Yup. I got the selfish car AKA the Egoista, the STUPID BENTLEY and now going for the RX-8.

Note: This episode does not encourage using restricted herbs for recreational purpose.

In the reconstructed Alpine Base…

Me: Evora, I’mma go and fetch my Egoista, help me to safe-guard the Bentley EXP10. :D

My Evora Sport 410: Aye.

After I left…

My Evora Sport 410: Dang it, that Bentley is hideous. -.-

My EXP10 Speed 6: Hey, you gotta pay respect, man! >:(

My R8 LMS Ultra: Sorry, pie-face. :P

My Bentley EXP10: Grr! >:(

My Impreza: Boss, what do this plan fails?

Me: I have a secret weapon. CRASH BANDICOOT! :D (Pans Camera to Crash Bandicoot)


Vincent: Yes… YES! With the R8 tyke left his base, let’s raid it! >:D

All VVS villains: Yes, boss! :D

Vincent: And one more thing. (Dresses Heihachi Mishima as a superhero) Heihachi, UNLEASH YOUR INNER SUPERHERO! >:D

Back at my base, at the top floor…

(My Beast Alpha and my BC are having a nap while a horde of Vivendi goons, along with some VVS villains, entered they proceeded to enter my EXP10 without disturbing the cars)

Vivendi goon 1: (whispers) That was easy. :P (Proceeds to leave with his peers, my Bentley and his bosses)

At the 2nd floor…

My Lancer: (Notices the goons)WHAT?! O_O

My Impreza WRX STI: I thought they’re going to have a fight with the BC. O_O

Entity303: ATTACK THE 2 CARS! >:D

(The goons defeated the Impreza)

My Lancer: No! My bro, I’ll get you up! D: (Revives the Impreza)

Vivendi goons: WHAT?! D:

Bowser: Lemme try this. (Defeats the Lancer)

My Impreza: (Revives the Lancer)

One of the goons: Hmm… seems like that we need to defeat both of them at the same time.

Heihachi Mishima: (Singing) HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!!! :D

Everyone: *Gaspes*

Heihachi Mishima: Such car scum cannot stand the attacks against me! Take THIS! AND THAT! AND HIYA! (Beats up the Lancer and throw it towards the Impreza, defeating him instantly)

Entity 303: That… was hilarious. XD

Dr. Eggman: Let’s proceed. (Leaves the floor)

My Lancer: Told you not to vape too much, dumbass! >:(

My Impreza: I’m sorry! :(

At the 3rd floor…


My Gallardo: (Plays KSI’s Lamborghini)

[Passive effect: Buffs all Lamborghini’s health and attack damage]

My Veneno: (Guns down many goons while summoning my OTHER Lambos)

After a tough fight against my Veneno and defeated him and other Lambos…

Heihachi Mishima: Oh my god… so many casualties here… O_O

Dr. Eggman: Let’s go. >:|

At the 4th floor…

Dr. Eggman: There’s no bosses waiting for us!

(Suddenly, Eminem-Without Me plays)

My R8 LMS Ultra: (Rises from the floor via a trapdoor while singing) GUESS WHO’S BACK, BACK AGAIN, SHAAADY’S BACK! Tell a friend! Guess who’s back! (that part was sung 7 times so I only wrote once)(Summons my other Audis in the progress) :D

Entity 303: Oh my god, not this idiot! >:(

My Audi TT RS: I’mma do this! :D (Plays Dr. Dre’s  The Next Episode while burns weeds in a big bucket)

[Passive effect: Buffs All Audi’s attack powers greatly]

Dr. Eggman: OH NO! I’M ALLERGIC TO WEED VAPOURS! X_X (Gets defeated)

My R8 LMS Ultra: After that, let’s get to the slaughtering! >:D

After the R8 LMS was left with 50% HP…

My R8 LMS Ultra: (Summons the MC12 and Crash Bandicoot) MC12, heal me. Crash Bandicoot, fend off these imbeciles.

My TT S: Crap! The Mishima scumbag is releasing SHOCKWAVES from his punches! O_O

My R8 LMS Ultra: SH*T! O_O

Heihachi Mishima: The best way to defeat these scums is shockwave punches. >:D

My MC12: OOF! X_X (Gets defeated)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Damn Bandicoot is so tank-y, that he’s actually ENCOURAGING THAT IDIOT TO ATTACK! O_O


Crash Bandicoot: Eh?

