(Wow. Shortest Episode ever blyat)

So, one GODDAMMIT misclick and one less Rotary made me lost the RX8 SE. AND I've started the Rezvani Beast Alpha Championship. Without much said, let's get into buisness.

1 Days ago, at the Rezvani Championship…

My Beast Alpha: So, you’re R8 tyke, right?

Me: Yup. ^_^

My Beast Alpha: You ready for my championship? LET’S DANCE! >:)

Me: You bet. >:)

1.5 Days ago, in Vivendi’s Colorado Base…

Vivendi Evil Jingle: Vincent is in his underwear! :D


Vncent: Yeah? :|

AHGT.exe: You’re in your underwear only.

Vincent: No, no, no, no, no. I’m in thinking mode. Of how to save my wife from those suckers again.

AHGT.exe: Guess what? The R8 sucker is taking on the Rezvani championship. STHAP HIM! D:<

Vincent: He’s such a d*ck. Never finish an R&D. FOCUS ON THE TRASHF*CKER FIRST!

AHGT.exe: Besides, I have recruited a car, that’s the most powerful in the Asphalt Stories history- THE AUDI R8 LMS.EXE! >:D

(An Audi R8 LMS Ultra, but with a purely black paint and red headlamps, appears)

Vincent: Wait. You can summon OTHER .exes? O_O

AHGT.exe: Yup. But that consumes most of my energy. I’m going to take some rest. (drives away)

Vincent: SO, R8 LMS.exe, what’d you get? :|

R8 LMS.exe: I am VERY good at mind control. You see those trash helmets? They don’t do much! My powers of mesmerizing are about the helmet’s signal’s 100 times. >:P

Vincent: Who’s inside you? :|

R8 LMS.exe: My friend, he’s Vadim. Life of Boris’ most annoying neighbor. AND now, he moved next to the R8 f*ck, as Boris kept ignores him.

Vadim: But that house is JUST my holiday retreat! :|

Vincent: Never mind, Boris will ignore you anyways. NOW, GO! AND HUNT THAT F*CK! D:<

In the Alps…

Me: FINALLY! The final test! I really want to break away from my fate and win an R&D car from its event for the 1st time! :D

My R8 LMS Ultra: I’m skeptical about this. Even you can f*ck up my cousin’s R&D. :|

My RX8 SE: Hey guys, someone just tuned up my suspension. :|

Me: (checks inventory and founds out my remaining Rotary was gone, along with some suspension parts) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

My Biome: Anyways, we can’t win the RX8 SE anyways. We just can’t get enough resources. :|

Vadim: I tuned up the suspension. And I’m the one who made the benchmark time. >:)


My Supra: VADIM! >:(

Zoe: Hey, the Rezvani Beast event is here. Should we go? :|

Me: I’ll go first. You guys help me with the Final AI.

Back at the Beast Alpha Championship…

Zoe: (in a message) We tried, but we failed. :(


TF2014’s Venom GT: We’ve an almost 1 hour journey before we reach where TF2014 was!

My RX8: I bet he’s f*cking with her girl-

Me: (in an echo) VADIM BLYAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

My RX8: Did you hear something? :|

My Integra Type R: It’s just R8 tyke randomly venting his anger. Let’s move on. :|

Azefland’s M1: Luckily, I got a camera. In case we need it. :D

Back in the championship….

My Beast Alpha: What happened? And are you Russian?

Me: I lost the RX8 SE. AND no, I’m not Russian.

My Beast Alpha: Oh. :|

Meanwhile, in San Diego Harbour…

My R8 LMS Ultra: Hmm… R8 tyke told us to retrieve the Kepler Motion, where it is?

My DS3 Racing: Je suppose que c'est dans le stockage. (Translation: I guess it is in the storage.)

My Sparta: He guessed that it’s in the storage.

My M2: I don’t see it anywhere. :|

My F50: Hey. According to the my GPS, the Kepler Motion is somewhere OUTSIDE the Harbour. :|

My Savage Rivale Roadyacht: Then let’s go!

Anyways, this is it. Thanks for watching in CYA NEXT EPISODE!

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