this one continues from where we left off.

after a lot of effort, i got the M2 Special Edition. and man, it was worth MAX PROing. though, i'll miss this event, because i had so much fun with it. hopefully Gameloft will release more of those events............. and fix the licensing issues with Aprilia as well, so i can get the Tuono. as for the R8 E-Tron Special Edition, i completed lab 3 and i'm ready to take on lab 4. i hope i can make it.

this is episode 4 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

after getting 19.900 fans

Adam: You must feel pretty good about yourself. Well... do you? Do you think you've won? Well... I've got some bad news. This is far from over. For I am the only one who deserves to be Fall Out Boy's official racer! While you were distracted with my little deception, chasing after the money, I was using all of my genius to create the Ultimate Racing AI. It has the knowledge and skills of every champion that ever lived! This is the greatest AI I've ever created! If you can beat it, I'll admit defeat and you can take that money back. But you won't defeat it! Nobody can! And when you lost, I'll take my rightful place as Fall Out Boy's official driver.>:)

Macy: We have no choice, guys. We can't let Adam get away with this. The Fall Out Boy Racing Tour depends on it!>:I

Me: bring it on, Knowles! BRING! IT! ON!>:)

on the final headliner race on Dubai

my BMW M2 Special Edition: let's show this noob what a MAX PRO me can do.>:)

Me: don't forget double boosted, too.:P

BMW M2 Special Edition: *triple nitroes all the way* phew! talk about a headstart!:D

Me: don't get too comfortable yet. we just started.>:I *takes the right turn tight*

BMW M2 Special Edition: all right! let's get that jump.>:I

Me: you got it.>:) *does a barrel roll with the M2 Special Edition*

BMW M2 Special Edition: well, that was too easy.:P *takes the final turn and finishes first*

Me: YES! YES! YEEEEEESS!>:D *does celebratory donuts*

Silver Azelfland: he made it! it was too easy!:D

Me: *smiles, as Adam Knowles passes by angrily*

Hanna: you did it! you saved the tour! and thanks for the opportunity to go on a tour with Fall Out Boy.:3

Me: you're welcome.^_^ *they both make out*

Hanna: *as they both stop making out* again, thanks.:3

Loraine: world's greatest right here!^_^

outside of Dubai

the boss of Vivendi: your damn failure ruined us, Knowles! it's gonna take all i have to survive this. Vivendi is done with the streets....... and WE are done with you!>:(

Adam: you can't! i've worked really hard for this!O_O

the boss of Vivendi: everything you've achieved i've given you, now i'm taking it away.>:(

Adam: take me down and you'll burn with me! do you know how much i got on you? ON ALL OF YOU?!O_O

the boss of Vivendi: i should've never trusted you. i won't make that mistake again.>:( *drives away*

Adam: we could talk this out. ._.'

Ailce: *comes in with a somersault and beats the crap out of the Vivendi members with her Capoeira skills*

Adam: what the-? i thought you guys were.............. never mind. thanks for saving me.:I

Alice: anytime. listen. i want to assemble the M2 Special Edition ASAP. but before i do that, Fall Out Boy wanted me to give you this.:) *gives Adam a signed copy of "MANIA"*

Adam: A SIGNED COPY OF "MANIA"?! i guess you guys aren't so bad after all. thanks.^_^

Ailce: anytime.:)

Adam: but........... after all the things i've done to you and your friends?:I

Ailce: i know.:I

Adam: i guess working with Vivendi was wrong of me. i'm sorry for trying to ruin the tour without knowing that Vivendi were the bad guys. and for causing all the trouble to you and your friends.:(

Alice: it's okay. i forgive you. and so do my friends.:)

Adam: oh. easy to forgive, huh? sounds fair.:)

Alice: but i suggest you stay out of trouble next time.:)

Adam: okay, Alice. i will.:)

Alice: how do you know my name?:I

Adam: everyone knows team Azelfland and team Harmony and how you take down Vivendi. but anyway. smoke them on the next championships for me.:)

