• Azelfland

    yep. the series' name has changed again. and it's going to stay like that permanently.

    and with the pun of the phrase "Drop The Bass", the Bass 770 saga ends with me getting that modern Detroit Muscle car at last.

    this is episode 17 of season 10 of "Multi-Universe stories". here goes:

    Iceland, 10:42 PM

    My Equus Bass 770: well, this will get harder now.>:I

    Hanna: yeah.:I

    Me: and we have a problem. TF2014 has gotten his Bass 770 but the data is some kind of giberrish. plus, he needs me to assemble the 720S, which has psychic powers.:I

    Equus Bass 770: no need. i got psychic abilities, just like you do.:)

    My Toyota Supra: oh, really?:P

    Equus Bass 770: oh you want me to prove it to you, then? okay. HERE'S YOUR PROOF!>:) *uses her mind to make the Supra …

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  • Azelfland

    it's a pun of "The Warrior Within". and if you haven't played Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within, i feel sorry for you.

    with a clever name for the Nemesis episode and a rich man's 1967 Shelby GT500 (the Bass 770) on the line, i think it makes the perfect chance for another part of the Gameloft riot arc. which puts the End Of The Line part on hold until i'm done with the Equus Bass 770 championship.

    this is episode 17 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories" here goes:

    four days after the Land Shark recruitment (April 14th)

    Persephone: looks like things aren't going to get any easier for us.:I

    Hanna: yeah. we know for a fact that we're missing the NEMESIS. but where could he be?:I

    My Ferrari LaFerrari: probably in Vivendi's eighth base.:I

    Me: he has a …

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  • Azelfland

    well, with all things considered, the time where i got the last Renault and the Land Shark has come............... several days ago by now. still, it was worth it. that's all.

    this is episode 16 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". more GTA references will be there in this one. here goes:

    Azelfland's garage, 3:07 PM

    Hanna: ladies an gentlemen, we called you here today for this riot that's happening in all the areas we can race in.>:I

    Adam Knowles: i'm just thankful Michelle and i moved to Paris. it's very peaceful here.:I

    TF2014: anyway, it's good to have you guys back.:)

    ShinnyShin: well, knowing Azelfland, he's our friend. and we stand by each other.:)

    Thunder: so, now what?:)

    Me: we called you here because we need a new plan.>:I

    Spudanky: so, what…

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  • Azelfland

    well, this one is after i completed enough quests to get all 1.500 tokens from the FLF. and so, i decided to spend my hard-earned tokens on the Project 7, which was the only Jaguar i didn't have AND it was MAXed since the Zenvo ST1 EDD.

    this is episode 15 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". there's going to be a reference to the mission "Beat Down on B Dup" from GTA San Andreas AND a reference to the Hermes boss battle from God Of War 3. here goes:

    at a parking lot in Paris

    Shadow Azelfland: you're finally here.:)

    Shadow: so. what do you want?>:I

    Shadow Azelfland: i never got to fight you back when we first met. i'll take you on, right here, right now.>:I

    Shadow: there's... no reason to fight.>:I

    Shadow Azelfland: you don't have one? WELL I DO!>:) …

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  • Azelfland

    for those who don't know why i added "scolding" in the title, it's because i hated the C-X75 back then. now, it's not as bad as i thought it would be, which would apply for other racing games outside of CSR Racing, considering that i still remember it trying to screw me up in CSR Racing.

    this is episode 14 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". it continues right where R8 tyke left off. here goes:

    Hanna: my hero.:3

    Me: well, R8 tyke mostly helped.:)

    My Apollo IE: you guys okay?!O_O

    Me: yep. we're okay:)

    Amy: well Vincent surely went crazy on that one.:P

    Me: nah, there are far more ridiculous reason why two living beings would fight.:P

    Jake: like what?:I

    Me: Kyogre and Groudon, the legendary pokemon of the sea and the land respectively, fighting for no …

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