we're back with another top 5, people!

two months ago, i made a top 5 about my favorite Asphalt Youtubers. so, today, i thought it was time to make the second part of this list. think of this as part 2 of my original list.

so, here are 5 more of my favorite Asphalt Youtubers. keep in mind that these are strictly my opinions and opinions may differ. also, NEKON, Feuerrm, Anthony Jose, TheHawtDawg1 and HannaLeinH have been mentioned in the previous part of this list, so you might want to check the previous part before getting to this one. let's jump right into it.

Number 5: Aris Cheese God.

now, this is actually a bit of an awkward start to our list and the reason Aris Cheese God is number 5 on the second part of this list is because i don't want to trigger TheGoldenThunder (sorry if i triggered you, Thunder). but anyway. Aris Cheese God is your average Asphalt player, but with lists that are opinion-based and fact-based, but mostly opinion-based. there's also the "is the car worth it?" series, in which he gets the car in the video, uses it in multiplayer and then checks the mastery for the rewards, which can be useful for many players.................. even though you can simply check this wiki for information. just saying. heck, i'm 2 years older than Aris Cheese God himself. and he's just as good as the Youtubers on this list and the previous part of this list. and basically, he's the only Youtuber that happens to enjoy life and mostly study for the exams, which is a good thing in my book.

Number 4: Monty.

coming straight from Germany, Monty is the meme lord of Asphalt. his "funny pics and memes related to Asphalt 8" series is known to make many people laugh their butts off. heck, i laugh really hard with those memes, because they're really accurate to the fanbase and it's great if you're watching it for the giggles. and the eleventh part was really good. i laughed really hard and i hope part 12 will be just as funny. on to the number 3 spot.

Number 3: Dr. Healusion.

Dr. Healusion is known for being the SLK 55 Special Edition master, BUT he's mostly known for his multiplayer videos, only he drives a different car or bike every time. he started as a hacker detector, which means he caught hackers on the act. now he's the multiplayer equivalant to the next Youtuber i'm going to talk about. and before i do that, he's very focused on every race and whenever there's a new livestream, you might want to check him out. but if you're trying to take a selfie with him, it's hard to do so, because he shows no mercy in multiplayer and that's why he's number 3 on my list.

on to the number 2 spot.

Number 2: EliteHectorX.

coming straight from Spain, EliteHectorX is known for one thing: giving the players of the community the best routes for R&Ds, EDDs and championships, but also tag weekend events and many more. his most recent video is his newest livetsream, in which he makes a comeback of awesome. Hector is one of, if not, the best player in Asphalt. in the McLaren 650S GT3 R&D, he beat the final AI with a tuning of 0505 2222. Enyby said the final AI is possible with 3515 3333. Hector proved him wrong with the aftermentioned tuning of 0505 2222, and that's why he gained even more of my respect.

and now it's time for the number 1 spot.

number 1: Hjalpmovie.

first of all, he's TheGoldenThunder's favorite Youtuber. second, he became my second favorite, behind HannaLeinH. now, if you don't know who Hjalpmovie is, he's another Youtuber that makes funny montages and the montages are just as good as NEKON's. in fact, TheGoldenThunder told me about him the first time i heard of Hjalpmovie. he's not just good. he's great. but just like NEKON, you'll need to be patient with those montages, because editing takes a long time. unlike NEKON, however, his channel grows rapidly. he's at 7.7 thousand subscribers and counting. and just like NEKON, the montages get funnier and funnier every time. if you want entertainment, Hjalpmovie and NEKON are a must, in my opinion.

End of the top 5.

and that's it for the second part of my original list. let me know which of these Youtubers you like on this list. i know that TheGoldenThunder's favorite will be Hjalpmovie. and again, i'm sorry if i triggered you with the number 5 spot, Thunder. i couldn't resist.

until next time.


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