if anyone asks, i didn't get a new car for farming.

after completing lab 1, i decided to fully PRO my 675LT with the 3 V8s i had. now, i use the Huayra BC AND the 675LT for farming, which makes it less tiring and more fun. that's why i thought of giving my 675LT more screen time in the game and in the series. and after that, i completed lab 2 in a breeze. also, i got time to write this.

this is episode 8 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

after test 7

Alice: and that's how it's done.>:)

TheHedgehogOne: nice one. this reminds of back when we first met.^_^

Alice: it sure does.^_^

My Pagani Huayra BC: well, time for me to farm.:P

a lot of farming later

My McLaren 675LT: nice. now i'm ready for challenge 15.:D

after mastery challenge 15 of the 675LT

Pagani Huayra BC: hey, 675LT. it's nice to see that you got your very own farming race.^_^

McLaren 675LT: thanks. oh, and Azelfland told me this. now that i'm MAX PRO, we need to work together. which makes us farming buddies.^_^

Pagani Huayra BC: oh. okay. so, how are we gonna do it?:I

McLaren 675LT: hear me out on this. you know how, after 20 wins or after getting a new car OR upgrade, you take a rest? i'm thinking that we should take turns. i'll go first, then you follow, then i go again and so on. what do you think?:)

Pagani Huayra BC: sounds good to me.^_^

the next day, after test 9

staff member: this is strange. the AI is holding a grudge against you and your friends. something that shouldn't happen.:I

Me: OH, COME ON! can't we just have a normal R&D that doesn't want to kill us, for once?!>:(

after test 12

Me: wait a minute. aren't we supposed to be on test 14 by now?:I

My real life self: *breaks the fourth wall* that's because the computer crashed and had to restart, because of the blue screen. so, i basically lost a key for th-

Everyone: WE GET IT!>:(

ThunderWolf: that's not all. the YZF-R6's front wheel, for some reason, lifts up without supercharge. i suspect that Vivendi wants to mess with us. again.>:I

Anthony Jose: it's ALWAYS Vivendi. MAN, i really want these guys to ef off.>:(

after test 18

Shadow Azelfland: easy.>:)

NEKON: but tommorow, it's going to be like hell, because of this R&D AND the GT by Citroen multiplayer cup.:P

Me: yeah. i know.:I

meanwhile, back at Azelfland's garage

TweakRacer: hey, Wanda. how are you?^_^

Wanda: i'm good. are you in for some sparring?:3

TweakRacer: you're not serious, are you?:I

Wanda: no worries. it's not full contact or anything. just some friendly sparring.^_^

TweakRacer: listen. i'm no fan of hitting girls.:I

Wanda: i understand. but listen. even after we're a happy couple, i still want to burst my anger on you. and so do you. we can do that, by sparring. that way, we can have some fun.^_^

TweakRacer: again, i don't want to hurt you................ well, physically, that is.:(

Wanda: i'll let you punch my boobs for 5 minutes after that and after every sparring sesion. and i'll let you sleep with me and make love with each other. besides, Persephone has her own room on the third floor.:3

TweakRacer: wait a minute. don't you get angry when someone tocuhes your breasts?:I

Wanda: normally, i would get angry, but you're the exception, because we love each other.:3

TweakRacer: then why didn't you say so? heck yeah!:D

after the sparring

Wanda: man, that was fun.^_^

TweakRacer: it sure was.^_^

Wanda: as promised, i'll let you punch my boobs. just go easy on me, Tweaks. now, punish me.>:3

TweakRacer: sure thing. i'll make sure you'll enjoy it.:3 *proceeds to punch Wanda's boobs softly, with Wanda enjoying the breast-punching*


5 minutes later

Wanda: oh, man. that was so much fun. thanks for showing me a good time, Tweaks.:3

TweakRacer: anytime. do you want to do it again?:3

Wanda: nah, i can take 5 minutes of breast-punching. maybe tommorow.:3

TweakRacer: okay. tommorow, it is.:3

later that day, in Emily's room (5:00 PM)

Emily: so, how are things going?:)

Persephone: good. so, why are you preparing yourself? got a date with Sean? 'cause i can tell you're wearing your earrings.^_^

Emily: yep.:)

Cynthia: proud of you, sis. you guys are definitely perfect.:3

Emily: thanks.:3

Wanda: hey. mind if i join you?:)

Persephone: sure thing, sis.:)

Wanda: well, guess what?:D

Cynthia: what?:I

Wanda: so, i sparred with Tweaks and after it, i let him punch my breasts for 5 minutes. and man, was it so good. i enjoyed that.:3

