Recently, A8 has added the Lambo Terzo, which, annoyingly, has a car-specific kit card. Rumors have that the Ferrari FXX-K has those car-specific kit cards too. Seriously, WTF?! I always know that A8 is P2W, but recently, we can see that they've pushed their utter greed up onto another level. It has degraded from 'bearable' to a f*cking hassle. Compounded with the probable loss of Exclusive Deals, the (apparaent) death of the BP system, the inhhumanely expensive cars and forced rank requirements for getting them, getting new cars at this point is narrowly possible without sacrificing everything your life. Honestly, even Mario Kart Tour, the new Mario Kart game which was being criticized by it's 'loot box' system, is far more forgiving and bearable than A8. Now the only reason why I play A8 is to look at my R8 LMS. No other cars in A8, except for those which are free to get, interests me. Honestly, they want the game to die and turn our heads to A9. Just... let A8 die. I would rather see it die than seeing it lose popularity.
Remove car-specific kit cards

Looks like Peach also grew tired of this BS... and decided to burn it.

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