it's a pun of "The Warrior Within". and if you haven't played Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within, i feel sorry for you.

with a clever name for the Nemesis episode and a rich man's 1967 Shelby GT500 (the Bass 770) on the line, i think it makes the perfect chance for another part of the Gameloft riot arc. which puts the End Of The Line part on hold until i'm done with the Equus Bass 770 championship.

this is episode 17 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories" here goes:

four days after the Land Shark recruitment (April 14th)

Persephone: looks like things aren't going to get any easier for us.:I

Hanna: yeah. we know for a fact that we're missing the NEMESIS. but where could he be?:I

My Ferrari LaFerrari: probably in Vivendi's eighth base.:I

Me: he has a point. the hybrid cars have an IQ of 300, after all. *picks up the phone* hello?:I

Vincent (on the phone): if it isn't Azelfland.>:I

Me: VINCENT?! how did you get my number?!O_O

Vincent (on the phone): means to rule the world, you piece of s**t.>:I

Me: what do you want this time?>:(

Vincent (on the phone): it's about Azelfland.exe. once he kills you, my company and i are the next ones on his to-kill list.O_O

Me: is this one of your schemes to catch me off guard? i ain't buying it.>:I

Vincent (on the phone): i'm telling you the truth! come on! help a bad guy out?O_O

Me: fine. what is it?T_T

Vincent (on the phone): you want the NEMESIS, right? well, you can get him from the eighth base.':I

Me: wait, really?:I

Vincent (on the phone): yes. BUT i didn't tell the guards, just so i could give your friends a fighting chance.

Me: i knew you'd say something like this.T_T

Vincent (on the phone): look. i'm only helping you because you want to banish Azelfland.exe as much as I do. you are the only one who can deal with him. but remember, once we deal with him, we go back to being enemies.>:I

Me: okay, fine. but don't try anything funny.>:I *hangs up*

Hanna: was that Vincent?:I

Me: yes. and i think the LaFerrari was right. the NEMESIS IS, in fact, in Vivendi's eighth base.>:I

Diana: but how do we get the NEMESIS? it's got maximum security.O_O

Chica: simple. we hack the security grid.>:)

Persephone: and thankfully, i played a lot of Metal Gear Solid for stealth tactics.:)

My McLaren MP4-31: done. 3.25 million credits for the NEMESIS.X_X

Cyril: it's just what we needed. so, what's the plan?>:I

Persephone: okay. here's the plan. Shelby will make a diversion by using Azelfland's 2017 Ford GT's horn. the guards won't suspect it and BAM! that's when Cyril and Dia strike.>:)

Chica: i'll hack the security grid to make sure you will go in safely.>:I

Alice: under the base is a complex of rooms. on the deepest floor is where the NEMESIS is safe.>:I

Wendy: once we get underground, that's when we kick some serious ass.>:)

Persephone: however, the NEMESIS is kept in a safe. and in a cage of its own.>:I

Cynthia: we could chainsaw our way through.:I

Wanda: actually, a bit of fire and electricity action might work.:P

Shadow Azelfland: then it's up to me and Azelfland to smash the safe, break the cage with the 3.25 million credits and get the NEMESIS to safety.>:I

Me: then it's a plan. but remember, we only do this because we want to get rid of Azelfland.exe and to find and kill TweakRacer for all his crimes.>:I

at Vivendi's eighth base (12:00 AM)

Diana: okay, Sub-Zero. do you copy?>:I

Cyril (through the transceiver): why did you give me that codename?T_T

Diana: because you have ice powers AND because your main in Mortal Kombat IS Sub-Zero, remember?-_-

Cyril (through the transceiver): oh. right. and yes, i copy. are you in posistion?>:I

Diana: yes. wait for the signal. once the 2017 Ford GT honks, that's your chance to kill the guards.>:I

Cyril (through the transceiver): got it.>:I

My 2017 Ford GT: all right. it's showtime.>:) *starts honking*

Vivendi goon 1: hm?:I

Vivendi goon 2: what was that?>:I

Cyril: that's our chance, sis.>:I

Diana: let's waste them.>:I

Both: *kill the guards*

Everyone: .................................O_O

Diana: why are you guys looking at me like you're seeing a ghost?:I

Persephone: you have a Tarkatan form?!O_O

Diana: oh, that? it's only for a case of emergency.:P

at the underground of the eighth base

Vivendi goon 3: HEY! no unauthorised personnel allowed!>:(

Metal Azelfland: oh, yeah? Vincent says otherwise!>:) *blows up the goon with heat-seeking missiles*

