Yes, y'all know something recently and let's hop into it.

IE anger issue

Yes, TheBlueShadow1 noticed this. I had anger issues with the IE that I'm shouting 'REMOVE IE FROM PREMISES' and constantly strikethroughed the message. Yes, I have this issue, and I'm currently managing it. The reason the IE infuriates me is 

  1.  Availability. (idk if I wrote it right but anyways) The IE is one of the most inacessible cars in A8, and it's NOT JUTS A8, CSR 2 EVEN DEMANDS REAL MONEY TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE IE. These reasons are why I hate the IE very much.
  2. Considering how unbalanced IEs is in MP, I got infuriated by arses (no, not R8 SE) who go shout 'F*CK YOURSELVES FAKE CLASS S KING' and go bully X2s. This is another reasons why I hate IEs.
  3. How the IE's R&D is disturbing for me. All IE R&Ds are held on schooldays which is impossible to complete for me, let alone fairness.

I promise guys, I'll fix the anger issue very soon, and I apologize deeply to those who gets offended.

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