My R8 LMS Ultra: Note to self-NEVER summon Bandicoot again when enemies have shockwave attacks. (Gets defeated by the shockwaves) >:(

Heihachi Mishima: Yes, we did it! >:D

Bowser: But at the cost of… (Looks back at the immense amount of defeated goons and VVS members) only 2 of us left. :(

Heihachi Mishima: Anyways, let’s go.

After the survivors left…

My R8 LMS Ultra: (To Crash Bandicoot) I HATE YOU, BANDICOOT, FOR ALL ETERNITY. >:(


My Audis: (Laughs) XD

At the bottommost floor…

Heihachi Mishima: Yes, after this wave, we can leave with our Bentley-

(PvZ 2 Wild West Boss Intro plays)

My MP4-31: Leaving so soon, suckers? >:P

My Aventador SV: We’ll beat you til’ you give us the Bentley! >:D

One Transformers-esque fusion among the AHGT, the SV, the MP4-31 and the 918 to form a ‘War Wagon’ later…

My Evora Sport 410: (From the mics) Enjoy the X2 and his War Wagon, suckers! >:P

My X2: (Maniac laughter as he summons some Lamborghinis, some Porsches and some Audis with the War Wagon)

Bowser: (Defeats my Gallardo) What is point of the war wagon if it is a summoning machine? >:(

(More Vivendi goons entered the scene)

My X2: Oh, I won’t let you win SO EASILY! >:) (Launches fireballs and incinerates some goons)

My BMW M6: (Gets summoned from the fireball) Ugh! Do we need to be dressed like a dragon?! >:(

My F40: (Gets summoned by a fireball too) Just deal with it. -.-

Vivendi goon: KILL THEM WITH FIRE!!!! >:(

[Vivendi goon used flamethrower on the F40!]

[It doesn’t deal any damage to the F40.]

My F40: So I guess these suits are made from fire-proof materials… :D

Heihachi Mishima: But you’re NOT invincible when you take my punches! (Defeats the F40 with his karate punches)

After a LONG fight with the X2’s War Wagon down to 1/3 of its health…

My X2: I think it’s time, to finish you MEDDLING IDIOTS! >:) (Summons my R8 LMS Ultra and my Veneno)

My Veneno: Wait. How can you summon us? We’re bosses. :|

My R8 LMS: That’s because he’s a boss of a higher rank. -.-

Heihachi Mishima: Oh no, THE AUDI! O_O

My R8 LMS Ultra: Oh you again-wait, it’s only YOU and the MINIONS left! >:D

My Veneno: Lemme finish those minions. >:|

My R8 LMS Ultra: (Deals massive damage to Heihachi Mishima while making donuts)

My X2: CHARGE ATTACK! >:D (Rushes to Heihachi Mishima using the War Wagon and defeats him instantly)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Yay, we won! :D



A Vivendi goon: Yes, yes, YES! I got the Bentley! :D

My X2: Ah, that’s just a cardboard model armed with a bomb. When that model leaves this premise, it explodes. >:P

The goon: (After hearing what he’d heard) WHAT?! O_O (Gets blown up by the bomb)

My Gallardo: Phew, that’s close. -.-

My 718 Boxster: Then where’s the Bentley? :|

My X2: Safely protected by the War Wagon. :P

(The War Wagon splits back up into the AHGT, the SV, the 918 and the MP4-31 as the Bentley was released)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Oh. :|

My Bentley EXP10 Speed 6: Please, don’t make me go through these shenanigans again. >:(

Me: (Returns) Hey guys, I got the Egoista! :D


My Egoista: I’m not selfish! >:(

Me: BTW, it seems that you guys went into a REAL fight. Let’s send them away. :P

My Cayman GT4: Bye, prisoners! :P (As he sends the dead goons and the defeated VVS members away with a cannon)

Entity 303: WE’LL GET OUR REVENGE AT THE RX8 SE R&D! JUST YOU WAIT!!!!! >:( (Disappears with his peers in the air)


AAAAND that's it. While I'm cooking up another episode, enjoy the preface for the RX-8 SE R&D revival:

At the Mazda Labs...

(Entity 303 busts into the premises, along with Herobrine)

My RX-8 SE: INTRUDERS!!! >:(

Entity 303: (Uses his dark wizardy to transform nearly everyone to zombies)

That remaining lab techinician: (Sees the zombie aocalypse in the labs) HELP! ZOMBIES! I MUST FIND THAT GUY AND TELL HIM TO SAVE US! O_O

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