Well, everyone has been a newbie somehow, and trust me. You wanna go fast if you are new. Well, I'm here to give some tips.


Yes, you heard me right. STOP CRASHING INTO THINGS. These will slow you and probably you will wreck. Even if you don't wreck, your speed will be slowed, so time is wasted on accelerating again. You may think that that's not important, but this is VERY crucial if you're some Final AI of R&Ds.


Traffic down/ knockdown at the side of the vehicle

Take less risky routes

Avoid traffic

2. STOP making mistakes

Well, I calculated the mistakes which slows lap times, and their lengthened time are around as following:

  • Running out of nitrous without snaking: Varies
  • Knockdowns/ wrecks: at least 3 seconds+varying time to accelerate, depending on your situation.
  • Air speed too slow: Varies
  • When 2 of the above things happen: Varies, but will be quite a huge penalty.
  • Flat spining/ barrel rolling too much: Varies


(Above) AND

Do not do stupid things on ramps (eg. reverse barrel rolls)

Avoid getting infected

Only do ramps when you need nitro

3. (Hidden) Racing Lines

Have you ever played GT Racing 2? The game is so dead, but you got perfect lines (Racing lines). Following them is crucial, as it shows you the best way to do corners and get rid of straights the fastest. Going purely in the inner lane is what stupid people do. I'm not gonna explain, but watch his explanation:

4. Tricks

Just look them up in YouTube. :P

5. Better cars

Nuff said.


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