Alice: we will.^_^

back at the tour

Loraine: so, with the M2 Special Edition being assembled, a commemorative photo with Fall Out Boy and our friends and T-Shirts with our favorites colors, there's no way this could get better.^_^

Hanna: but there's one thing that's off. i don't remember having an extra security guard.:I

Me: well, that's because IT'S P1 BOY IN DISGUISE!>:( *unveils P1 boy's disguise*

Everyone: *gasps*

Silver Azelfland: *Sir Pelo gasp*

McLaren P1 boy: ah s@#t! he figured it out!>:(

Loraine: trying to be smart, aren't you? well, looks like you're wrong!>:)

Hanna: after the Hommage getting recruited, P1 boy decided to ruin the tour, so we wouldn't get the M2 Special Edition. so, he hired Knowles to create an AI that could beat Azelfland.>:I

Silver Azelfland: however, what he didn't know is that we had and got the resources to MAX PRO it, making it easier for us. on tier 8, he hacked Dylan's bank account, to make the finals impossible to happen. BUT with all the skill it took to take those AIs down, we were able to save the tour and get the M2 Special Edition.>:)

McLaren P1 boy: and i would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!>:(

Loraine: you're still a sore loser for this. so, suck on this.>:) *gives P1 boy the middle finger*


Loraine: *gasps and starts crying*


McLaren P1 boy: i didn't mean it. i- ugh! you know what, just do it already.:(

Hanna: really? you'll acept your fate like that? sounds good to me.:P *gets ready to kick P1 boy in the nuts*

Me: don't fall for his trick! IT'S A TRAP!O_O

McLaren P1 boy: SIKE!>:D *punches Hanna in the gut and makes her cry*


McLaren P1 boy: i already have.>:)



Me: *uses the Electric Fly on P1 boy* JOHNYSTARTTHECAAAAAAAAAAAAR!! *uses it again* GIMMEMYMONEYYYYYYYY!! *and again* BRINGALLTHESAUUUUUUUCE!!D:< *throws P1 boy right at Silver Azelfland*

Silver Azelfland: my turn! this is for insulting my girl!>:( *sends P1 boy flying*


Hanna: serves you right, jerk!>:'(

back at Azelfland's garage

TheHedgehogOne: hey, Alice. do you want me to help you with assembling the M2 Special Edition?:3

Alice: *giggles* sure.:3

Me: so, how's the assembling going?:)

Alice: you'll be ready to race it in 2 hours.^_^

Hanna: can't wait.^_^

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: hey, where's Silver Azelfland?:I

Me: he went upstairs to give Loraine some consolation.:I

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: why?:I

Hanna: because P1 boy insulted my sister. AND he punched me in the gut.>:(

My McLaren P1: i can't believe he's doing that kind of stuff. such a jerk to girls!>:(

My Ferrari LaFerrari: at least Azelfland treats Hanna with respect. P1 boy will never get a girlfriend, if he's THAT sexist.:P

Hanna: yeah. at least Azelfland was there to help me get over it.:3

Me: and i will always be there for you.:3

in Hanna's room

Silver Azelfland: *knocks on the door*

Loraine: go away, Silver, you pig! i don't want to talk to you anymore!;_;

Silver Azelfland: *comes in anyway* listen. i wanted to talk to you.:I

Loraine: why? so you can insult me like P1 boy did? what if he's right?;_;

Silver Azelfland: don't listen to what P1 boy says. he's just trying to make you feel bad. you're a really great girl.:3

Loraine: r-really?:'(

Silver Azelfland: yeah. you're always a positive girl and i always loved you since we first met.:3

Loraine: awwwwwwwwww.:'3

Silver Azelfland: always stay positive, no matter what. and don't let P1 boy's words get to you.:3

