it's basically what i feel right now. just saying.

now, as far as i'm concerned, i got the Yamaha YZF-R6. BUT since i already have the Huracan, i might as well use its Moto Blitz season to get more credits and fuse the blueprints, considering that i have the Huracan. as for the other events, the wait continues.

this is episode 9 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Shelby: hey, Lucas.:3

TheHedgehogOne: hey, Shelby. so, how's it going?^_^

Shelby: not much, except i needed to talk to you. what if i told you i can help you amaze Alice even more?:)

TheHedgehogOne: how?:I

Shelby: i can simply make you see better, without needing your glasses. that way, you'll be 60% cooler, 100% of the time.^_^

TheHedgehogOne: you can do that?! heck yeah!:D

Shelby: all right, then. *uses her Heal Pulse on TheHedgehogOne* there you go.^_^

TheHedgehogOne: *takes off his glasses* wow. you're right. i really CAN see better now. thanks!:D

Shelby: anytime.^_^

TheHedgehogOne: guess i won't be needing those anymore.:) *throws the glasses to the ground and stomps them*

on test 50

Alice: all right. time to show the boys how it's done.>:)

My Yamaha YZF-R6: but...... i am a boy.:I

Alice: whoops. sorry about that.^_^'

Yamaha YZF-R6: it's okay. anyway, let's go!>:I *the race begins*

Alice: this is gonna be intense.>:I *does a Volt*

Yamaha YZF-R6: not at all. it chose the long way.>:I

on the uphill

Yamaha YZF-R6: all right. let's do a- *twists* OH S@#T!O_O *wrecks and respawns*

Alice: what the heck?! oh, god. we're gonna lose this.O_O

Yamaha YZF-R6: not for long.>:I *passes the AI*

Alice: never mind. we might still have a chance.>:I

near the end

Alice: don't lose it now.>:I

Yamaha YZF-R6: i'm all right now. no worries.>:I *finishes first*


TheHedgehogOne: that was awesome. wrecked once, but STILL awesome!^_^

Alice: thanks. and you look cooler without the glasses.:3

TheHedgehogOne: i know.:3 *they both make out*

Alice: *as they both stop making out* that was so great.:3

TheHedgehogOne: yeah. so, um........... do you want to go on a date?:3

Alice: *giggles* sure.:3

Me: but there seems to be someone behind the YZF-R6 wrecking by itself.>:I *turns around and sees P1 boy trying to sneak out of the lab*


Silver Azelfland: thought you could get away, could you?>:)

McLaren P1 boy: ah, s@#t! he figured it out!>:(

Me: once again, you were behind all this. you tried making this R&D hard as hell, by forcing us to go through it in one week, for a huge amount of quality checks per tests.>:I

Hanna: luckily, Gameloft counter-attacked, by making the quality checks way less, to make the R&D easier. so, you stepped in and made the AI hold a grudge on us.>:)

Alice: still, we humiliated you, just by letting me win this. the final race against it was too easy, even if you made the YZF-R6 wreck on purpose.>:)

McLaren P1 boy: and i would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!>:(

Cynthia: you never change. also, suck on this.>:) *gives P1 boy the middle finger*

McLaren P1 boy (being slightly sarcastic): WHY YOU LITTLE.............. I DIDN'T LIKE YOUR MUFFINS ANYWAY!>:(

Cynthia: whatever. it worked for TweakRacer, but that insult won't work on me anymore.>:(

Emily: also, we know you liked them. so don't lie.>:)


Emily: *gasps and starts crying*

Cynthia: *gets steaming mad* NO ONE INSULTS MY SISTER AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!>:(

McLaren P1 boy: oh, i already have.>:)


McLaren P1 boy: oh, god! not this again!O_O

Silver Azelfland: *uses his Electric Fly* GOTTASUCKMYNUTS!! *uses it again* GIMMEMYMONEYYYYYYYYY!! *and again* JOHNYSTARTTHECAAAAAAAAAAAR!! *and again* BRINGALLTHESAUUUUUCE!!D:<


Cynthia: serves you right, jerk!>:(

back at Azelfland's garage

My KTM 1290 Super Duke R: well, if it isn't my new friend and rival, the YZF-R6.^_^

Yamaha YZF-R6: the Super Duke R, right? well, how long have you been a member of team Azelfland?:I

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: since the MP4-31 championship revival. and we're making a great team.^_^

Yamaha YZF-R6: so, i hear he wants to get the Enzo Ferrari on the team.:)

KTM 1290 Super Duke R: yep. and he worked really hard on the plans. i'm sure TF2014 will be annoyed by the every-5-second racing in Rio.

