The Audi R8 LMS Ultra is a mid-end class B car in Asphalt 8 (and my most favourite car), but however, the Porsche Cayman GT4, released in the Porsche Update, seemed to be slightly superior than the R8 LMS, and both of them are similar in performance traits. What will happen when we put these two together for a comparison?

Pros of: the Audi R8 LMS Ultra

The R8 LMS Ultra posesses numerous advantages when compared with the Cayman GT4:

  1. A (significantly) better acceleration
  2. Less reliance on nitro than the Cayman (but still relies on nitrous)
  3. The best choice for Audi events(if you didn't win the e-tron SE)

Pros of: the Porsche Cayman GT4

The Cayman GT4 Also posesses some serious edges when compared with the R8:

  1. A better nitrous efficiency than the R8 (6/8/11 vs 9/14/19)
  2. More MP-tunable
  3. [For new players] Do not need to collect an insane amount of tokens to own(35 BPs instead of 2400 tokens, which BPs can be obtained in numerous ways)

Cons of: the Audi R8 LMS Ultra

Despite the pros, the R8 has it's cons:

  1. Worse nitro efficiency
  2. Less MP-tunable then the Cayman GT4
  3. Absurd token price for new-comers(2400 tokens)
  4. Not a really useful car in TLE (Featured as dominant car in few events)
  5. Insanely hard to win in MP races (Lose rate against MP favourites: 70%, Lose rate against common cars: 40%)
  6. Even without the token price, upgrading cost and price will kill you.(625000 credits to buy, and don't get me started in upgrading cost)
  7. Not a good place to dump V10 engines, which is hard to get.

Cons of: the Porsche Cayman GT4

The Cayman GT4 also has it's weaknesses:

  1. BPs take forever to collect (Not exactly forever, but still hard enough to get)
  2. Inferior to the R8 in manyways:
    1. Nitro boost:~70 km/h vs 100 km/h when both are Max Pro+TK
    2. Pure top speed: 315 km/h vs 370 km/h when both are Max Pro+TK
    3. Handling: 1.336Gs vs 1.356Gs
    4. Acceleration: 1.82s vs 1.59s when Max Pro+TK
  3. For old players, 35 BPs cost a lot and hard to get, but 625000 credits can be obtained through farming quite easily.
  4. Not much featured as the dominant car in TLEs
  5. Not much dominance in MP (More common than the R8 LMS though)
  6. High-grade engines are hard to get
  7. Not the best Porsche in many ways.

On paper...

Stats for the R8:

Stats for the Cayman GT4:

Go read them yourselves, and don't forget to compare side by side.

Overall verdict

For me, the Cayman GT4 is purely trash. Not sure why Gameloft added this as an R8 alternative or Gallardo alternative, but I didn't think it's stats tell the good stuff when compared to other cars in the 1590-1600 bracket (when the cars in A8 are at MAX PRO). Also, I think the Cayman benefits only by the R8's price change, not by other means.

On the other hand, the R8 is quite useful for some ways, like taking down 12Cs, Sestos, Venenos and other noob-ish stuff. Also, the R8 can help you when you need it in events (no soup for you, Cayman), like the This Is Sbarro Sparta EDD, but pretty sure both of them are utterly trash in MP and TLEs... and in this case, Biomes took the crown.

P.S. both of these will make a dent in your budget by requiring boosters every MP/TLE race in order to win or achieve a better time.

P.P.S. All these are based on my user experiences and paper stats. Feel free to comment and express your ideas!

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