I originally posted this on the forums. Please add more tips and tricks in the comments. I will copy/paste a few to start. A new patch is comng soon and better cars might come. This info is good on 12/13/2016. I will update if needed with the new cars.

My plan is to create more competition in Multiplayer. There are too many poor schlubs out there driving bad cars and I want to help you win races. If you are smart enough to come in the forums and learn, then you have come to the right place! From here you will stop sucking at PvP and start winning at 1600+ rating. If you are good and have a good car to go with that, you may even reach Champion League! My knowledge comes from screwing up a lot of cars across multiple accounts and figuring out the math behind it all.

First of all, driver skill matters, but not as much as maximum speed. You cannot win a race against a skilled driver if his/her car is faster than yours. The only thing you can do is drive a faster car. And do it better than them!

The first part of SKILL is tuning a car correctly for the job. If you add accel or handling to a car and intend to use it for PVP then you are doing it wrong. All you are doing is adding dead rank points without adding any speed. These stats are great for TLE, where everyone drives the same car against a clock, but not so good for PVP. You must tune for the maximum speed for your rank!

Your primary goal in PVP is to be faster than everyone else and maximum speed is the KING of PVP. Driver skill is what takes you to the finish line but you will need the fastest car if you want to get there first! Where it gets really fun is equal speed and equal skill fighting it out and trading positions several times during a race. That is my goal here. I want you to be as fast as me on the track so we can fight it out for the win! It really is boring to leave everyone behind in the dust!

So what cars are faster? It breaks down to a bunch of semi-complicated math and I have done the hard work for you. I use a spreadsheet and have just about every combination of tuning math'd out and mostly verified. I know, or can calculate, exactly how fast a car is at any given rank.

Forget all the outdated information you found on the internet. Survolt and Biome joined the 80's and are on their way to Disco! The cars I have listed below will win races and have the most efficient tuning for best possible speed at it's rank. If you want to win then drive these cars! If you like losing then drive anything else! There are many cars that are mediocre and you can score wins but not with the consistency of a faster car. All other cars will lose to the cars on this "SECRET" list. (unless they screw something up with tuning or driving or both)

All cars need to be double boosted minimum. You will lose to boosted players! So get boosted at all costs when using multiplayer tickets! If you are serious about winning then farming a few credits for boosters should not be a big deal. Boosters are disposable income. The cost of doing business. Get used to disposing them. Even for one ticket race!

Cars are listed with their most effective ranks. Speeds are listed without a tuning kit active. The tuning kit bonus is what makes most of these cars special. It is all about taking advantage of big tuning kits and placing your car in the most efficient rank for it's speed. I have corrected the math with fake speed modifiers listed on WIKI and all cars are shown with real speeds.

Most good PVP cars are top speed efficient. Meaning you get the best bang for the buck by adding top speed. There are a couple of nitro efficient cars but they suck when drifting. Maintaining speed while drifting is very important. The car drifting at 140mph is going to be passed by the car drifting at 180mph. Generally speaking, top speed efficient cars are usually best, but not always. Short tracks with lots of nitro are great for nitro efficient cars.

Keep in mind, all cars will generally lose to a car 120 rank points above it. That is the current official multiplayer spread that will hopefully be addressed in a future patch.

These builds are only a guide and purely my opinion based on a ton of math and personal experience on the track. Small variations will usually work just as well in any given setting because one or two mph difference can be overcome with a better driven line. Some people may disagree with my builds but I will be happy to meet them at the finish line in 1st place more often then 2nd because my car is 1% faster!

OK, lets get to the juicy stuff...

The Best Cars for PVP!


Tuning Map = 0000/0000/0000=0000=000.0 = max/pro/elite=rank=speed


These cars are good for consistent first place finishes. You will win 99% of the time. You do want to win, don't you???

Avoid tuning them much higher than this because you will lose a few races. You will only make it worse than before because more cars can beat you at higher ranks! The small gaps in rating could go either way in between.


Ranks 514-900: Renault DeZir.

