Wow, OK, never used the word 'Announcement' on the title. This is gonna be the boldest try on making a title.

OK, 2 things very important, so let's make it precise & concise:

1. The remaining Multiverse Stories episodes

By far, we're some half-way in the 'Chequered Flag is Near' Episode. So the titles of the remaining episode will be:

  1. Multiverse Stories: The Mirrored Miracle (Aired at September)
  2. Multiverse Stories: The Final Stint (Aired at October)
  3. Multiverse Stories: ...AND CROSS THE LINE! (Final, Aired at November)

Obviously, the final episode is a play on Top Gear TV show, specifically, when the cars crossed the line in the Power Lap section. Details of the episodes, well, only the September episode is confirmed, and the final ones will depend on other official episodes.

More on the September episode

Well, in this episode, we can see:

  1. A HUGE refrence on how the new Showdown Mode is like the child between the Mario Kart games and real life cars.
  2. Resurgence of a certain villain (screw it, it's M3 Boy) and his plans.
  3. The full assembly of the Senna

2. The new series, debuting in 2020

So far, anyone noticing the recent Multiverse Stories affairs will know I call it "2020 DA reboot of Multiverse Stories" or "Multiverse Stories 2020" (or something similar like that). Now, the official name has been decided: it's "Super Multiverse Stories". Yes, it's a mix of "Super Mario Bros." and "Multiverse Stories", which also hinted the main cast involves Super Mario Bros characters, as well as cars. The character roster will be announced today (at least in where I live) in anytime. More details about the character roster will be discussed on the same episode, due to some recent incidents.

More details:

  • It will be separated by series, which is determined by the year when the episode is published (e.g. Episodes aired at 2020 belongs to Series 1, those which aired at 2021 belongs to Series 2 and so on)
    • Story arcs are now aired on an annual basis (i.e. only 1 story arc can appear in a year). Mini-arcs (Shorts with >5 parts) are an exception of this rule.
    • The confirmed arcs are (in chronological order, from series 5 to series 1):
      • Minecraft Arc (An excuse for me to celebrate Minecraft's 15th Anniversary at that point of time)
      • Azelfland Arc (Regarding what's left unsolved here. Also an excuse for me to increase Azelfland's occurence from that point)
      • Time Travel Arc (Revolves around time-travelling)
      • M3 Boy Arc (Based on the antagonist with the same name)
      • RPG Arc (an arc based on RPG games)
  • 5 New Subseries
    • Super Derp Daisy Stories (SDDS)- Starring Princess Daisy, she will show off her antics as well as the other character's.
      • By far, this is the only sub-series confirmed to have a regular episode airing, which is on a monthly basis.
    • MVS Remix: Short for Multiverse Stories Remix. It's the old episodes...with a twist!
    • MVS Remastered: Short for Multiverse Stories Remastered. It's the classic Multiverse Stories/ Asphalt Stories/ Car Dialogues episodes but made better.
    • Plumbers vs. Princesses: These episodes depict the two plumbers and the two princesses in the Mario universe duke out in wacky battles.
    • The Record Room: Tracing it's roots back to skit episodes, The Record Room features a wide barrage of random skits.
  • Confirmed BGM list:
    • N64 Bob-omb Battlefield Theme
    • N64 Inside the Castle Walls
    • SMW Overworld theme
    • DS Peach Gardens BGM
    • GCN Mario Circuit BGM
    • Wii Daisy Circuit BGM
    • Wii Wario’s Gold Mine MK8 BGM
    • Wii Coconut Mall theme 
    • Manuel-Gas Gas Gas
    • New Super Mario Bros Wii Castle theme
    • SNES SMRPG Sad Song
    • A Daisy Chorus (I put hyperlink in case anyone who is wondering what the hell is this masterpiece)

Trivia time~

  1. Yes, the September MVS episode revolves around Mario Kart's 150cc Mirror mode.
  2. The reason why Mario characters made a comeback is, well, SHOWDOWN MODE. It feels so similar to Mario Kart. In fact, I recently became less active in A8 is because I play MKWii more often.
  3. A rap battle is included in the 4th Arc as a homage to current episodes, specifically Azelfland's episodes.
  4. The only story arc where the main villain redeemed himself/ herself, M3 Boy allied with the protagonists and Princess Peach (or her variants in Mario games) are not fought against is the 4th arc.
  5. Vincent makes a comeback in the Time Travel arc, albeit shortly.
  6. Time Travel arc is the darkest story arc I've ever thought of.

Anyways, that's all the announcement now. Stay tuned!

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