Loraine: awwwwwwwww, you mean it?:'3

Silver Azelfland: yes. i really mean it. do you mind if i hold your hand?:3

Loraine: sure. anything to make me feel better.:'3 *they both hold hands*

Sliver Azelfland: *pets her hair* shhhhhhhhh. everything's gonna be okay. don't cry. i'm here for you.:3

ten minutes later

Loraine: *stops crying* thanks. you really are kind. and i'm sorry for calling you a pig earlier. i didn't mean it.:(

Silver Azelfland: it's okay. will you feel better if i leave you alone or do you want me to stay a bit longer?:3

Loraine: i want you to stay with me for a bit longer.:3

Silver Azelfland: okay, then. need a hug?:3

Loraine: sure.:3

Silver Azelfland: *gives Loraine a hug*

on the ground floor of Azelfland's garage

BMW M2 Special Edition: okay! i'm ready to hit the roads!^_^

My BMW M2: who ARE you?!O_O

BMW M2 Special Edition: i'm you, but stronger.:P

Alice: i was expecting that kind of reaction from the original M2.:P

Me: well, we'll just stick around for the mastery and for the end of the tour.:)

on mastery challenge 1 of the BMW M2 Special Edition

Udo Roth: Azelfy-boy! good to see ya again!^_^

Me: *laughs* Udo, my man. are you up for another race?^_^

Udo Roth: always! make me sweat, kid.>:)

Me: with pleasure.>:)

after mastery challenge 15 of the BMW M2 Special Edition

Udo Roth: still got those moves, i see.:)

Me: what can i say, you bring out the best in me.^_^

Udo Roth: i hope you can smoke 'em in the next championships. we'll be cheering for you.^_^

Me: my team and i live for the applause. catch you later.:)

the next day

Wendy: well, i'm so ready for it. what is it?:3

Sonic: no cheating. you'll ruin the surprise.:3

Wendy: okay. can we open our eyes now?:3

Sonic: yep.:3

Wendy and Alice: *open their eyes*


Wendy: *bursts into tears of joy* awwwwww, you guys! you did this for the two of us? that's so sweet of you!:'3

Alice: it really is.:'3

TheHedgehogOne: and check out this cake. we made it especially for you.:3

Wendy: "happy birthday, Wendy and Alice. you two are the greatest girls we've ever met. enjoy this cake we've made for you. love, Sonic and Lucas (AKA TheHedgehogOne).". awwwwwww, thank you.:3

Alice: i love you so much, Lucas.:3

TheHedgehogOne: i love you too.:3

Sonic: do you like it?:3

Wendy: like it? I LOVE IT! i love you, Sonic.:3

Sonic: i love you too, Wendy.:3

Me: i'm just going to slowly back away before things get weird. ._. *slowly backs away*

after test 33

Audi R8 E-Tron Special Edition: and done. lab 4, here we come.>:)

Cynthia: i have a bad feeling about this.:I

Knuckles: yeah. so do i.:I

meanwhile, in Vivendi's third base on Texas

the boss of Vivendi: so, they got the M2 Special Edition, huh? DRAT!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: there's more. looks like Sliver Azelfland was able to consult Loraine. i thought my clever insult would break them up, but nope! they're STILL together!>:(

the boss of Vivendi: what's worse, they still have my wife as a hostage!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: no matter.>:I

the boss of Vivendi: so, how's the final AI progressing?>:I

McLaren P1 boy: it's going well. they still don't suspect a thing.>:)

the boss of Vivendi: once we make it unbeatable, we'll get showered in riches and get rid of team Azelfland for good. they won't know what hit them!>:)

Aris Cheese God (inside the vents): are they using their data to take them down?! i have to let team Azelfland know! i can't let Vivendi sell this AI. i'll let team Azelfland know once the right time comes.>:I

McLaren P1 boy: huh? did you hear something?:I

the boss of Vivendi:................................. nah. just my imagination.:I

and that's the end of episode 4 of season 5 of "Asphalt stories". there's still more tests to cover in the R8 E-Tron Special Edition R&D. but i'll make it eventually.

until next time.


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