This is the best nitro efficient car useful for PVP. Using top speed will make the car slower at the same rank. DeZir tuning kit bonus is massive at +128 but Rover starts getting faster around rank 900. After rank 1000 DeZir starts suffering losses to many cars. Best to keep it under 800 for the most consistent wins. Above that and you start asking for regular Rover beatings.

Best Dezir builds: 0002/0202=614=164.3mph - 0003/0202=658=186.6mph - 0004/0202=714=173.9mph - 0005/0202=781=180.3mph

I like the 714 build because you are less likely to meet a 781 build in a race. but it will happen occasionally.

There are not many rank points going around at this low level. But it is a good place to start your journey. 1400+ rating should be fairly easy. 1600+ might take a lot of races at this level.


Ranks 900-1100: Range Rover + GLC Coupe.

Top speed efficient. Big +84 and +82 tuning kit bonus. Save i4 engines for this. Pro kits give a little better speed so put those on first. If you screwed up your Rover, like many do, then GLC Coupe is just as good with more or less the same build. Same i4 pro kits first. On paper, GLC is faster. But in real world, Rover accel and handling has big advantage off start line but it can go either way at the finish line depending on driver and length of track. Keep under 1100 rank or you will face many faster 1150+ Cobra.

Best Rover tune: 0400/5050=1064=204.9mph.

Another popular Rover tune is 0500/4040=1111=208.8mph. But, the 1150+ Cobra and Integra will eat your rating like candy.

My bad Rover tune is 0300/5555=1057=201.9mph and its still pretty darn good for comparison. TS and NI are fairly close in efficiency on both these unusually good cars. But top speed will win more races over nitro at the end of the season.

GLC tune will be something like 0200/5050/0808.
Mine is at: 0200/5353/0808=1063=206.3mph.
The nitro kits help with the disadvantages but not that much since you are elite tuning these stats away for more speed.

Again, rating points are a little scarce at low ranks. I got my Rover account to 1600+ rating last season and it wasnt hard. I think 1800 is possible if I try hard and play enough races but I am happy with 1600 for now. I created multiple accounts mostly to get more PVP action between tickets. If I run out of things to do on main account I can go on alternate accounts and work on them. It also gives me a way to test different builds on cars. If you broke your rover, just make a new account and don't break it! I play on Windows so its as easy as logging in to a new user desktop and installing the game. You have plenty of time between tickets to level alternate accounts.


Ranks 1150-1300: Shelby Cobra 427. (1050Licenses full a8 1,050 reward)

Pro kits are not quite as good as pure Top speed you can start with top speed. Cobra doesn't start getting good until 1150+. After 1200 you will pretty much win every race. I acquired my cobra with most of my cars at level 12 Mastery Only the lowest and cheapest ranks were max/pro. It's a long grind but worth it if you want to win bad enough. I think you can get it with all cars at 12 mastery but you will need like 130+ cars. Cobra quickly loses steam after 1300 rank.

Best Cobra tune 0500/5050=1234=237.7mph.

I have mine at 0500/5151=1248=238.7mph so I'm 1mph faster than the most common 1234 build. Once they get behind me they stay behind me :)

2000+ rating should be possible. I got my Cobra recently and I haven't been trying too hard. I mostly play Camaro and try to score bigger gains. But then I crash and lose them all haha! I already gave up on 2000 rating this season so I haven't been hitting it very hard. I think it will be better next season as more people get higher up and there are more points to go around. You don't see many players above 1600 when you need them! Matching 1600 rated players against 900 rated players doesnt get you very far...


Ranks 1300-1590: BMW Hommage + 2016 Camaro SS:

Best builds start around 0300/3030 and up. Both are top speed efficient cars. Pro kits give a little better speed efficiency.

Camaro is harder to drive in corners and maintain speed. It's drift characteristics are barely adequate and if you miss your line you will likely slam into a wall and/or crash, losing a lot of hard earned momentum. Camaro takes forever to hit top speed and one bad bounce off a wall can easily add a second or two to your lap time. Camaro likes long tracks where it can use uninterupted top speed to best advantage.

