Well, here's the episode about the Maserati Alfieri R&D. BTW, I've mixed the timeline and I'll tell you how I defeated Atlay from Tempe5t, an evil crew in CSR 2 (and also Vivendi's drag-racing department).

BTW, regarding my inactiveness in the future, it should be starting from 2019's November, not the UPCOMING November. (Clearly I didn't mention it well, my bad.) AND LET'S START THIS SH*T! (Note: This episode has some Top Gear refrence here)

On a highway in France to Monaco, in a modified R8 LMS Ultra...

Me: R8 SE, is it OK to let you autopilot my car? Like even thhose dudes in Silicon Valley haven't perfected it.

My R8 SE: IT'S OK, dude. I can autopilot any of your cars to ANYWHERE do you want. :)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Does that mean I can rest now?

My R8 SE: NO NO NO, DUDE! I need your engine ON and you're awake to autopilot successfully.

Jake: (In a phone call) R8 tyke, tell me why we need to go to Monaco. >:|

Me: OK. Remember when TF2014 kidnapped Anais? Those STUPID PERVS went to find her, and left a trail for VVS to save Anais. AND Vincent is mad about what we did to her. MAD AS A MEXICAN'S DOG. He is gonna destroy my Alpine base, and it's pin-pointed, so I can't escape without abandoning the base. >:|

Jake: Oh. BTW, we hired TF2014's couriers, Ivan and Dmitri, to help us with transporting your cars and resources.

Me: GOOD. I'll phone my OTHER cars in their operation centre when I've reached the back-up base.

12 Hours later, somewhere UNDER the Azure Coast track...

Me: (turns on the web-cam on the BIG LED SCREEN in my room)

Some minutes later...

My 650S GT3: Russian Operation Centre calling here. >:|

My 911 GT3 RS: Munich Operation Centre here. >:|

My Veneno: The Nevada Operation Centre calling here. >:|

Me: Good. All 3 of my operation bases are here. Now BAD NEWS. Vincent is going to destroy the Alps base. >:|

(All my cars in their operation centre gasps and discussed about the situation)

Me: AND later, he'll destroy the operation bases too, with Vivendi geologists detected the presence of your operation bases.

(All my cars in their operation centre gasps)

Me: Here, I demand you to ABANDON the centres and get to the Monaco base with all the confidental files. DESTROY all the computers you're using. I don't care if you're using ANY method. Pouring acid onto it, burning it or whatever. DESTROY THE CPU at ALL COST and COMPLETELY. Also, ERADICATE THE BASE'S EXISTENCE COMPLETELY. >:|

My cars in their operation bases: Aye. >:| (Destroys the web cam with a hammer)

(A few days later, in the Alps...)

(Vivendi helicopters hovering above my Alpine Base)

Vivendi pilot: Sir, we're ready. >:|

Vincent: Good. Initiate the laser cannon. >:)

(Afer the cannons are initiated)

Vincent: FIRE! >:D

(My Alpine base was eradicated and falls similar to Tony Stark's house in Iron Man 3)

Vivendi pilots: Checking survivours. >:|

After a few minutes...

Vivendi pilots: Negative for all life forms. >:|

Vincent: GOOD. Now R8 tyke is officially dead. >:)


Me: You're doing a GREAT job, folks. Well, since Vincent is assuming that I'm DEAD-

My 650S GT3: Will you participate in the Maserati R&D? >:|

Me: Yes. BUT on a VERY low profile. FARM credits stealthly, OK? AND stay away from the Alps. >:|

My Peugeot SR1: AND meanwhile, I've assigned you guys new license plates. >:|

Me: Good. Now, let's go to the lab after I've changed all of your license plates. Meanwhile, I need a convoy. >:|

At the Alfieri R&D...

My Maserati Alfieri: You're-

Me: I'm Audi R8 tyke. Nice to meet you. ^_^

My Alfieri: ...shouldn't you be DEAD? O_O

Me: No. Keep this as a secret. Or else, VERY dangerous person will find you. >:|

My R8 SE: (appears on thhe screen) OH LOOK! I'VE GOT A NEW FRIEND! :D

A voice: Hey there, I'm RanDy, AsphaltLand's racing AI. Now, shall we begin? :)

Me: Sure, RanDy. :)

(To be continued in Part 2)

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