 8 portions.

I just confirmed on dezir. multipliers are 3.5 and 4.5. Divide total by 8.

You can work it out similar for 3 and 4 level cars using 12 and 16 as the dividers. you can get the multipliers from there using known values from a car in your notes.


There are many small inaccuracies because of rounding. I think it combines values from regular upgrades and pro kits somehow. My own notes on several cars don't match values from youtube videos. My own notes don't match on the same car from different accounts in some cases. It's never far off tho, only a point. And it always works out in the end because a point given or taken will be equalized somewhere up the line. For instance, if level 2 pro kit takes 1 more point than expected it will always equal out and level 4 or 5 will cost 1 point less.

Just keep in mind that different tuning paths can lead to different values. Regular upgrades can affect pro kit values and also the reverse. But it always works out in the end at level 5.


I think a few cars can get better accuracy by calculating the upgrade rank percentages manually.

For example... Falcon would be listed with %7.5/60/7.5/25 percentages. But if you do the math manually, it comes out %7.4/60.2/6.9/25.5.

This can tweak your numbers a little and move points around as well. In this case accel has one more point. It might not end up in the same place when the percentages are rounded like that.

Don't forget to check out the Multiplayer Tips & Tricks page. Maybe you can add something new or learn something new!

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