Alice: respect my authoritah!>:P

Jake: mellodramatic much, sis?:P

several goons later

Metal Azelfland: okay. this is the safe. i calculate a 100% chance of it breaking with explosives.>:I

Shadow Azelfland: pfff. no need for explosives. we got fire and electricity with us.>:)

Me: let's get 'em!>:)

Both: *blow up the safe with said powers*


Loraine: relax. we're here to save you.:)

TRION NEMESIS: oh. well, in any case, i would've never thought that Vincent would let me go like that.:I

Hanna: anyway, let's get you out of here.>:I *throws 3.25 million credits to the cage and breaks it*

meanwhile, in the original Vivendi HQ

Vivendi goon 4: boss, our last base got blown up!O_O

Vincent: let them go. Azelfland got what he came for anyway.>:I

Vivendi goon 4: y-yes, sir.O_O

Vincent: feels good to be the boss again. *picks up the phone* hello?:)

Azelfland.exe (on the phone): YOU F***ING PIECE OF BACKSTABBING EGGPLANT S**T!>:(

Vincent: ah, Azelfland.exe. how are you doing?^_^


Vincent: nice to hear from you too.:P


Vincent: it's been nice talking to you. now if you'll excuse me, i got a company to boss around.:P

Azelfland.exe (on the phone): YOU'RE DEAD! DEAD!>:(

back at Azelfland's garage

TRION NEMESIS: thanks for the help back there, you guys.^_^

Metal Azelfland: anytime.:)

Jake: all that's remaining is to fully upgrade you. then it's on to taking down some goons to find out where Tweak is hiding.>:I

several days later (April 29th, where TF2014 left off)


TF2014's Rezvani Beast X: oh, um........ hi.:)

Me: why's there a hole in my garage? and organs splattered?O_O

TF2014's Rezvani Beast X: well, your demonic alter ego tried attacking my master and Kim and he tied Jake and Amy to a tree. i'm on clean up duty for now.:P

Hanna: what of him?>:I

TF2014's Rezvani Beast X: the Centenario and i squished him but he's still alive. also, he's near the tree where Jake and Amy are tied to.:P

Hanna: in any case, we have to help them.>:I

at the spot where TF2014's Centenario was

Me: are you guys okay?>:I

TF2014: yeah.>:I

Jake: um, hello?! we're stuck on a tree!>:(

Me: i got it.:P *summons an earth axe to cut down the tree and break the spell*

Kimberley: dude, how did you-?!O_O

Hanna: when Azelfland killed Tobias, he gained the ability to create lightning katanas, a fire scythe, the earth axe you saw earlier and water shurikens.:P

TF2014: huh. neat.:O

Amy: the point is, we're safe.^_^

Azelfland.exe: not so fast.>:(

Everyone: hm?:I

TF2014's Lamborghini Centenario: i knew he wouldn't stay unconscious for long.T_T

Me: so, you finally showed up. you have some nerve attacking my friends head-on.>:I

Azelfland.exe: the VVS going down was one thing, BUT VINCENT BETRAYING ME LIKE THAT?!>:(

Me; stand back, guys. i'll handle this.>:I

Azelfland.exe: HAH! i was waiting for the chance to actually eliminate you myself.>:)

Me: good luck with that. you got owned with a kick in the nuts, remember?:P

Azelfland.exe: the only reason i was going easy on you was because i only used 1% of my power. you wouldn't like me at full power.>:(

Me: you're really into those Ultra Instinct Shaggy memes, aren't you?-_-

Azelfland.exe: you'll pay for your arrogance.>:(

Me: nah, you are more arrogant than Sony ever was.:P

The crowd (from the SIKE! that's the wrong number! video): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!:D

Azelfland.exe: ENOUGH! time to die!>:(

Me: just so you know, i'm no longer the weakling you once knew back in Honmaru.>:)

Me: we'll see about that! CLONES OF THE VVS! DEAL WITH HIM THIS INSTANT!>:( *creates a forcefield around him*

Me: pfff. it's gonna be easy. *activates the Devil Gene and uses dark electric balls on the clones of the villains* I SHALL SHOW YOU FEAR!! OUT OF MY WAY!!!>:( *fires a laser from his forehead*

Azelfland.exe: GAH! do i have to do everything myself around here?!>:(

Both: *clash into an epic battle of martial arts*

Azelfland.exe: heh. not bad. but i was only using 25% of my power. i'm going ALL OUT right from the start!>:) *transforms into his true demon form*



Me: finally a challenge.>:) *transforms into Ultra Instinct Azelfland with the 17 elemental plates and climbs on Azelfland.exe's right arm*

