the title says it all.

as of now, i started the M2 Special Edition World Tour and R8 E-Tron Special Edition R&D. so far, i'm at tier 5 of the World Tour and i just completed lab 1. now, i'm gonna try farming to get the last top speed upgrade i need for the R8 E-Tron Special Edition. kudos to Gameloft for going all out to make the World Tour as awesome as possible.

this is episode 3 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Me: okay, everyone. i got some good news and some bad news.:I

Hanna: what's the bad news?

Me: the bad news is, the credits won't be enough to fully upgrade the M2 Special Edition once we begin. also, we'll have minimal B class parts after this.:(

TheGoldenThunder: and the good news?:I

Me: the good news is, we get to go after 2 Special Editions of cars we already have.^_^

TheGoldenThunder: let me guess. you'll MAX PRO them. don't get me wrong. it sounds cool at first. but it's a terrible idea.:P

My Pagani Huayra BC: EXCUSE ME?! i got MAX PROed and became his best farming car ever since! you got a problem with that?!>:(

TheGoldenThunder: no, Huayra BC. relax.O_O

Pagani Huayra BC: that's what i thought.>:(

Loraine: doesn't matter. what matters is that we get to go on a tour with Fall Out Boy. Hanna and i are huge fans!:3

TheHawtDawg1: well, in my opinion, they're decent.:I

Hanna: i respect that.:)

Me: all right. let's get there.:)

insert some World Tour quotes here. okay, i'm kidding. let's skip straight to the after tier 3 part

Hanna: okay. we're doing good so far.^_^

Silver Azelfland: i agree. now, here's what i thought. to get the R8 E-Tron at MAX, we need some A class upgrades. but where are gonna find them? we spent the mastery ones on cars like the F430.:I

My McLaren MP4/8: i know where we can get some.:)

Loraine: how?:I

McLaren MP4/8: remember the Chevrolet SS? or as TF2014 calls it, the NASCAR thing?:)

Me: yeah. what of him?:I

McLaren MP4/8: well, it looks like he's in the port of Barcelona and he's going to get exported tommorow.:I

Loraine: we need to hurry, then.>:I

at the port of Barcelona

Me: okay. here it is.>:I

Silver Azelfland: Loraine and i will keep watch, if someone comes.>:I

Hanna: i'll operate the crane.>:I

Me: problem is, we don't know which container has the Chevy inside.:I

Loraine: just try one by one.:)

Hanna: okay. here goes.>:I *gets one of the containers and puts it on the ground*

Me *opens the container and sees a random pick-up truck* it's not this one, Hanna.:I

Hanna: okay.:P *gets the second container and puts it on the ground*

Me: *opens the container and sees a random car* no luck, Hanna. try the third one.:I

Hanna: wait a minute. i got superhuman strength. why even bother using the crane, when i could just pick up those containers?>:P *gets out of the crane, flies to the ship, picks up the thrid container and puts it on the ground*

Me: okay. this has to be one. * opens the container and sees the Chevrolet SS* that's the one, Hanna. we found it.:)

Hanna: let's get it open then.:) *throws 890.000 credits on the cage, freezes it with her ice beam and breaks it*

My Chevrolet SS: hey, Azelfland. been a while, hasn't it?^_^

Me: it sure was, man. and i see we got 150.000 credits back for recruiting you. that should help us upgrade you to the max. all thanks to Gameloft.:)

Vivendi goon 1: hey, you thieves! STOP RIGHT THERE!>:(

Silver Azelfland: oh, crap! they saw us!O_O

Vivendi goon 2: well, if it isn't Azelfland, Silver Azelfland and their dams- *gets kicked right in the nuts*


Chevrolet SS: nice shot, Hanna!^_^

Loraine: no time to waste, guys! let's kick their asses!>:I *immobilizes the Vivnedi goons*

Silver Azelfland: i'm right behind you.>:)

Me: *uses the Electric fly on one of the Vivendi members* JOHNYSTARTTHECAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!D:<

a lot of ass whooping later

Loraine: phew. that's the last of them. let's go.>:I

back at Azelfland's garage

Chevrolet SS: okay. we got through all that.:)

Hanna: there's one thing i need to ask.:I

Chevrolet SS: what is it?:I

Hanna: why do you sound like Owen Wilson? you know, the guy that literally voices Lightning McQueen in the Cars movie trilogy.:I

Cherolet SS: oh, that? probably because we have similar voices. i don't know.:P

Hanna: fair enough.:P

at the Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition R&D

Shadow Azelfland: hm. so you're the Special Edition of the R8 E-Tron.>:I

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Editon: yep. and you must be one of Azelfland's friends. Shadow Azelfland, wasn't it?>:I

Shadow Azelfland: wait. how do you know who i am?:I

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: because you always cover Azelfland when he's busy.:P

Shelby: wow. you sure know a lot.:)

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: enough talk. let's see how good you are. just be warned. you'll die out of boredom.:P

after test 2

Alice: okay. so, what chances do we have for this test ?:I

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: chances are that there's a 100% chance we'll lose, unless we upgrade.>:I

Pagani Huayra BC: no problem.:)

the next day, after test 7

Shelby: man, that was sooooooooooooo slow!>_<

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: told you. you'd die out of boredom.:P

Alice: let's fit that free upgrade, so we can get those tests done faster.:P *upgrades the top speed to level 4*

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: less boredom for all of us, then.^_^

Diana: i've got a bad feeling about this, though.:I

meanwhile, at Vivendi's third base of operations in Texas

the boss of Vivendi: so they fell for the R8 E-Tron Special Edition.>:)

McLaren P1 boy: yep. they won't know what hit them.>:)

the boss of Vivendi: they'll work for Asphalt labs, BUT they'll do ALL our dirty work.>:)

Julia: what do you have in mind?>:)

the boss of Vivendi: i'm glad you asked, my lovely Julia. well, if we can collect data from their driving skills, use them to our advantage and put them on the AI, we'll create an Artificial Intelligence that can beat even the best of racing champions. once we do that, we sell it in an auction, use it for OUR purposes, get showered in riches and finally get rid of team Azelfland for good!>:)

McLaren P1 boy: clever plan, boss. they won't see it coming.>:)

Julia: a clever way to get revenge for stealing my GTC4 Lusso.>:)

the boss of Vivendi: it sure is. i've let them make a fool of me FOR THE LAST TIME! now it's time to get back at them!>:)

McLaren P1 boy: should i send our units after them?>:I

Julia: not now. but if they DO beat the AI, send every single unit after team Azelfland.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: understood.>:I

and that's the end of episode 3 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". the next few sections will be written one i get the M2 Special Edition and get through a few tests on lab 2................ or at least till lab 3.

until next time.


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