Apparaently, the Aventador SV is one of the FASTEST cars in Asphalt 8. However, the 918 seemed to be on par with the SV. WHICH IS BETTER?

Things in common

  1. Elite Status (Yay and boo)
  2. Real speed i.e. Speed Modifier=100%
  3. Top end Class S
  4. Both uses 45 Rare BPs to build

The Advantages of the Aventador SV

  1. EXTREME REAL SPEED. It runs at 506 km/h if fully MAX PROed, elite tuning set to 0808/-4 4 -4 4 and with Tuning Kits. That's not much, you'll say,but when you put it with top cars in Asphalt like the Vulcan (tops out at 507 km/h), the AHGT(tops out at 504 km/h), the Hommage (Tops out at 511 km/h) and so on, this car is REALLY FAST.
  2. EXTREME perfect nitro efficiency. Sure, 6/8/18 doesn't seem too long. BUT when you think of the boat's 4/9/14, you'll be amazed.
  3. A versatile use in MP. You can kill ANY SPECIAL EDITION without the 3-pointed star badge. (R8 SE: ~470 km/h, M2 SE: 467 km/h, MY SV tune: 478 km/h, SLK SE: 540 km/h)

The advantages of the 918

  1. Somewhat good acceleration when you put it with the SV.
  2. SIGNIFICALLY BETTER drifting than the SV. (Not counting the Porsche Update)
  3. BEST of all Porsches, which some Porsche-haters in GL makes them EXCEPT the 959 and this redundant.

Common Disadvantages

  1. Elite Status cripples the usage of both cars.
  2. Not the best in class, but they're also good.
  3. BPs take forever to come.

Disadvantages of the SV

  1. Crippling drifting radius. The drifting is so bad that I want to crash it to the wall rather than drifting it.
  2.  Somewhat sluggish acceleration. Takes FOREVER to catch an MP4/8, even though that thing is noticably slower.
  3. V12s take forever to collect. Besides, it's a bad place to dump V12s if you have the Vulcan.

Disadvantages of the 918

  1.  Exceptional engines take forever to come.
  2. Considerably slower than the SV in both pure speed and speed with nitro.
  3. Crippling drifting radius in the Porsche Update. I lost the car because I cannot get good drifts and loses to the Veinice AI.

On Paper...

Lamborghini Aventador SV stats:

Porsche 918 stats:

Compare them side-by-side, please...

The verdict

Both cars are equally good. However, they excels at different tracks. The SV's extreme speed, along with crippling drifting and sluggish acceleration, makes it on par with the Vulcan in long tracks with non-complex curves like Tokyo. On the other hand, the 918 excels in mid-lengthed tracks due to it's all-rounded stats. However, one must note that the 918 is slightly slower than the SV, so it's best to use the SV in Iceland due to a better speed, even though you risks time on crashing on that 90 degree curve. However, if you lived in the Porsche Update, it is wise to get the SV over the 918.

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