Azelfland.exe: HOW DID YOU-?!O_O *tries to squish Azelfland but misses*

Me: hah! is that all you got?>:) *pulls one of Azelfland.exe's nails*

Azelfland.exe: GAH!! YOU LITTLE BASTARD!>:(

Me: how'd you like that, Mister Demon King?>:D *flies to Azelfland.exe's left shoulder*

Azelfland.exe: DEAL WITH HIM, MINIONS!!>:(

Me: that can't stop me.:P *deals with the minions quick*

Azelfland.exe: *grabs Azelfland from his left shoulder* ENOUGH! it's time to end this! trust me. eating you will be more unpleasant for me.>:) *eats Azelfland and swallows him*

Jake (in Joseph Joestar's voice): OOOOOOH, S*************T!!!O_O

inside Azelfland.exe's throat

Me: heh. you think swallowing me whole will stop me from beating you?>:) *flies towards Azelfland.exe's digestive system*

meanwhile, back outside

Azelfland.exe: *screams in pain*

Me (inside Azelfland.exe's body): you. have no guts.>:I *slices Azelfland.exe's stomach open and gets out of it*

Azelfland.exe: *screams in more immense pain*

TF2014: that surely was brutal!O_O

Me: so you did have guts after all.:P *flies to Azelfland.exe'head*


Me: hey. You just ACTED like me. Just because you look like me doesn't mean you ARE me. You're no match for the real deal, original Azelfland!>:I *uses the newfound hammer of light to strike the jewel from Azelfland.exe's head*

Azelfland.exe: *turns back to his normal form*

Me: your eons of torment are at an end, Azelfland.exe.>:I

Azelfland.exe: that's impossible................ i can't....... lose..........X_X

Me: you have caused the world to go into a massive civil war with you swaying everyone from their real opinions and for that, i banish thee. I BANISH THEE FROM SPACE! AND! TIME!>:( *summons a portal to the depths of hell*

Azelfland.exe (getting sucked from the portal): NO!! IT CANNOT BE!! NOT A PRISONER OF THE DEPTHS OF HELL AGAIN!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!O_O *goes back to the depths of hell*

Me: ..................................... X_X *turns back to normal and collapses*

Hanna: are you okay?!O_O

Me: yeah............ i'm fine.:)

TF2014: that was awesome! you showed that demon who's boss.^_^

Jake: and you saved all of us from being killed.:)

Me: thanks. but now, there remains only one thing to do. and that's to take on the Bass 770's championship.>:I

Kimberley: phew. back to normal after seconds of losing all your energy, huh?:)

Hanna: that's how Azelfland is.^_^

the next day (April 30th)

Hanna: is everything set?>:I

Alice: yes. we got more than enough credits to fully upgrade the Bass 770's acceleration, top speed and nitro.>:I

My ED Design Torq: problem is, it requires 40 Forced-Induction V8s for PRO tuning.:I

Alice: no problem. we got 18. and 4 more from boxes.:)

My Lambrorghini Sesto Elemento: we're with you no matter what happens.:)

French Guiana, 6:37 PM (5-hour difference)

Equus Bass 770 (trembling in fear): oh, god, i hope they won't find me.O_O

My 1967 Shelby GT500: hey there.:)


My 1971 Dodge Challenger RT: whoa. calm down.O_O

My 1969 Dodge Charger RT: we're not part of Vivendi.:I

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: actually, we're Azelfland's crew.:)

Equus Bass 770: oh. thank god.':I

TRION NEMESIS: trust us. we won't harm you.:)

Me: they've got a point, you know.:)

Equus Bass 770: the world-famous Azelfland?!:O

Me: the one and only.^_^

Equus Bass 770: i'm the Equus Bass 770. nice to meet you.^_^

Me: the Equus Bass 770? never heard of you.:I

Equus Bass 770: doesn't matter. with all your friends, i'm much more confident.^_^

My Sbarro Sparta: thankfully this championship has put the riot on hold.:I

Equus Bass 770: i know. but anyway, who's driving?:)

Hanna: Azelfland and i will drive. he promised me to get you to the team, but also let me have you.:P

Equus Bass 770: cool.:)

at the Grand Finale of French Guiana

The announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 45th annual Asphalt championship. this riot made things super crazy, but we're here with the Bass 770, a modern Detroit muscle made from some of the most iconic muscle cars from the mid-late 60s and early 70s.:D

Equus Bass 770: all right. time to rock and roll.>:)

after the Grand Finale of French Guiana

Equus Bass 770: wow. you really are the real deal.^_^

My McLaren MP4/8: well, tommorow, we got two tours to go through. and you're not gonna like the third one.:I

