I KNOW there is a car request list in Asphalt wiki, but I really wanted some to appear in A8. Currently, there's 5 cars that I wanted to appear in A8:

Number 5: Any one of the GT4 Race cars.

I KNOW, there is the Cayman GT4, but would it be nicer for others like the R8 LMS GT4, the AMG GT4, the 570S GT4 to appear?

If they managed to get into the game, I hope their stats are the following:

R8 LMS GT4: Rapid acceleration rate similar to the R8 LMS Ultra, Nitro consumption rate like the RS4 and drifts like an MP4/8 and the speed of the SkidLaren.

AMG GT4: An A-Class AMG GT3, without the obnoxious elite status.

McLaren 570S GT4: An S-Class Mazda 6, with a 6/11/16 nitro consumption rate.

Number 4: Apollo Intensa Emozione

This thing is Hong Kong's first hypercar if you do not know what is this. See Top Gear Page for the Apollo IE:

ANYWAYS, the stats can hopefully, make this a Vulcan killer, with the SV's Nitrous Consumption Rate for Perfect Nitro, The 959's Triple nitro consumption rate, drifts like a Fenyr Supersport and handles like a Biome, but to hold things back (to prevent this thing being too ultimate to beat), it will only have the speed of the TRION and the acceleration of a Camaro 2016 SS.

Number 3: The McLaren Senna

This is McLaren's new Ultimate Series hypercar, which has a look similar to the 720S and more horsepower.

Stat sepculation:

Acceleration: MP4/8 rate

Top Speed: ~501 km/h

Handling: Boaty

Drifting: Boaty

Nitro consumption rate: 10/13/19 (Unique for this thing)

Nitrous reliance: Very high (loses 100 km/h without nitro)

Basically it's a mix between the Boat, the F-150 and the MP4/8... -_-

Number 2: The 2016 R8 V10 Plus

GL screwed the Huracan a lot, so they should release this to remedy their faults. So basically, this thing is a "relative" for the Huracan, and I will speculate this as a weaker version of the R8 e-tron SE, but with a slightly higher rank than the Huracan and costs 16 BPs to build this.

Number 1: The 2016 Audi R18 e-tron quattro

In real life, this thing is dead because Audi's rubbish excuse of "WEC is too expensive". Anyways, his thing should have MP4/8 stats in Asphalt 8, with a better acceleration and top speed. You may ask,"Why an LMP1 race car?" Why not? If F1 cars, superlightweights and fictional cars can be in this game, why not LMP1 race cars?

Anyways, this is the end of this blog post, hope to see you later!

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