well, the title says it all. after all the events are done, i've had some casual days of my own. nothing new here. just some relaxation.

this is episode 5 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories".  here goes:

Manchester, England, Vivendi's seventh base

Azelfland.exe: *slams his hands on the table seven times* NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN! YOU IDIOTS LET AZELFLAND'S FRIENDS GET THEIR 918S BACK?!>:(

R8 LMS.exe: i can explain. ._.


Vincent: you got your rear bumber handed to you.:P


Vincent: but-

Azelfland.exe: YOU TWO FAILED ME AGAIN! but as a matter of fact, the X2 championship is coming back in a few days. guess they won't be prepared for it.>:)

Vincent: it worked with Azelfland's token stash incident. it will work with them.>:)

Bowser: that way, we can teach Mario, Green 'Stache and their friends a lesson.>:P

Vincent: Green 'Stache?:I

Vincent: that's how Bowser calls Luigi. because he's overshadowed by Mario.:P

Mike458: ANYWAY, i'm sure they won't see this one coming.>:)

Azelfland.exe: and by the way, Vincent, no more blowing up garages. we'll make those fools suffer the old-school way. got it?>:I

Vincent: got it.:(

news broadcaster (on TV): we interrupt this program to bring you breaking news. the zombie apocalypse has covered two of the cities of Germany. all citizens so far turned to zombies, as t- *the TV turns off*

Azelfland.exe: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! but it's MY job to destroy the world!D:

Mike458: i'm sure Azelfland will deal with TweakRacer. he always dealt with him.>:I

meanwhile, at Azelfland's garage in Rome

Wanda: hey, mom. how's it going?:)

Candice: i'm good. so, how's your training?:)

Wanda: good. been improving after 7 years you went missing.:)

Candice: well, how about we put that to the test?:P

Wanda: huh? you mean a bit of mother-and-daughter action, huh? sure.^_^

Candice: well, just so yyou know i was a champion when i was your age.:P

Wanda: well, what are you waiting for?:)

after an intense 12-round boxing match

Wanda: phew. you had me on the ropes back there.:P

Candice: yeah.................. ow.X_X

Wanda: well, sorry about that. but i guess you weren't wrong when you said you were the champion when you were at my age.:P *helps Candice up*

Candice: it's fine. i know you can take care of yourself just fine.:)

Wanda: well, thanks, mom. come on. let's get to Shelby so she can heal us.^_^

in the garage

My ED Design Torq: wait, why only one upgrade?:I

Me: well, it's because i have things to do in my The Crew 2 garage.:P

My Koenigsegg Agera R: what he means is that he races a lot through the USA. and i'm helping him as much as i can.:P

ED Design Torq: well, listen up! one upgrade a day ain't gonna cut it, mister!>:(

Me: well, i'll just let my vehicles in that garage know on Friday.:P

Hanna: at least we get to spend our time together.:3

Metal Azelfland: and by the way, we analyzed the jammers you gave us.:)

Tails: now we can build an anti-Vivendi system.^_^

Me: cool. so, what will it do?:)

Metal Hanna: it's simple. it will jam every single target lock on our garages.:)

Metal Azelfland: that way, we'll be off Vivendi's radar permanently. no more of Vivendi blowing up our garages.^_^

4 days later

Thunder (on the phone): well, according to the announcement, it looks like the X2 championship will be revived.:I

Me: thank god i won't have to deal with it again.O_O *Vietnam war flashbacks*

Thunder (on the phone): why? what happened?:I

Me: it costed me a huge amount of my token stash. that's what happened.O_O

Thunder (on the phone): oh.:I

Me: and something tells me we have some unfinished business with Adrian.>:I

Tunder (on the phone): okay. just let everyone know.>:I *hangs up*

the next day

Everyone: WHAT?!O_O

Me: yes. it looks like TF2014 and R8 tyke need our help.>:I

Sonic: so what do we do?:I

Me: we infiltrate his office. we need someone who can sneak in without being seen.>:I

Persephone: i can do that. l can turn into my ghost form for that case. no one will be able to see me OR touch me. what do you think?:)

Wanda: great idea, sis.:)

Knuckles: or we c- *gets hammered* oh no!X_X (Knuckles got owned couner: 17)

Amy: just shut up.-_-

in Adrian Heat's office

Persephone: looks like i found something. it looks like he wants to kidnap Fernando Alonso. i don't know why, but we need to warn him.>:I

Adrian Heat: i'm afraid you know too much, little girl.>:I

Persephone: YOU AGAIN?!>:(

Adrian Heat: yeah me again. as many times as it takes.>:I

Me: *teleports to the scene* well, if it isn't the f***er that costed me most of my token stash.>:(

Persephone: you showed up at the right time, bud.:)

Adrian Heat: well, i was looking forward to your arrival, Azelfland.>:)

Me: Adrian.>:(

Adrian Heat: Azelfland.>:)

Me: Adrian!>:(

Adrian Heat: Azelfland!>:)



Both: IT'S ON!!>:(

Persephone: look! Danny is about to punch you!:D

Adrian Heat: WHERE?! *turns around, but sees nothing* nice tr- *turns around again and sees that Azelfland and Persephone disappeared* DAMN!>:(

French Guiana

TF2014: what's the rush?:I

Diana: looks like Adrian is trying to kindap Alonso. we don't know why.>:I

ED Design Torq: must be because he's going to help R8 tyke get his X2.:I

TF2014: then there's no time to waste. Alice, you and TheHedgehogOne will help me with the upgrading.>:I

TheHedgehogOne: we're on it.>:I

Alice: Jake, go help R8 tyke.>:I

Jake: you got it, sis.>:I

Lily: well, i can help too.:)

Hanna: how?:I

Lily: i'll make sure no Vivendi goons wil get us.>:I

ED Design Torq: count me in. i can analyse the area in case any patrols are coming. i can also use camouflage mode to save ourselves from them.:)

Lily: well, you made my job easier.:P

TF2014: and no worries. you and Hanna will get to go on your date on Azure Coast.:)

Shelby: what abou you and Lily?:I

Lily: we're only hanging out as friends.:P

My Koenigsegg One:1: well, this will be interesting.:)

and that ends episode 5 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". things can get a little boring if you don't have events to do. oh, well.

until next time.


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