Me: why's that?:I

McLaren MP4-31: 'cause it's Rio De Janeiro.:I

Me (making my CJ impression): ah, s**t. here we go again.T_T

the next day, after the Barcelona tour (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 6:37 PM)

McLaren MP4/8: here we are. the home country of my former driver.:)

Me: wait. don't tell me you were..........:O

McLaren MP4/8: yes. i was the MP4/8 Senna himself drove on that fateful day, 25 years ago.:I

Hanna: what?! YOU were the MP4/8 Senna drove back then?!O_O

McLaren MP4/8: yes. 25 years ago, in the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, during the San Marino Grand Prix, Senna was in the lead on lap 7. but then crashed on the Tamburello corner at 218 kilometers per hour, crashing to the unprotected concrete wall. he suffered a head trauma and died because of this.:(

Loraine: wow. sounds like you've been through a lot.:(

McLaren MP4/8: Senna was one of the best F1 racers i knew. the rain master himself was sportsmanship and determination in human form.:)

Me: agreed. he truly was one of the greatest F1 racers the world has ever known.:)

McLaren MP4/8: and yet, here i am, 25 years later. you know, you always reminded me of Senna. sportsmanship, determination, brains and brawn, all in one package. back in 2017, you drove like him in my championship and you truly became a legend at that time.:)

McLaren MP4-31: he's not wrong. no matter how bad things got, you never gave up. and Senna would do the same. he would press on no matter how bad the situation gets.:)

Me: thanks.^_^

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: time to prove us right, bud. go get 'em!:)

after the Grand Finale of Rio De Janeiro

McLaren MP4/8: now that was some racing Senna would be proud of.^_^

Hanna: and tommorow, it's on to one of my favorite place in the world.:)

Equus Bass 770: i would love me some fresh air in Monaco.^_^

McLaren MP4/8: me too.^_^

the next day, on Azure Coast (11:37 PM)

Hanna: that was so much fun.:3

Me: yeah. it truly was.:3

My Toyota Supra: sheesh. get a room, you two.T_T

Equus Bass 770: *rams the Supra* (the Supra died counter: 4)


Cynthia: YOU BASTARD!>:(

Toyota Supra: *respawns* what the hell was that for, dude?!>:(

Equus Bass 770 (triggered): WHAT DID YOU SAY?!>:( *rams the Supra again* (the Supra died counter: 5)

Hanna: okay, this time, he deserved it.-_-

Equus Bass 770: agreed. also, are you seriously going t-

Hanna: yes, i'm going to race in my high heels.T_T

after the Grand Finale of Azure Coast

McLaren MP4/8: truly awesome, you guys. next stop, Iceland.^_^

Equus Bass 770: i heard it's the h-

Me: "hardest race track in the game" my ass.T_T

Equus Bass 770: why are you saying that?:I

TRION NEMESIS: for what i know, he doesn't find the track that hard.:I

Equus Bass 770: also, i found this guy. i don't know what he is.:I

???: ............................O_O


???: if you must know, i'm one of Nuke's lizard soldiers.':I

Shelby: a lizardman? lame.T_T


Lizardman: nothing.O_O


Lizardman: ............................... ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT! YOU WIN! Nuke wants to kill Azelfland's confidence, so he rigged the whole championship. that's all!O_O

Wanda: you're not leaving alive!>:(

Lizardman: WHAT?!O_O

Sonic: we'll let you deal with him, Cyril.:P

Cyril: now you're gonna get it.>:I *uppercuts the lizardman but only breaks his jaw*

Director: cut! reset.:P

Cyril: *sighs out of disappointment*

Co-Director: Deadly Uppercut take 2.:P

Director: action.:P

Cyril: *uppercuts the lizardman again, but only rips off his jaw*

Director: CUT!T_T

Cyril: who hired this guy?! what the *beep*?!>:(

several attempts later

Co-Director: Deadly Uppercut take 19.-_-

Cyril: *uppercuts the lizardman's head off and throws it at the camera and then gives it the middle finger*

Shadow Azelfland (making his Mortal Kombat announcer impression): FATALITY! Cyril wins. flawless victory.>:)

Diana: serves him right.:P

Nick: *laughs out loud* okay, that was nasty, but it was hillarious.XD

Me: okay, let's just get out of here, before things go out of hand.:I

meanwhile, at Nuke's place

NukeStar: so, Azelfland went through Azure Coast and killed one of my lizard people, huh? no matter. i'll make sure he loses his confidence and Senna-like skill. he won't ever dare to defy anyone after that. and he won't ever get that Bass 770 for his girl.>:)

in living memory of Ayrton Senna Da Silva (1960-1994)

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