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    Ah sh*t, here we go again.

    Well, since A8 is stuffing crap events in my face instead of R8 SE R&D, I'm losing interest (however, not all, as long as I have the LMS).

    For the previous unfinished episode, feel free to comment about it here (after I stop using 'I'm f*cking busy' as an excuse to leave it unfinished), as it's commenting expired.

    My R8 LMS Ultra: (narrating)...Welp, there are so much happened in the previous weeks.

    (Flashback begins)

    My R8 LMS Ultra: (narrating) First RR3 is such a d*ck, which they shoves gold upgrades at our faces...

    Me (a few weeks ago, during the TTRS championship in RR3): WTF?! 2019 TT RS HAS ALL LV2 GOLD UPGRADES?! Fine, I'm done with this sh*t! >:(

    My R8 LMS Ultra: (narrating) Before that, after the 488 Pista Cha…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    OK, so the HawtDawg1 introduced a website which allow us to make lists, and there's an A8 Class D version, so I tried it out 'cuz...why not?

    Apparaently, the cars are rated from the best 'S' to the unforgiving 'MEGA OEUF' (don't ask me why). To kick this sh*t, I'll introduce my picks (just for those who're blind when looking at small pics):

    S-Rated: Audi R8 e-tron, Audi S4

    A-Rated: Dodge Dart GT, Ford F-150, Renault DeZir, Mazda RX-8, Ariel Atom V8, Porsche 959, '69 Chevrolet Impala, DS3 Racing (Let's face it, nothing beats the Audis)

    B-Rated: Suzuki GSX-R 750, Kawasaki Z800, Hyundai i30N, Subie IMPREZA WRX STI, Mazada Atenza AKA Mazda 6

    C-Rated: BMW M3 (F80) Sedan, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, Alfa Giuletta 2016, 2016 'Stang GT, '70 Camaro Z/28


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  • Audi R8 tyke

    I have been holding my breath about this for a long time, but with JCBLTZ's vid about good Class D MP cars, I decided that I have to let some rage off and say one thing: STOP. USING. DONKERFART. IT'S ILLEGALLY OVERRATED. I'm going to make this REAL quick.

    1. Obviously, Donkerfart has been sh*t, even at the time of it's release. It is slower than the RX-8 AND the i30N. So it has no TLE usage.

    2. Are you sure you want to pay ~2000 TOKENS FOR THIS POS?!! For about this amount you can buy a (considerably) more fun R8 LMS or the QUANTINO, which are better. (Although the LMS is disputable considering it's mediocre performance in Class B, it's STILL faster than this fartcan than ~50 km/h)

    3. Donkerfarts maybe good for MP, but I must tell you: IT'S S…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Yes, y'all know something recently and let's hop into it.

    Yes, TheBlueShadow1 noticed this. I had anger issues with the IE that I'm shouting 'REMOVE IE FROM PREMISES' and constantly strikethroughed the message. Yes, I have this issue, and I'm currently managing it. The reason the IE infuriates me is 

    1.  Availability. (idk if I wrote it right but anyways) The IE is one of the most inacessible cars in A8, and it's NOT JUTS A8, CSR 2 EVEN DEMANDS REAL MONEY TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE IE. These reasons are why I hate the IE very much.
    2. Considering how unbalanced IEs is in MP, I got infuriated by arses (no, not R8 SE) who go shout 'F*CK YOURSELVES FAKE CLASS S KING' and go bully X2s. This is another reasons why I hate IEs.
    3. How the IE's R&D is disturbing…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    I'm bored. So before the new Car Comparison, let's go for some funny moments, shall we?


    (Refrence here) My MP4/8: (Opens the window and shouts) IT'S MY SRES, AND I NEED IT NOW!!! D:<

    My M14A: (Opens the window and shouts) IT'S MY SRES, AND I NEED IT NOW! D:<

    Me: SHUT THE F*CK UP!!! o_O

    (Refrence here )

    (My IE dances on the floor, wearing a lobster costume while my X2 plays a guitar)

    My X2: (sings) Death to the IE... and butter sauce! Don't boil me...I'm still alive! IE lobster! (Repeats once again)

    (To be continued...)

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