this week was crazy for me. i got the DB11 to 2 stars on Sunday, the Corvette Grand Sport to 2 stars as well on Monday, the 911 GTS Coupe to 3 stars on the same day, got the GT-R NISMO back like with the Corvette and 911 star ups, thanks to that car hunt event, got the Asterion the day before yesterday and got my GT-R NISMO to 2 stars yesterday. so, yeah. lots of awesome things happened this week. also, i got to Legend League for the second time today.

this is episode 7 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Tails: *spends 37.500 credits on a blueprint of the DB11 in the legend store* here you go, bud.^_^

My Aston Martin DB11: cool! i'm getting my star up at last!:D

one research and development later

Aston Martin DB11: nice! now i can get stronger than i was before.^_^

Alice: all the waiting was worth it. i'll get to it.:)

the next day

Me: so the VLF Force 1 V10 event is back, huh? cool.:)

My DS E-Tense: problem is, you'll need to get the GT-R NISMO back to get access to it. luckily, there's a car hunt in town that gives blueprints of her.:)

Hanna: no problem at all. but for these two events, you'll need the Force for the GT-R and the GT-R for the Force. that's strange.:P

Diana: #Ironic.:P

My Exotic Rides W70: so, which cars do they allow in the car hunt?:I

DS E-Tense: i'm glad you asked, W70. you're one of them, alongside the 911, the DB11, the F-Type SVR and the Vulcan.:)

Exotic Rides W70: cool.^_^

Hanna: okay. let's get to work, ladies.>:I

the narrator from Spongebob: six hours later.

Me: *sees the 45th blueprint of the GT-R NISMO in the first pack* YES!!! now we can get her back!^_^

DS E-Tense: okay. let's bring her here.:)

one GT-R NISMO rebuild later

My Nissan GT-R NISMO: it's been a while, Azelfland.^_^

Me: it sure has.:)

Nissan GT-R NISMO: and, well, if it isn't the Evora and miss speed-demon-of-the-BMWs. who's the weakling now, bitch?>:)

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: i knew she'd rub it in my front bumper.-_-

My Lotus Evora Sport 410: tell me about it.-_-

Nissan GT-R NISMO: well, anyway, i'm so glad to be back. you want my help to get blueprints for the VLF Force 1 V10, right? i'll be glad to help.^_^

My Aston Martin Vulcan: you may not be as good as i am, but you'll be a great help.^_^

two days later

Alice: well, to my surprise, i actually found a blueprint of the Asterion in one of the B class packs.:)


My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: the Asterion is rejoining us?! cool!:O

DS E-Tense: problem is, he's in that one sub-base of the sixth base. it's in Shangai.:I

Loraine: no problem.:)

Nissan GT-R NISMO: by the way, why is it hot in here?:I

DS E-Tense: it might be you.:I

Alice: let me check. *checks the trunk of the GT-R NISMO* is that................?:I

Flora: that's the Flame Plate!:O

Alice: what's it doing here of all places?:I *picks it up and suddenly falls unconscious*

TheHedgehogOne: ALICE!! NO!O_O

Flora: *checks on Alice* she's okay. just unconscious. Azelfland, can you help me get the Flame Plate to the Plate Neutralier 5000?:I

Me: sure. i'll just use my Psychic powers to neutralize it on the way.:) *uses Psychic to neutralize the Flame Plate*

Shadow Azelfland: what happened?!O_O

Shelby: Alice found one of the 17 elemental plates and fell unconscious.:I

Danny: hoepfully a bottle of water will wake her up.:I

Shadow Azelfland: *uses the water to heal Alice* what's happening?!O_O


Shadow Azelfland: *heals Alice with the water from the bottle*

Alice: ugh.................X_X *wakes up*

TheHedgehogOne: YOU'RE OKAY!! *hugs Alice* please don't scare me like that.:')

Shadow: was that....................?:I

Shadow Azelfland: yes. i think it was. i found my healing power.:O

Shadow Azelfland learned Healing Water!

Chica: awesome!:O

Shadow Azelfland: but not only that, i can use it like this.:) *forms two water balls in his hands*

Silver Azelfland: that's amaing! how did you do that?:O

Shadow Azelfland: you know how water is formed with one molecule of hydrogen and two molecules of oxygen? well, i have the ability to take both of these substances from the air and form water that way.:)

Shelby: cool!:O

Shangai, China

Me: this is the place.>:I

Persephone: i got this.>:) *blows up the entrance with her rocket launcer*


one ass kicking montage later

McLaren P1 boy: time to blow this place up. Master Chief?>:)

Master Chief John-117: i got this. *sets the explosives*

back at Azelfland's garage, one Asterion rebuild later

My Lamborghini Asterion: good to see you guys again.^_^

Nissan GT-R NISMO: hey, Asterion. looking good as always.^_^

Lamborghini Asterion: thanks.:)

DS E-Tense: with that sub-base eliminated, there's no need to worry now. am i right?^_^

Aston Martin Vulcan: yep.^_^

Nissan GT-R NISMO: there's no time to rest, though. we got some events to take down, don't we?>:I

My Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: let's go, then. and since i'm at 3 stars, this should be no problem.>:I

Lamborghini Asterion: i'll deal with the Italian Ride tournament you guys were telling me about. this should be no problem.:)

the next day (11:00 PM)

Feuerrm: man, that race was fun.^_^

Me: i sure couldn't keep up, but it was very fun indeed.^_^

Feuerrm: maybe next time you'll win. who knows?:)

the narrator from Spongebob: a few moments later.