I don't have Hommage but it is faster than Camaro on paper before the speed modifiers are applied. But in game, equal rank and equal driver skill, Camaro usually wins. I have driven Hommage in free try TLE. It handles better than Camaro for me because it's drift angle is better. Drift radius is about the same.

Camaro: 0500/5050=1450=282.5mph
Camaro: 0500/5555=1524=285.8mph: My build, I like the extra stats but the speed gain is negligible compared to the big rank gain. This car is 1590 ready at 1450! So adding nitro kits doesn't hurt that much.

Hommage: 0500/5050=1537=282.2mph
Hommage: 0500/5555=1588=284.8mph

Hommage is the only car that I fear with my Camaro. I can't catch back up after mistakes!

Hommage are less common than Camaro because it is harder to get.

2000+ rating should be possible with these cars. There are enough points going around at this level to make some large gains. If you can win! 1800+ players are not giving up points easily! I made it to 1700 last season without too much effort. But it reset me to 1000 this season so I had to start from scratch again, grrr...


Ranks 1636-1805: TRION NEMESIS:

You will face max/pro Trions in any car above rank 1600 so you might as well get one. I'm still waiting for FIV8 engines to pro mine so I can compete at the top levels. Until then it's just for TLE's. There is no point in driving a slower car against other skilled drivers. You will just get passed more often than not. I do play in free races occasionally. And usually lose to max/pro cars...

It will take some time to farm credits for the Trion. Start with a max/pro Lamborghini Veneno and farm level 15 mastery. Roughly 100,000 credits per 10 minutes of continuous farming. Veneno should be everyone's first farming car. Cheapest and most effective use of time and effort. Other cars are better for farming but take long time to pro. Veneno uses no engine cards and its level 15 lap time is 55 seconds. Save your free class S upgrades for Trion level 4 and 5 upgrades that cost more than 200k credits. I think level 5 top speed was like 500k+.

2000+ rating possible. But you will be fighting for those points! It's a different playing field when all cars are equal (max/pro trions). Maximum speed does not matter any more. Now it's about driving skill! It's a lot harder to play at this level and gain points. Nobody is going to give you free points. You need to knock them down and take them! Easier said than done at 300mph....



These cars are good for consistent second place finishes. You will usually take first place in these cars but you will likely lose to the cars listed above when you meet them. You can beat everything else tho! These can beat top cars if they drive badly and/or unboosted and/or tuned badly. They are great performers overall but will generally lose to good drivers in top cars. I only drive them in free races for fun because there is a good chance I will get stuck in second place to faster cars and lose rating. But if this is all you got then it will work good enough for now! 1600+ rating should be possible in them.


Quantino - 0505/0000/0808=1083=202.3mph:

It turns poorly at high speed but drifts very well and has good accel. Most Rovers will beat you but sometimes it is a good fight. I like playing this car in free races for fun. It is competitive enough to win but slow enough to lose. I find it challenging and fun! But if I have points and rating on the line then it's Rover or some other top car.


Impreza - 0005/5555=910=188.0mph:

Nitro only slightly better than top speed. +90 tuning kit. DeZir, Rover, Impreza are all pretty close at this 900'ish rank. Competition can be good when you meet. Rover mostly wins overall because it has no disadvantages and is little faster.

This rank has the best promise of multiple cars with similar speeds in the same race. All other ranks are pretty lop sided in OP'ness towards certain cars. 900 rank can go to several class D cars with a pretty tight spread, right under the Rovers of course...


Camaro Z/28 - 0005/5555=911=187.6mph: (300 mastery tokens reward)

Same as above. +87 tuning kit. Nitro is a little short, use double tank.


Integra - 0005/0505=1152=216.7mph:

Another nitro efficient car that is excellent for PVP. This thing is a beast! Strong tuning kit at +77. Unboosted Cobras are your prey. You can beat bad drivers/cars who boost. Double tank recommended because nitro starving really sucks with this car on longer tracks. Nitro duration is good with single tank but you will starve on long tracks. Integra drift speed is absolutely pathetic and is the reason you will lose those close races. Rovers that stray above rank 1100 are usually not a problem.