Yamaha YZF-R6: yeah. luckily, he told me that he installed a soundproof system that activates if a championship or a multiplayer cup takes place in Rio. cool, am i right?^_^

meanwhile, in Emily's room

Sean: *knocks on the door*

Emily: go away! i don't want to talk to you!;_;

Sean: *comes in anyway* i wanted to talk to you. that's all.:I

Emily: why? so you can mock me, like P1 boy did?;_;

Sean: don't listen to what P1 boy says. he's just trying to make you feel bad. you're a great girl.:3


Sean: yeah. you've always been great at making people's day. mine as well. and if you're sad, i'll just cheer you up.:3

Emily: awwwwwww.:'3

Sean: soooo, do you want a hug to make you feel better?:3

Emily: sure. i always feel better with a hug.:'3

Sean: *gives Emily a hug and pets her hair* shhhhhhhh. everything's gonna be okay. don't cry. i'm here for you.:3

Emily: you're so warm:'3

Sean: that's right. let your sadness go away and be happy again.:3

Emily: *stops crying* you can let me go now.:3

Sean: *lets go of Emily* feeling better?:3

Emily: yes. and thanks for your concern. i don't know what i would've done without you.:3

later that day (5:50 PM)

Wanda: man, you're lucky that you and Lucas will go on a date again.^_^

Alice: yeah, i know.^_^

Persephone: but seriously. getting the YZF-R6 is just as awesome as when we celebrated my birthday, alongside Wanda's birthday. which was on the 8th of March^_^

Diana: don't forget about me and Shelby. on the 12th of March, that is.^_^

Emily: so, mind if i ask? what do you cosplay every halloween?:)

Alice: well, tell me first. then, i'll tell you.:)

Emily: okay. well, because i'm a huge fan of Bruce Lee, i cosplay as him. what about you?^_^

Alice: well, i cosplay as Kitana from Mortal Kombat.^_^

Emily: Kitana from Mortal Kombat?:I

Alice: yep. she's my favorite character. besides, i cosplay as her, in her Mortal Kombat 9 outfit. the set also included the earrings. they're part of the costume, but i like wearing them for dating or just to hang out.^_^

Emily: okay. that's actually cool, i'm not gonna lie.:)

later that night (7:00 PM)

TheHedgehogOne: * sees Alice in her Red dress, Yellow scarf and Yellow high-heeled mini boots* wow. you're really beautiful.;3

Alice: *giggles* why, thank you.:3

TheHedgehogOne: so, i was thinking. there's going to be a karaoke night. so, i thought you might like it.:3

Alice: sure thing. let's go:3

TheHedgehogOne: after you, my cute princess.:3

Alice: awww, you're such a gentleman.:3

a few minutes later

TheHedgehogOne: so, what do you think so far?^_^

Alice: it's so cool. i always had a craze for karaoke. it's awesome!:3

TheHedgehogOne: so, um.......... do you want to try?;3

Alice: sure.:3

after a lot of karaoke going on(9:55 PM)

TheHedgehogOne: you know, Alice. you sing like an angel.:3

Alice: awwwww, thank you.:3

TheHedgehogOne: no, seriously. you really do.:3

Alice: awwwww.:3

TheHedgehogOne: and i love you more than anything else.:3

Alice: i love you too, my sweetheart.:3 *they both make out*

the next day, after school

the boss of Gameloft: hey, guys. since you got the Yamaha YZF-R6 with you, you now have access to its Moto Blitz season, so you can get closer to getting the Huracan.^_^

Everyone: *facepalming, like in the facepalm scene of Naked Gun*

the boss of Gameloft: is it something i said?:I

My Lamborghini Huracan: that's because i'm already here, dummy.>:P

the boss of Gameloft: how did you.........?O_O

Hanna: um, hello? the extra exclusive deals? being able to buy its blueprints? we're not THAT dumb.-_-

the boss of Gameloft: oh. okay, then. you can just fuse the blueprints, since you already have it. fine by me.:P *walks away*

TheHawtDawg1: hey, where's Azelfland?:I

My Arrinera Hussarya GT: he said he was going after the Enzo Ferrari, on his multiplayer cup, so he'll be back. no worries.:)

TheHawtDawg1: oh. okay.:I

and that's the end of episode 9 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". can't wait to get the Enzo Ferrari. it's gonna be awesome.

until next time.


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