Nissan GT-R NISMO: so, what's the deal? why did you guys stop upgrading me?:I

Alice: Azelfland got the last blueprint he needed to get the AMG GT S to 2 stars. that means you and the AMG GT S will be more powerful thanks to the star ups.^_^

another research and development later

My Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S: awesome!^_^

Alice: and now you and the GT-R NISMO will get stronger than ever.;)

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S: can't wait.^_^

the next day, at the bar

Naomi: you idiot! do you realize how much those machines cost?! we should be open in- *a sound of breaking wood is heard* WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?! *the line is cut* hello? hello?! UGH!! WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!>:(

Wayne: hey, Naomi. Azelfland is here.:I

Naomi: Azelfland. i'm so glad you could make it.:)

Me: so this is what you've been doing. i heard from TF2014.^_^

Naomi: yeah. it's a complete nightmare. you want a stomach ulcer, try opening a bar in a mafia-run town.:I

Hanna: is the mob trying to squeeze you?:I

Naomi: yep. the corporations are moving in and everyone is feeling the squeeze. i've had jukeboxes and vending machines broken, workmen being scared off....:I

Me: so who's behind this?:I

Naomi: well, there are these three mob families operating here and each of them has a stake in Caligula's casino. and some whacked-out lawyer is running it for them. it could be anyone of them. or all of 'em.:I

Hanna: can't you give them a little something?:I

Naomi: no. in addition to the usual authorities that need bribing, each one would want a slice. and i'm not gonna hand over all our profits to some wiseguy Italians.:P

Me: OUR profit?:I

Naomi: yeah, you've heard me. i want to offer you a share in our bar, in exchange for help cleaning the mess. how does it sound, bud?:)

Me: sounds like we got a deal, then.^_^

Patrick: Naomi, we found some thugs trying to smash one of our deliveries. we caught one of them.>:I

Naomi: get rid of him.>:I

Hanna: wait, hold on, hold on. come here.:I

Patrick: hm??:I

Hanna: whoever is behind this, we need to let them know that they're dealing with full-feldged psychos.>:I

Patrick: i'm listening.:I

Hanna: tie him to the front of Azelfland's Z4, let him sweat it out a little, and i'll be out there in a little while.>:)

Patrick: i'm on it.:)

Hanna: see if we can make this guy squeal.>:)

Naomi: that's my Hanna.^_^

later, in the garage of the bar

Jonhy Sindacco: hey! hey, who the f**k?! who are you? untie me, huh?!>:(

Hanna: you know what, i think we're gonna take a little drive.>:)

Johny Sindacco:  what are you, f***ing stupid? i'm not joking here! untie me, motherf***er!>:(

Hanna: *hops in Azelfland's Z4* nah, i think i'm gonna leave you right where you are.^_^ *gets out of the garage*

Johny Sindacco: you got any idea in that pea-brain head of yours WHO the f**k I AM?!>:(

Hanna: no. *snickers* but i think we're gonna find out.^_^ *starts driving at 259 kilometers per hour*

Johny Sindacco: oh, SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!  oh man, THIS IS TOO FAST!O_O

after Johny Sindacco got halfway scared

Johny Sindacco: OH, IT'S TOO FAST! TOO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!!! HEY, F**K YOU!! F**K YOU-HOO-HOO-hooooo!!! SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, HELP!! Jesus! JESUS!! YOU'RE GONNA KILL BOTH OF US!!! oh my god, i'm still alive!!D:

after Johny Sindacco got fully scared

Johny Sindacco: what are you trying, to f**k both of us?! THE FAMILY WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!!D:<

Hanna: which family?!>:I


Hanna: that's all i wanted to hear.>:)

Johny Sindacco: WHAT?! oh, S**T!!O_O

back at the bar

Hanna: looks like it was the Sindacco Family. they got mad after TF2014 destroyed their plastics factory and decided to take their anger on your machines.>:I

Naomi: I KNEW IT!!>:(

Me: but how did you get him to talk?:I

Hanna: let's just say it was the advantage of having a Z4 with modern convertible features.^_^

My BMW Z4 LCI E89: we scared him half to death to do that.^_^

Me: i'll let TF2014 know of that incident on the way.>:I

meanwhile, at TF2014's garage

TF2014: hm? a message from Azelfland? *reads the message* "the Sindacco family struck the bar Naomi works at after you trashed their plastics factory. they caught a guy named Johny Sindacco and Hanna made him talk by scaring him half to death with my Z4. i'll tell you more once we meet again.". huh. so the Sindacco family struck. well, time for a visit to Kent Paul and Maccer and see how they're doing. still, i wonder if Matt is okay.:I

and that ends episode 7 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". next week is going to have a new episode as well.

until next time.


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