This Car Comparison came up to my mind when I bought the SLS today at 110,000 credits. AWESOME DEAL (Just because I like the Merc lol)! So what do YOU think about these two cars, with the same final rank and the same final speed?

Things in common

  1. Same final rank (1595 vs 1595)
  2. Around the same usefulness (both are not so useful lol)
  3. The same speed when topped out (420 km/h)

Advantage of the SLS FE

  1. Better ntiro efficiency than the R8
  2. Better raw top speed
  3. Better drifting than the boat (well that's the downfall but I don't want to be subjective so I put this in)

Advantage of the R8 LMS

(I whipped up these from the R8 vs Cayman post, and I added more points aside from editing the originals)

  1. A (significantly) better acceleration
  2. A better drifting than the SLS
  3. The best choice for Audi events(if you didn't win the e-tron SE)

Disadvantage of the SLS FE

  1. Near-boaty drifting
  2. Sluggish acceleration
  3. Not the best Mercedes in store (even a Biome can out run it)
  4. Token price before 25th March hinders it's use
  5. Not a place to invest V8s on
  6. INSANE credits sink (<90,000 for a LEVEL 2 TOP SPEED ONLY. How *expensive* is this.)
  7. IMPRACTICAL USE IN MP (but I'll try and MP tune this to 0505 5050, see how it fares.)

Disadvantage of the R8 LMS

(I whipped up these from the R8 vs Cayman post, and I added more points aside from editing the originals)

  1. Worse nitro efficiency
  2. Absurd token price for new-comers(2400 tokens)
  3. Not a really useful car in TLE (Featured as dominant car in few events)
  4. Insanely hard to win in MP races (Lose rate against MP favourites: 70%, Lose rate against common cars: 40%)
  5. Even without the token price, upgrading cost and price will kill you.(625000 credits to buy, and don't get me started in upgrading cost)
  6. Not a good place to dump V10 engines, which is hard to get.

On Paper...

Stats for the Mercedes SLS FE:

Stats for the R8 LMS Ultra:

Final Verdict

Both cars are as useless as hell, which the SLS is WORSE than the R8, despite the R8 is useless. However, the car is so cool to own, and watch this- if I put the Spada Codatronca, the SLS and the R8 LMS together, we'll have a trio- The 1595 Rank Trio, which is a downgrade to the Vulcan-Rivalling Trio (The MP4-31, the Aventador SV and the Hussarya GT). The R8 fuctions like the MP4-31, smashing short, technical tracks. The SLS functions like the Aventador SV- sluggish acceleration, bad drifting and extreme speed makes it excels where the SV shines. The Codatroncca, meanwhile, acts like the Hussarya GT- exceling at tracks where both an R8 and the SLS will frustrate themselves at.

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