Continuing from Part 1, in Nevada...

(My Regera rolled next to P1 Boy's P1 GTR)

P1 Boy: Hey, can you do me a favour? >:|

Me: Sure, why not?

P1 Boy: Good. Now, I've been tracking the sucker whose name starts with "C"-

My Regera: The Forza Wiki Owner? :|

P1 Boy: You got this. I want you to punish him. He'll appear in the Regera Evolution Cup, in the Santa Palma Beach, and oh, Azefland and his crew are coming too. >:|

Me: You got this. >:|

(A few days later, in Santa Palma Beach...)

My Regera: Wow. So many people with a Regera is here! O_O

(After a few races...)

Me: Nice. We got some fusion parts. ^_^

TF2014: Hey, R8 tyke. ^_^

Me: Hey, TF2014, you're here because of P1 Boy? :)

TF2014: Yup. Also, Azefland's here. :)

(A random person walks in)

The person: Hey, nice Regera! ^_^

Me: Thanks. ^_^

The person: No problem. BTW, do you know that the R8 V10 you're driving has a V8 "brother", which has a 4.1L V8?

Me: Yeah, I know. Wait. 4.1L? I thought it's 4.2L. :|

My Regera: This guy is VERY suspicious... >:|


Me and TF2014: (gasps)

Forza Wiki Owner: ... YOU ALL IDIOTS! THE R8 V8 HAS A 4.1L ENGINE! >:(

Me: That's not- >:(

Forza Wiki Owner: SHUT YOUR FACE, YOU ASIAN PIG! >:(

Me: (Triggered) >:(

TF2014: Look. R8 V8s AIN'T have 4.1L V8s. >:(

Forza Wiki Owner: SHUT UP! R8 V8s HAVE 4.1L V8S! YOU STUPID PIG! >:(

TF2014: (Triggered) >:(

Azefland: Audi said that's a 4.2L V8! >:(

Forza Wiki Owner: YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CARS!!! >:(

Azefland: ...>:(

My R8 LMS Ultra: ... MY! V8! COUSIN! HAS! A! 4.2L! V8!!!!!! D:< (Rams the Forza Wiki owner)

Me: Look. We've could been nice, BUT you made us do this! >:(

(All three of us beat the sh*t out of the Forza Wiki Owner)

Forza Wiki Owner: So... you all idiots... work for P1 Boy, the TRAITOR, right? (coughs) X_X

(P1 Boy and ThunderWolf rushed to the scene)

P1 Boy: Ha! That's what you get for being a car noob! >:P


My R8 LMS Ultra: Ya know what? I'm tired of SEEING HIS FACE. AGAIN. >:(

ThunderWolf: You gotcha. >:| (Uses Hokuto No Shinken on the Forza Wiki Owner)

Forza Wiki Owner: Ha! That is just A TICKLE FOR ME! >:D

All of us: Omae wa mou shinderu. >:P (Translation: You're already dead.)

Forza Wiki Owner: Wh- (Detonates into a bloody mess)

Me: Oh what's this? (Picks up the last Zenvo BP from ther bloody mess) The last Zenvo BP? YUCK! >:(

My Regera: AND also 10 sets of silver keys for us to get a car. :P

(After assembling the ST1)

My ST1: Hiya, folks. ^_^

My Regera: You're one ugly mofo. O_O

My ST1: HEY! >:(

My SLS GT FE: AND a piece of TURD. >:P


My 675LT: Guys, the cars DO have something!

Me: Hm? :|

My MP4-31: The Cuda "TorC" Has a coating which makes light goes AROUND it when there's an electric current, and the LB C63 has a jammer which spans the city.

My 570S: Well, we're working on how to make the LB C63 jammer work for us, AND while you're ranting, the invisibility coating has been applied to the R8 LMS. :P

Me: (Gets into the R8 LMS) So the lil' lever does all that invisibility magic? :|

My Cuda "TorC": You gotcha. ^_^

Me: (Flicks the lever and the R8 LMS disappears)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Well, that's what I call SCI-FI! ^_^

My R8 SE: (as a hologram on a tablet) TF2014 called me to remind you that you can check on Anais. :P

Me: Alright. Let's go!

Sometime later...

TF2014: So you mean you'll blast "MUSIC" to Anais' ears? :|

Me: BINGO. AND I need to catch her by surprise. :P

Lily: So, plan? :|

Me: You guys need to help me to get the LMS into the garage while it's invisible. Then, move the dyno so that it's closer to Anais, and I'll do the rest. JUST to make sure she's asleep, right?

TF2014: OK, BUT you need to keep it low or else we'll freak out if Anais ever managed to escape. :|

Me: I got this. (Takes out Minecraft invisibility potions)

My R8 LMS: Wow. You seem like to use Minecraft Potions. :|

Me: AND I got 10 loudspeakers to blast those into her ears. :P

Some setup later...

Anais: (wakes up)

TF2014:So, you remember that R8 guy whose garage was blown up by your STINKING husband? >:P

Naomi: Bad news. >:P

Sarah: For some reason we got and repaired his R8 LMS. >:P

Anais: WHAT? O_O

Naomi: AND it's here! >:) (Snaps her finger and the R8 LMS "appeared")

TF2014: Don't worry, he ain't there. >:P [Shows the live footage of the cabin with me under the effects of the invisibility potion(which makes me invisible)]

Anais: (Screaming goat)

TF2014: Now, we got 10 Loudspeakers which is lined up in Simpsons format. Now, shall we begin? >:P

Lily: You bet. >:P (signals me to step on the gas pedal)

(My R8 LMS' V10 sound spread across the garage in max volume)

Sarah: AND here's the ANTI-LAG! >:P


(Loud popping sound from the anti-lag destroyed all the windshield and glass in TF2014's garage)

TF2014's Fenyr: WTF?! X_X (windshield breaks under cracking noise of the anti-lag)

TF2014's Alfieri: LOUDEST NOISE EVER! X_X (windshield breaks under cracking noise of the anti-lag)

TF2014: Good thing that we have hearing protection. >:P

(After some blasting until Anais passes out...)

TF2014: Well, she enjoyed it. >:P

TF2014's Aprilia Tuono: Well, not ME! X_X

Me: Thanks. I'm going to my garage now. :)

At my garage...

A white R8 V10 Plus: So, you're my owner, right? :)

Me: What ? :|

Zoe: Oh, he's our slot prize. :P

Me: Oh, I see. :|

My R8 V10 Plus: FRED! YOU'RE HERE!

Me: Fred? :|

My R8 V10 Plus: Oh. He's my cousin and he's called Fred. Fred the R8. :P

Fred the R8: Guys, I've heard EVERYTHING from my cousin. Now, let's fight against Vivendi, shall we? :)

Me: Sure. :)

AND here's for this episode. TF2014, if you're reading this, I'll pay for all the windshield replacements. (and wait for the next episode guys)

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