ED Torq (R+D car) 0005/0505=1169=221.4:

TORQ is a little faster than Integra. But hard to obtain in this build without spending heavy tokens. Most people break Torq tuning to pass R+D. Those unfortunate cars get crushed by Cobra. At 1169 it is about equal with Cobra. At 1200+ cobra quickly gets much faster while Torq is quickly running out of power. I broke mine too.. But thats ok because it handles like a brick. Still fun to drive once in a while tho.


Eclipse - 0400/5050=1254=224.6mph:

Top Speed efficient. Another fun beast! Integra is little faster than Eclipse at similar ranks but Eclipse has not the nitro issues. Nothing is more satisfying in an Eclipse than catching a drifting Integra and knocking them out at the finish line for the win! But the integra will usually knock you down first and you won't see it again lol! Some Rovers that came up to 1250 will put up a good fight the first half of a lap but they are not hard to beat to the finish line.


Holden - 0500/5050=1474=266.0mph:

Top speed efficient car. Pro kits give best speed efficiency. You can't outrun Camaro or Hommage because Holden is a big chunk slower. But it does handle and accelerate a little better than both.

Lamborghini Estoque - 0502/5050=1475=263.6mph.

Estoque is 99% as good as Holden with similar top speed builds. It's basically the same car for credits instead of tokens. Handles about the same too, maybe feels a little heavier.


TVR Sagaris 0500/5050=1390=260.3 mph:

Top speed car. Camaro SS wins on pure speed but you can pull off wins on short technical single lap tracks. Knock a Camaro down and he has to catch up before the finish line!

Mine is at 0500/3050=1369=254.0mph while waiting on V8 engines. I have not driven it much but it is pretty darn good. TVR can take corners better than Camaro. I have lost in Camaro vs TVR when I start bouncing off walls and crash. A too common situation in my Camaro! If I can hold my line in the Camaro, then I will catch up and knock the TVR out just because I can :)

Holden at 0400/5050=1406=252.4mph is slower than 1369 TVR.

The only reason this is not a top car because both Camaro and Hommage can beat it in its best ranks. However, it is still good enough to hit 1600+ rating easily. I think this is probably the best "beginner" car in mid ranks for the more serious about PVP. Prepare to suck Camaro exhaust tho, because you will...

Update on TVR: I am at 0500/5050=1390=260.3mph. The car has been very good! I call it the "poor man's Cobra" hehe. It corners very similar to Cobra because of it light weight but has slower accel. If you get good at driving TVR then you will automatically be good at driving the Cobra when you get one.


I should add 675LT to the list on second shelf.

Best build: 0500/5050=1599=274.7 mph.

But most people max/pro 675LT for farming so they skip the power it has in PVP.


i was thinking about adding Vulcano on second shelf, it deserves to be there, but i dont think many people are willing to spend that many tokens to get this car with a good PVP build.

Same for McLaren 675LT. It deserves a solid spot on second shelf but very few people tune it for PVP which is a shame because it is a good PVP car.

Vulcano PVP build is 0400/5050/4804=1589=285.6mph (tuning elite to 0808 puts you at 1600)

I mentioned 675LT in previous post with stats.



There are plenty of pretty good cars but all of them are slower than the best. You can win races but you will consistently lose to the cars on this list. Yeah, you can win a lot of races in your Donker, or whatever else, but these top cars with proper tuning and a good driver will win every time because they are simply faster cars with a bigger tuning kit bonus. That means they will steal your multiplayer rating and move up while you struggle to gain a few points and lose them all in big chunks to a faster car!


I hope this helps some of you become better drivers and gain higher ratings so I can steal it from you in bigger chunks hehehe!

Save your V8 and i4 engines for the cars above.

May this be the best Asphalt 8 post you ever saw!


Also see Multiplayer Math page for more info on tuning. I posted a list of the fastest cars in the comments section of that page. I am new player I had played 2 season in last month my rating was 1330 in this season it's 1354 so GL reduce my rating in new season and I have to start from 1175 If I reach to 1600 rating then in next season my rating will start from 1600 or it will start from 1175 ?

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