This episode depicts the following:

  1. (Bonus) Preview of Multiverse Stories 2020 (Name yet to be confirmed)
  2. My cars breaking up with Vincent while triggered Azelfland's cars, resulting in a two-front war.
  3. The Mario Bros., me and Princess Daisy joining forces to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of Vincent.
  4. The Mario franchise characters, along with me, prepares to assemble the McLaren Senna.
  5. (Bonus) Holly Tanaka gets slapped by Princess Daisy (like how she slapped Bowser in Mario Party 3) due to her stupidity.
  6. (Also a bonus) A short teaser of the new non-vehicle character roster of the Multiverse Stories 2020.

Me: Hey guys, I'm working on a 2020 DA reboot of Multiverse Stories, which will go back to the basic skit format back in ye old days of my Multiverse Stories. Anyways, enjoy this preview, which is JUST down below!

My MP4/8: …

Daisy: …

Mario: …

Luigi: Why is everyone silent?

My FZ-10: Erm… (Falls on the floor) Ow. Someone get me up.


My MP4/8: Oh… wait what?

My FZ-10: Is this just me or a FRYING PAN is flung towards us? (Someone get me up btw.)

(Everyone dodges the frying pan and the pan stopped when it hits a wall)

My Aventador SV: No, this can’t be… that pan…


(A blonde woman, in black with a pink scarf and a black mask, descended from nowhere)

The woman: Greetings, peasants, I’m Lady T, one of M3 Boy’s promising minions.

My R8 LMS Ultra: Hey, do anyone told you that you’re something similar to a Mr. L rip-off and looked like Peach Toadstool-OW! (Gets stomped on by Lady T)

Lady T: I don’t need your WORTHLESS OPINION, pie-face! I am the one who kidnapped her, and M3 Boy ordered me to stop Crossing-light Bros. and that Mrs. Orange-and-fat-tomboy! After defeating you three, I’ll go after Mr. I-wear diamond-all-over-my-butt! SO DON’T F*CKING TRY TO STOP ME!

(Mr. L theme plays)

My R8 LMS Ultra: Sheesh, she reminds me of Mr. L. Even the theme is the same.

Lady T: I DON’T NEED YOUR SECOND OPINION! Mr. L is my sensei!


(Preview ends here)

Me: Anyways, here's the preview, hope you enjoy it and we're going to the real episode now. ENJOY!

My R8 LMS Ultra: WOAH THERE. You're promoting a new series? Is that your fanfic or something?

Me: I dunno. Someone who looks like me paid me 50 bucks to promote this.

My R8 LMS Ultra: That's probably your real life self's stupid shenanigans.

Me: Alright, let's go and upgrade my X2. Gonna do the remaining 2 upgrades.

(I checked my X2, only to see the upgrades are fully done, parked next to it is my Gallardo, upgraded to GT3 Spec)

Me: Weird, I don't remember upgrading my X2. Also, I don't remember doing the Gallardo to it's GT3 spec.

Daisy: (Appears from absolutely nowhere) (This)

Me: OH GOD! WTF! (Screaming goat)


Me: Woah, Daisy, you scared the crap outta me. What brings you here?

Daisy: I... uh... I'm just asking you to put me in your episodes.

Me: ...'re ALREADY in the previous episode. AND this one too.

Daisy: ...Make me the main protagonist then.

Me: Erm... fine.


Somewhere in a desert...

Azelfland's RB13: Prepare to die!

My M2 SE: (This voice clip)

Azelfland's BMW M2 Beta Handling Edition: (This voice clip)

(Azelfland's cars fire guns and missles to my cars)

My R8 LMS Ultra: (Sits on somewhere, eating popcorn and wearing sunglasses while watching the war) Hey guys, this fireworks show is great!

My McLaren 675LT: (Hits my R8 LMS Ultra) GODDAMMIT R8! (Proceeds to drag my R8 LMS Ultra across the battleground)

My R8 LMS Ultra: (Grunts) Hey stinky! (This voice clip)


My RS4: Oh hey, look who it is!

Mario: (Exits from the modified R8 SE) This is bad, folks, the princess is kidnapped again!

Luigi: By the Vincent guy! Help!


Me: Woah there. First, it is my cars' idea, not me, and 2ndly, they are now warring with them.

My R8 SE: OK.

