Well, nuff said. This is a VERY short episode, and is a sub-series exclusive to my Asphalt Stories Season 4 (currently).

My Evora Sport 410 & my NEMESIS: Hey, we got the structure of Vivendi.

Me: That's... nice. :D

My R8 SE: Well, it seems that the VVS is the core of Vivendi. >:|

My Evora Sport 410: True. Look. Vincent, AHGT.exe and Azefland.exe are all at the top. >:|

My Silvia (S15) Rocket Bunny: Oh look! The Tempe5t is part of Vivendi too, as their drag racing department. Turns out that at the time of the Apollo N Championship, they became a full subsidary of Vivendi, with Vivendi supporting them in all sorts of car parts. >:|

My C63 507: DAMN, that's bad. The evil crew is under the control of an EVIL CONGLOMERATE?! O_O

My SLS GT: Calm down, bud. -_-

My MP4-31: ...AAAAND the Roaring Thunder is too a subsidary of Vivendi. They started off as a very small team in Asphalt F1, but was quickly bought by Vivendi. >:|

My R8 SE: (as a hologram) So, shall I share more of your plans? :)

Me: Go ahead. :)

My R8 SE: As far as I know, your Huayra BC is safe, BUT not so safe. >:|

My Chiron: What do you mean? :|

My R8 SE: Well, I checked one of the documents, it says that the BC was abandoned in somewhere in Pripyat AKA inside the Cherenobyl Exclusion Zone. Parts for Azefland's Aventador SV are also abandoned here too. Besides, Vincent has a lab inside there, to create mutants to keep the place out of reach. Since you got the BPs for the Huayra BC, I suggest reclaiming him, BUT you can't drive him anywhere else except in CSR 2, where R8 tyke got him there. BESIDES, Vincent plans to copy the powers of Azefland's girls-

TF2014: (busts in) I hope they haven't seen Lily's powers, right? O_O;

My R8 SE: Nope. We must warn Azefland about this. >:|

AND here's the end of this extra. Hope to see you soon in the next episode!

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