So when I watched Elite HectorX's vids on Top accelerating cars, an idea poped up in my mind, that is:

We can use the acceleration concept in physics to compare cars' acceleration.

So allow me to explain. (I just used the concept in Physics here)

The unit

The unit is Km/h/s, which is Kilometers per hour per seconds, which indicates how fast a car accelerates in 1 second.


So I took the Cobra, the R8 LMS and the MP4/8 as examples. AND the datas are from Elite HectorX's "Top accelerating Class B" video.

Note: All car stats are MAX PRO hehe.

Cobra: Speed: 430 Km/h

Time used: 2.673 seconds

The acceleration rate: (430 Km/h)/(2.673 seconds)=160.8679 Km/h/s

Work on both the R8 and the MP4/8, and we'll get:

R8 acceleration rate: 176.7677 Km/h/s

MP4/8 acceleration rate: 324.6753 Km/h/s

You see, simple mechanics calculations here.


Fake speed can be factored.

Allows direct comparison between cars.


A bit tedious to time the car's acceleration

What do you guys think about this? Comment down below.

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