My GT FIA GT1: Turns out it's true that the princess got kidnapped.

My Gallardo GT3: Guys, careful, OK? (To Daisy) OK, Daisy, here's a useful tip for you. You can use R8 tyke as a projectile. Trust me, it's super effective, but we haven't used it for a long time. Maybe I'll teach you how to do it.

Daisy: OK.

Sometime later...

Vincent: Augh, the wreck is freaking bad. I feel like being ran over by a train. F*ck you, Trashf*cker, f*ck you and your goddamned 600LT. Anyways, I have my PERSONAL CASTLE! Screw the HQs, this is where I'M GONNA LIVE! Oh, and er... a princess for me to look at.

(Princess Peach scowls at Vincent)

Vincent: Oh don't worry, princess, because NO ONE'S GONNA SAVE YOU! (Maniac laugh)

VVS Goon: Sir! There are intruders!

Vincent: Let them f*ck themselves. I have set up a big lava pool and swinging platforms. They'll all fall into lava and burn themselves.

Meanwhile, outside the castle...

Me: So, erm, I've heard that the Gallardo GT3 has taught you the launchjer technique.

Daisy: True.

Mario: Princess, here we come! (Opens the doorand sees a bunch of suspended platforms on a lava pit)

Luigi: (Cowardly screams) I'm out.

My Kawasaki Z800: C'mon, Luigi. You can do it. Just think me of a Yoshi.

Luigi: OK. (Rides my Z800 and jumps for a few platforms)

Me: Oh, hey, there's a ? Block! I wonder what's inside. (Hits the block and my 458 Italia appears)

My 458 Italia: GOD I'M FREE FROM THIS CRAMMED SH*THOLE! Oh, and one more thing, folks. There are some cars and bikes imprisoned here. I think if you did certain stuff, they'll be free.

(My Kawasaki Z800 screams as Luigi drops it into lava)

My Z800: REMEMBER ME AS A HERO! (Goddangit. I forgot that there are something called 'ditching the Yoshi'.) (Burns up in lava)

Luigi: Erm guys? I saw a wrecked car here.

After everyone catches up...

Me: Ah, that's... my 650S GT3! I guess-It's not wrecked. It's just trapped in the bricks, and... the engine's being down.

My 650S GT3: Help! Someone messed with my engine and I can't break the wall!

Me: (Repairs the M838T V8 and upgrades it) OK, done. (Enters the 650S GT3 and smashes the brick wall)

My 650S GT3: There's a mysterious silver pipe here. Wonder what it does.

Mario: That pipe may lead us to the boss... OR to our dooms, but usually, it's not the case. Let's give it a try.

(Everyone enters the pipe)


Vincent: (Praising about how perfect his defence is)

(In a 3rd person view, R8 tyke and his co. drops into the place from a pipe)


Holly Tanaka: I finally found you, b*tch. Your f*cking car destroyed me-

Daisy: (B*tch-slaps Holly Tanaka)

Holly: NO!!!! (While being star KOed)

Vincent: How dare YOU, minor character in orange, hit and insult my henchman with that slap? I'll f*cking kill you!

Daisy: Wait, what? No, I'm not a minor! I'm just a plain ol' Smash Bros fighter!

Vincent: ...B*tch please. You're just an echo fighter.

My 458 Italia: You messed wit the wrong 'MINOR', dumb sh*t! She's one of the ordered top fighters in Smash Bros.

Daisy: (This voice clip)

Luigi: Oh no! I'm outta here.

My 458 Italia: (This voice clip)

Mario: Ooh, an Assist Trophy! Wonder who's gonna help us. (Summons my Suzuki Hayabusa)

My Hayabusa: (This voice clip) Sorry, I got a bad night sleep.

Mario: I need your head. (Throws the Hayabusa to Vincent)

My Hayabusa: (This voice clip)

Vincent: OMG-OOF! (Vincent's remaining HP Percentage: 77%) (This voice clip)

Me: Apparaently, yes.

My 458 Italia: (This voice clip) (Proceeds to attack Vincent)

Daisy: (This voice clip) (Whacks Vincent with her tennis racket)

(Vincent's remaining health percentage: 42%)

Daisy: Let's do this! (Takes out the legendary R8 TYKE LAUNCHER and launches it)

Me: (Being launched) (This voice clip)

Vincent: (This voice clip) (Gets hit by me)

(This voice clip as Vincent burns his butt in lava) (Vincent's remaining health: 0)

My 458 Italia: OK, boss fight's over, and where's the princess?

