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  • I am a dank R8 V10 Performance
  • Audi R8 tyke

    Wow, OK, never used the word 'Announcement' on the title. This is gonna be the boldest try on making a title.

    OK, 2 things very important, so let's make it precise & concise:

    By far, we're some half-way in the 'Chequered Flag is Near' Episode. So the titles of the remaining episode will be:

    1. Multiverse Stories: The Mirrored Miracle (Aired at September)
    2. Multiverse Stories: The Final Stint (Aired at October)
    3. Multiverse Stories: ...AND CROSS THE LINE! (Final, Aired at November)

    Obviously, the final episode is a play on Top Gear TV show, specifically, when the cars crossed the line in the Power Lap section. Details of the episodes, well, only the September episode is confirmed, and the final ones will depend on other official episodes.

    Well, in this e…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    This episode depicts the following:

    1. (Bonus) Preview of Multiverse Stories 2020 (Name yet to be confirmed)
    2. My cars breaking up with Vincent while triggered Azelfland's cars, resulting in a two-front war.
    3. The Mario Bros., me and Princess Daisy joining forces to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of Vincent.
    4. The Mario franchise characters, along with me, prepares to assemble the McLaren Senna.
    5. (Bonus) Holly Tanaka gets slapped by Princess Daisy (like how she slapped Bowser in Mario Party 3) due to her stupidity.
    6. (Also a bonus) A short teaser of the new non-vehicle character roster of the Multiverse Stories 2020.

    Me: Hey guys, I'm working on a 2020 DA reboot of Multiverse Stories, which will go back to the basic skit format back in ye old days of m…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    This episode depicts the following:

    1. My garage's declaration of independence
    2. The quest to upgrade the Gallardo into its GT3 form throughout a Minecraft world
    3. The introduction to some new cars
    4. Azelfland's completing the Marquis Championship and getting the Maserati GT MC Stradale

    My R8 LMS Ultra: *Clears throat* It's about time.

    My SV: Just do it. We've been waiting this for days.

    My R8 LMS Ultra: (Releases a declaration of independence which is written by me) Now we're going to get things going. Azelflop's cars are not gonna let us have independence easily, nor Vincent when we betray him. We gotta stay safe.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Transylvania...

    Me: (Recovers the Murcielargo remains)

    My MP4-31: Sheesh, that remain isn't gonna go decaying, is it?


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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Another Top 5! This time, we cover 5 cars I've tried in MP, and surprisingly useful for me. (Disclaimer: They MIGHT NOT be useful before the recent rebalancing)

    Tune: 2525 3332 (or something like that)

    The Trezor just gets more reliability, with less speed lost without Nitro, decent speed and improved drifting. Sure, enough to outrun Donkerfarts, but...erm...a bit...lackluster for it's rank? When compared to it's pre-rebalanced self?


    This car is one of the certified "Noob Killer" car IMO. In this particular tune, it outruns Zondas and some Class-S cars. However, tuning it above this will lead to a catastrophic decrease in usefulness, due…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    ...Let's get on with it, shall we?

    Well, sad news. My Multi-verse Stories might not be created in Asphalt Wiki starting from 2020. Might be doing it in DA instead.

    (Before the whole story starts, THIS happened. Also shameless self-advert of my channel and my vids)


    Azelfland's R8 LMS Ultra: (puts down his newspaper) Sonny, everyone gets rammed into at one point of time.

    Azelfland's McLaren 12C: ...IT'S NOT LIKE THAT! IT'S R8 TYKE'S R8 V10 SPYDER KNOCKED ME DOWN!

    At the same time...

    Black Knight: Seriously, what are you thinking? Why WOULD your LMS Ultra declare war?

    My R8 LMS Ultra (with R8 V10 Spyder bodykit fitted): Dunno. You ask him. I was just a little brat who exec…

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