I decided to put these R&D quotes together to unveil a common topic hidden in them.

Why these 3?

Because these 3 R&Ds' quotes surrounds a concern-the problems associated with the rise of AI.

AI Self-Consiousness-Aprilla R&D and Apollo IE R&D

Quotes of the IE:

Quotes of the Aprilla (SPOILER ALERT!):

So here we are looking at these 2 Quote set from their respective R&Ds. The quotes mainly revolves around AIs revenging on the player, infecting cars and computers in the lab.Here's some example:

"The part of the virus that remains is the part that's able to produce clones of itself. Now play along and get racing." (From Test 042-Aprilla R&D)

"The AI has taken over the lab and now the vending machine keeps saying, "DELETE ALL HUMAN RACERS." I'll handle it. You just do what you do best." (From Test 059-Apollo IE R&D)

The AIs in ther R&D went rogue and starts to threaten the lab technichans, where in dytopian novels, AIs rule the world with iron fist and kills all opposers (and possibly just killing people for fun). Coincedence? I dunno.

Usage of AI-Audi R8 e-tron SE R&D

Quotes for the Audi R8 e-tron SE:

In the final stages of this particular R&D, one of the field test scientists notifyed the player about the Conglomerate's use of the AI, which is to sell and make profit for themselves.

"I've got it! They still need to sell this AI to other companies. If you beat the AI during the showdown, no one will buy it! We need to train!" (From Test 047-Audi R8 e-tron SE R&D)

"The investors are all lined up. If the AI wins, it'll be sold to the highest bidder, no matter their morals. Win this race. Stop the conglomerate!" (From Test 050-Audi R8 e-tron SE R&D)

There is one concern-IF the AI was sold sucessfully, what it's new owner would do with it? Millitary? Terrorism? Or just let it there and let it gain self-consciousness? We dunno, but pretty sure there's a chance any of the things I mentioned will happen.

Again, this is a short one, but I think it is a pretty interesting and serious found in R&D quotes.

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