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  • My occupation is The respectful owner of an Asphalt garage while ripping off people's savings in CSR 2
  • I am a dank R8 V10 Performance
  • Audi R8 tyke


    Yup. The Impreza WRX STI, the F1 XP-5, the X2 and the 2016 'Stang was obtained by me in this episode.

    A few days before the Azure Coast Tour...

    Me: (On the phone) Is the GT by Citroen OK? :|

    Zoe: Perfectly OK. BTW, I'm gettin' the RS4 to you.

    Me: OK.

    After Zoe arrived with my RS4...

    Me: (After opening the doors of the RS4) What the? The Pult Brothers from Plants vs. Zombies? O_O

    The oldest of the Pult brothers: Allow me to introduce myself and my brothers. I am Kernel-pult, and ther’s my brothers-Melon-pult and Cabbage-pult. :)

    Cabbage-pult: Hi, and I’ve received my doctorate in catapulting. :)

    Melon-pult: And I’m Melon-pult.  Please, my friends, do no…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Yup. as the title says it all, I got the F-Type and the Citroen. Now, enjoy.

    At CSR...

    Me: OK, BC. You're fixed and ready to go! :)

    My Huayra BC: Thanks, dude. Now, I've got news that the F-Type R now costs 525 tokens. Interested? :)

    Me: Yup. I am. I'll just bring MY F-Type Coupe to Asphalt.

    My F-Type Coupe: Is it OK? I mean, my cousin in A8 is the convertible version. :|

    Me: No one will care about that. :|

    (Suddenly, phone call)

    Me: Hello? :|

    Hanna: WTF R8 tyke? >:(

    Me: What? :|

    Hanna: Your e-mail account sent me some NSFW! >:(


    After bringing my BC and my F-Type to my A8 garage...

    My RX-8: Mmm, YES! We've delivered-

    Me: WTF! >:(

    My Integra Type R: Oh sh*t. O_O

    After a big chase...

    Me: Well, well, well. More than *…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    YES, I KNEW IT! I'LL MAX PRO THE MP4-31, GET THE 918, THE FREAKING BC AND THE X2'S BACK! AND SCREW THE UGLY JUKE NISMO! (100,000 word rant omitted here. Please continue to enjoy the episode)

    After I banked ~34,000 points...

    Me: YES, SUCK IT! >:D

    (For some reason, an AK-47 popped out from my Cayman GT4 and shot Atlay)

    R8 LMS.exe: WHAT WAS THAT FOR! >:(

    My Cayman GT4: You didn't say that we can kiil one of YOU GUYS, SLAVE! >:D

    My F50: Oww... X_X

    My Alcador: The mind controll hurts... X_X

    My X2: GUYS! :D

    My IE: I'm havin' a day off then. Don't worry. The 2014 C63 DTM and the SLS Black is here. :)

    My SLS Black: We've need to deal with the suck'os, eh? >:|

    My 2014 C63 DTM: My cousin told me that THOSE are the ones which we need to fight. >:|

    My SLS Black: …

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    Well, I got le Trezor at a (possibly) a lowest tune AKA an excuse for me to waste EEs on PRO kits of le Trezor, AND the 918 EDD came back, which is my perfect revenge.

    After the San Diego Tour...

    My AHGT: It's US against YOU, Trezor. We saved the others from mind control and it's YOU next. >:|

    My Trezor: Hmph. I'll beat you in-(the Trezor passes out for a while)

    Me: No time to waste. Upgrade it to 2305 3332 at C1389. >:|

    My M2 SE: You sure? We ain't have any info about this tune. :|

    Me: JUST DO IT! >:(

    Jake: OK. :| (Upgrades the Trezor to aforementioned tune)

    My Trezor: (Wakes up) Ugh! X_X

    Me: Trezor?! IS THIS YOU?! O_O

    My Trezor: Yes, it's me. Now, those scumbags of the VVS implemented a virus inside me and your e-tron. It can only be removed after…

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  • Audi R8 tyke

    OK, I don't have much tme to make 3 separate episodes so I merged them into 1.

    In the Red Bull Ring, an Arrinera Hussarya GT rumbles across the tracks, hitting every apex. Soon, the Arrinera came to a rest in the pit lane.

    Me: (Exits the Arrinera while catches a phone call) Hello? :|

    TraceG11: Hey, it's me, Trace. I have something to show you. >:|

    Me: Right-o. >:| (Hops into the Arrinera GT and leaves)

    4.4 hours later, in TraceG11's home.

    Me: So Trace, what do you got? >:|

    TraceG11: Well... it seems like the e-tron was suffering from a malware attack, BUT I'm afraid that the malware MAY HAVE fused with the program. Need some time to fix it though... :|

    My AHGT: Oh we'll never know the culprit, but we MAY uncover this sooner or later...

    Me: True. Ju…

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