An "Asphalt Story" Style Beginning

Some day, when I was minding own buisness, Azefland came and we chatted for a while.

Me: (Sees Azelfland) Hey, are you Azefland? Nice to meet you!

Azelfland: Thanks. BTW, someone in GL REALLY hates Porsches! He might be sitting next to the guy who hates the MP4-31!

Me: True enough... GL hates Porsche...-_-

Azelfland: I said SOMEONE in Gameloft hates Porsche, not all of Gameloft, and i'm one of those players that like the Porsches in Asphalt 8. Besides, a MAX PROed Cayman is good at farming, ande the 959 is good at MP. How about you do a comparison between the 959 and the DeZir? Since both of them are good at MP.

Me: Seems legit. (Switches to narrative tone) And so this blog post is here.


Renault DeZirs are undoubtedly the 1st token MP car you probably get without In-App Purchases. However, as in the Porsche Update, the 959 is a better choice than the DeZir. Then time flies and the nuclear bomb named R8 SE dropped and both of them get killed. However, the R8 SE is unobtainable if you didn't outrun the AI, and the war between DeZirs and 959s will undoubtedly go on (if R8 SEs are not factored). Today, the war is gonna end RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, with the inception of...ME.

Pros of the Porsche 959

  1. Crazy Perfect Nitro Duration (though not as crazy as Trezors and R8 SEs)
  2. Narrow drifting radius
  3. Easier to get than other Porsches (14 BPs, the least among Porsches)
  4. Good acceleration (though not too good when face-to-face with an R8 SE)
  5. Class-King competitiveness despite a mid-end Class D (Identical performance with the Donkey when both are MAX PRO+TK)

Pros of the DeZir

  1. Easier to get than the 959 (200 tokens vs 14 BPs)
  2. Good performance at low ranks
  3. Decent TLE car (but not a very good time when pitted against RX-8s)
  4. Good nitro duration
  5. Good credits grinding car at S9 (5000 credits/race)

Cons of the 959

  1. Lost competitiveness to the R8 SE
  2. More expensive to upgrade than the DeZir

Cons of the DeZir

  1. Overshadowded by a lot of cars in MAX PRO
  2. Only fair credit gain in S9
  3. Loses to 959 more often than losing against RR Evoques


959 Stats:

DeZir Stats:


Both cars are nice to drive (Citation: My MP Video about the 959 and personal experience on the DeZir), as they have the most stellar elements for a good MP car-The Dezir has low starting rank and 959 has a low upgrade percentage. It is recommended that the DeZir should be obtained as soon as possible, while collecting BPs for the 959.

Self-Advertising Time

Check THIS out, mate-my MP video on the 959 on YouTube!

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