Well, half a year later, it's here!

5th Place: 959 => R8 SE (Low-tuned)

The 959, despite (very) inferior to the R8 SE, costs WAY less BPs to build, and the 959 comes with 0 token upgrades. In contrast, the R8 SE costs 150 BPs to build, and comes with serveral Token-Only-Upgrades.

4th Place: MP4-25 => Beast Alpha

The MP4-25, despite being slightly inferior to the Beast Alpha, boasts nearly identical stats. What's more, the MP4 is buildable with 30 BPs, while the BeaSt can only be obtainable in it's Championship.

3rd Place: R8 SE (High-tuned) => PCGT

In contrast to the Porsche C-GT's event-only obtaining method, the R8 SE is buildable with 150 BPs, and (at least) dominates the low-ranks.

2nd place: Vulcan=>AHGT+MP4-31+Aventador LP750-4 SV

Obviously, the Vulcan's every man's dream. That's SO OP, SO MANY USES THAT I CAN TALK ABOUT IT FOR MONTHS. Ahem, no no no, it is too expensive. Instead, there are 3 cars which can replace the Vulcan in different situations.

First, the Aventador SV. The Aventador SV is some REAL DEAL against Vulcans, with a Final Speed VERY CLOSE TO THE VULCAN'S, it is awesome for No-Vulcan Men (like me). However, it's drifting is TERRIBLE. Better use it in long tracks with simple curves!

Then, the MP4. The MP4 has an inferior speed against the Vulcan, but makes it up with better acceleration and handlng. Better use it in twisty, short tracks!

Finally, the Arrinera. The Arrinera is balanced, so it is a formidable Vulcan alternative.

Actually, those 3 cars costed MORE than the Vulcan, but for anyone without it, which will you pick, a Vulcan which will take you AGES to gather stuff to upgrade, OR these 3 with a rather inexpensive price to deal with (and free to obtain them in their events)?

1st Place: X2/Apollo IE=>Vulcan/AHGT+MP4-31+Aventador LP750-4 SV

AS the 2018 Spring Update, the AIE was introduced to dethrone the Vulcan, and the following update introduces the McLaren MP4/X (OR better known as the X2 or the Skidding Carrot King) to go after the AIE. HOWEVER...

  • Both AIE and X2 needs to be unlocked in Special Events, while the Vulcan/AHGT+MP4-31+Aventador LP750-4 SV can be build using BPs(AHGT+MP4-31+Aventador LP750-4 SV) or bought using tokens (for the Vulcan).
  • Token upgrades is a HUGE issue for the IE.
  • The ABSURD CRE requirements for PROing X2 to usefulness turns you away.
  • The X2 is too inferior against other cars in the 1600s.

And most importantly...

  • Vulcan/AHGT+MP4-31+Aventador LP750-4 SV offers a (near) similar performance with the IE/X2.

AND here it is. Sorry for the HUGE delay between the final product and the time I announce this, BUT I just wanna mirror how the Aprilia R&D got delayed. Besides, A8 changed a lot since I announced this. See you next time!

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