Yup. as the title says it all, I got the F-Type and the Citroen. Now, enjoy.

At CSR...

Me: OK, BC. You're fixed and ready to go! :)

My Huayra BC: Thanks, dude. Now, I've got news that the F-Type R now costs 525 tokens. Interested? :)

Me: Yup. I am. I'll just bring MY F-Type Coupe to Asphalt.

My F-Type Coupe: Is it OK? I mean, my cousin in A8 is the convertible version. :|

Me: No one will care about that. :|

(Suddenly, phone call)

Me: Hello? :|

Hanna: WTF R8 tyke? >:(

Me: What? :|

Hanna: Your e-mail account sent me some NSFW! >:(


After bringing my BC and my F-Type to my A8 garage...

My RX-8: Mmm, YES! We've delivered-

Me: WTF! >:(

My Integra Type R: Oh sh*t. O_O

After a big chase...

Me: Well, well, well. More than *sighs* 10 pervs caufght red-handed. >:)

My R8 LMS Ultra: (In African accent) R8 tyke won't punish you yet. Don't worry. >:)

Me: But I'll deliver the BEST gift to you all. AT Christmas. >:)

My R8 LMS Ultra: (In African accent) Watch yo' backs, bitches! >:) (Leaves with me)

My RX-8: (To my Survolt) Hey, what's the punishment? O_O

My Survolt: Oh boy, that ain't good. Like you, the Furai has once addicted to the you-know-what, then he got busted and being punished to run the Nordschlife until he met an INSANELY HARD race time. Flawless and unplugged. I was there. O_O

All PCG members: *Gulp* O_O

My Survolt: Just watch your back. O_O (Leaves)

Meanwhile, at the Championship site...

Me: Greetings, Mr. Alonso. I'm the Audi R8 tyke. ^_^

Fernando Alonso: I've heard from you before, when you uploaded a video about you getting the MP4-31. Great job back then. Now, I'm helping you to get the X2. ^_^

Me: Thanks. ^_^

My MP4-31: Hey Alonso. It's been a LONG time. ^_^

Fernando Alonso: You got my MP4-31 too? Nice! ^_^

Me: BTW, pay extra attention to the racer called Adrian Heat. He's trying to kidnap you. >:|

Fernando Alonso: Noted. >:|


Zoe: Hmm, seems that we've got enough parts for the GT By Citroen. :)

My RS4: Erm, guys? O_O

My Huayra BC: Wait. Are these fellas inside your cabin a few days ago?

My RS4: Erm... since the 918 EDD. I'm gonna get to R8 tyke. See if he can get rid of them or something.

And this ends the episode here. See yopu next time!