Persephone: *laughs out loud*

Wanda: what's so funny?:I

Emily: it's about time you got into the whole breast-punching thing.XD *joins Persephone at laughing out loud*

Wanda: wait. you guys do this too?!O_O

Cynthia: yeah. not just us. Hanna, Loraine, Flora, Chica, Wendy, Alice, Diana and Shelby also do it.:)

Emily: it's quite enjoyable. i do this with Sean every time. it dulls the heck out of the pain and it gets the adrenaline to the next level.:3

Persephone: *stops laughing* oh, man. but it's good to see that you started being into breast-punching as well, sis.:)

meanwhile, on TF2014's garage

TF2014: okay, let's check the mail. *checks the mail* let's see. some boosts, more credits, tokens and- huh? i don't see the Lucra blueprints anywhere.:I

TF2014's Aston Martin Vulcan: probably those ballas again.>:I

TF2014: i'll let Azelfland know.>:I

a few minutes later

Me: okay. there's the basehead.>:I

TF2014: don't do drugs, kids.:P

Ballas drug dealer: hey, partner, i'm working man, what you need, what you need, dawg? dawg, i got quality s@#t here.:D

Me:* burns him with a Fire Blast* i know this guy. he has some base heads down the road. what do you say we go teach them a lesson?>:)

TF2014: isn't that where the ballas hang out?:I

Me: man, are you a coward?:P

TF2014: no. i'm in.>:)

a little bit of walking later

Me: woooowe! you can smell a crack den a mile away! *gets in* hello, balla pushers. team Azelfland is here, coming to do some damage.>:) *zaps one of the ballas*

ballas member: f@#k dem team Azelfland fools!>:(

one ass whooping later

Tf2014: well, thanks for helping me get the Lucra blueprints, buddy.:)

Me: anytime. and i heard from your Vulcan. you got your Biome back.:)

TF2014: yeah. i'll catch you later.:)

later that night (7:00 PM)

Sean: *sees Emily in her Green dress and Black high heels* wow. you're very cute.:3

Emily: *giggles* why, thank you.:3

Sean: so. wanna go for a walk?:3

Emily: sure.:3

Sean: after you:3

Emily: awww, you're such a gentleman.:3

a few minutes later

Sean: so, tell me about yourself.:3

Emily: i'm always cheerful, fun and i'm the friend that always wants to cheer you up. what about you?:3

Sean: unlike my twin brother, Carl, i'm brave and smart. so, what's your favoirte color?:3

Emily: well, my favorite color is Black. what about you?:3

Sean: mine's yellow. so, what are your likes and dislikes?:3

Emily: well, i like singing, dancing, baking, and making others happy and i'm into ice skating and boxing, which you might already know. also, i have no dislikes. what about you?:3

Sean: well, i like playing videogames and mostly hanging out with you. and just like you, i have no dislikes.:3

Emily: *giggles* well, you're just being too kind. stop it.:3

Sean: *laughs* yeah. so, anything else?:3

Emily: i'm a huge fan of Bruce Lee. my sister and i used to watch his movies, when we were kids. we pretty much learned Kung Fu that way. and every Halloween, i cosplay as Bruce Lee. and by "cosplay", i mean wearing his legendary outfit.^_^

Sean: dang. now that's cool.^_^

on the second floor of Azelfland's garage (8:50 PM)

Emily: so, i was thinking. we should have some fun. wanna ice skate?:3 *puts on her black skates*

Sean: sure. though, i haven't ice skated before.:I

Emily: it's fun. trust me.:3

Sean: whoa!O_O *tries to balance his weight, but falls face first on Emily's breasts*

Emily: um............... hello? Earth to Sean?:I

Sean: *gets off Emily's breasts* OH GOD! I'M SO SORRY!O_O

Emily: it's okay. in fact, that was really funny.:D *laughs*

one hour of ice skating later

Sean: you're right. it really was fun.:3

Emily: told ya:3

Sean: and i got you these, for our first date.:3 *gives Emily a Yellow scarf and a pair of Black high-heeled boots*

Emily: *gasps and bursts into tears of joy* for me? awwwww, you shouldn't have. *sighs lovingly* i love you, Sean.:'3

Sean: i love you too, Emily.:3 *they both make out*

Emily: *as they both stop making out* man, you're such a great kisser.:3

Sean: thanks. we should do this again sometime.^_^

Emily: *giggles* sure.:3

and that's the end of episode 8 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". tommorow, it's going to be another busy week for me. so, things will be tough.

until next time.


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