My Hayabusa: Look! A "! Switch"! I wonder what it does. Weegee! Help me! (Presses on the ! Switch with the help of Luigi)

(A trapdoor opens once the button is pressed and Princess Peach floats to the floor below while this plays)

Peach: You guys saved me! Thank you!

Later, in my garage...

Peach: So, you decided who will appear in the new series yet?

My M3 GT2 Alms: No worries, we're fixing it.

My 650S GT3: Should Azelf be included?

My R8 LMS Ultra: Do you know what 2+5 is?

My 650S GT3: Oh I know! (sings) A, B, C, D, E, F, G-

My R8 LMS Ultra: (fights the 650S GT3) NO YOU DUMB SH*T!

My 650S GT3: But you haven't answered my que-

My P1: Face it, Skid Lord, it's the answer for that question you asked, which is NO.

My Gallardo: But he'll be pissed off. How about we make him as a minor, and make a story about him taking revenge?

Me: That's a good point.

My F40: So does the list contains P1 Boy and the Halo Blue Team, some cars, and (goes through the list which you will know in the future)

Me: Oh, and add Rosalina in the list as well, and make her a major character. Damn, I wanna talk to her, but she ain't answering my phone for WEEKS-

My GT FIA GT1: And so, the Senna pieces are completed. Instructions to assemble the car is also downloaded.

Mario: We can handle the assembly. You guys can take some rest.

Luigi: Okie dokie! Let's a go! (Assembles the Senna with the help of Mario and the GT FIA GT1)

My Gallardo GT3: At last, we can get out of this hellhole.

My R8 LMS Ultra: The first thing after I get out is to play some Mario Kart. Anyone have a Nintendo Switch?

Peach: I remember that R8 tyke haven't completed the 150CC MKWii Lightning Cup. Will you take on the challenge?

Me: Hell yeah!


Vincent: Goddangit. Never trust Asian guys in orange t-shirts.

(A BMW M3 GTR from NFSMW rolled into the scene)

Driver of M3 GTR: You got beaten by R8 tyke again? SHAME.

Vincent: Wait. Who the hell are you? You look so similar to R8 tyke, yet drives a Bimmer...

M3 Boy: That's because it's-a me, M3 Boy! I've saw you fighting with the scumbags. Look, I used to admire you, but not now. You're just a pathetic little worm who's just got beaten like a sandbag. Not me, M3 Boy. I have better plans to get rid of my evil self and take over the world.And not like you, I'll never give up! I'll use ANY method I can to destroy R8 tyke, by hook or by crook. (Turns away for a moment, and then looks back) But you are still useful for me. Well, at least, in the future.

(Suddenly, a portal opened up, with ANOTHER M3 Boy exiting from the portal)

The other M3 Boy: Ah, there you are, old friend. Come, let's destroy the world with me!

Vincent: Wait. 2 M3 Boys? I'm confused.

M3 Boy: You're from-

The other M3 Boy: From 2022. Come, world feels lonely without a villain like you, Vincent, along with me to destroy the world.

M3 Boy: I'm curious. Say, me from the future. What would happen or happened in your time?

M3 Boy from 2022: Vincent is dead, and now, I'm mustering villains from the past to help with my business. Also, I banished R8 tyke at somewhere in the timeline so he couldn't stop my business. Anyways, me from the past. I want you to lend me something.

M3 Boy in the present: What?

M3 Boy from 2022: Your army of machine mades. You know, I need more of those.

M3 Boy in the present: What? I just got the plans from the ruins of Smithy's factory and I haven't even studied it throughly!

M3 Boy in 2022: I'll help you to produce them. In mass. Here. I've made notes on this notebook. Return it along with 200 machine mades a week later.

M3 Boy in the present: Geez, thanks, me from the future. You can have Vincent.

(The 2022 M3 Boy re-entered the portal and disappeared)

M3 Boy: Now, with the help of my future self, I can do my deeds, but first, M3 GTR, is the 'Mirror' ready?

M3 Boy's M3 GTR SE: (Microsoft Sam voice) Sir, yes.

M3 Boy: Good. Now they won't see it coming...

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