yep. now, call me crazy, but i got the Corvette Grand Sport IN ONLY ONE DAY!! i seriously got lucky with those exclusive card packs and got the 30 blueprints i needed to get this bad girl. which reminds me of my triumph on the 918 EDD from last year. i also got the Exotic Rides W70 and i need to gripe about this. who the heck names a car manufacturer Exotic Rides?! that is the laziest name for a car manufactuer ever. also, i got the 28 blueprints for the Vulcan -again- to get her to 3 stars.

this is episode 6 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Thunder: you know, it's great hanging out with you, man.^_^

TraceG11: i know, right? it's awesome.^_^

Me: i see you two are getting along very well.:)

Thunder: yep.^_^

Me: now, i got a message from R8 tyke. let me read it. *reads the message* "Vincent blew up my garage in the Alps and thinks i'm dead. i'll need to lay low for now. you guys keep this between us.".:I

TraceG11: why would he play dead?:I

Thunder: it's so that Vincent won't suspect anything.:I

Me: that's true. anyway, i'll see you guys later. right now, the Corvette Grand Sport event is here and i really need to get her back.:P

the next morning

Me: man, yesterday was crazy. 28 blueprints in one day.^_^

Feuerrm: dude, you got lucky.:P

Me: i sure did. and now that the DB11 and the Hommage got more tokens, let's get another pack and see what's inside. *spends 75 tokens to get a Corvette Grand Sport pack and sees 3 blueprints of it* ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! WE GOT THE CORVETTE BACK!!!:D

Alice: cool. now i can reassemble her.^_^

one Corvette Grand Sport rebuild later

My Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: Azelfland, my man! it's been a while!^_^

Me: it's good to see you again, Grand Sport.^_^


Me: yep. we go way back.^_^

my BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: back in the day, the Grand Sport and i were the speed demons in AsphaltLand. which was awesome. but sadly, it didn't last long.:(

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: still, you did great. and you helped me get there. at least i know you got my back when i need you.^_^

after the third-to-last race in the Euro Showdown (7:30 PM)

My Aston Martin Vulcan: awesome! we got the blueprints needed for the Exotic Rides W70.^_^

DS E-Tense: as for the parts, they're in Downtown San Francisco. but keep your eyes open for any Vivendi goons that patrol the area.>:I.

Hanna: we got this.:)

Downtown San Fracisco

Wanda: looks like this is the place.>:I

Persephone: do we blow them up?>:I

Hanna: no! we need to be sneaky. there are Vivendi goons ahead.>:I

Diana: so, how do we get the parts they guard without attracting attention?:I

Shelby: you can use your Dark Void to make them sleep for a lifetime.:P

Diana: hm. not a bad idea. i'll try it.>:) *uses her Dark Void to make the goons sleep forever*

Hanna: how did you do that?!:O

Diana: i learned from the best.^_^

the narrator from Spongebob: a few moments later.

My Exotic Rides W70: you must be Azelfland, right?:)

Me: the one and only.^_^

Exotic Rides W70: i'm the Exotic Rides W70. nice to meet you.:)

Me: the Exotic Rides W70? never heard of you.:I

Exotic Rides W70: doesn't matter.^_^

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: seriously. who the heck names a car manufacturer Exotic Rides?! that is the laziest name for a car manufacturer ever.-_-

Me: my thoughts exactly. also, you look like a 488 GTB rip-off.:P

Exotic Rides W70: HEY!>:(

Me: sorry. i had to say it.:P

Exotic Rides W70: i may look like a 488 GTB rip-off, but can she do THIS?>:) *raises his rear wing*

My Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: cool.:O

TF2014: hey. what did i miss?:)

Alice: we got the Exotic Rides W70.^_^

TF2014: that's the laziest name for a car manufacturer i've ever heard.-_-

Metal Azelfland: L-O-L.XD

TF2014: anyway, i got myself the Carrera GT and i actually like this car.^_^

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (making his BlackPanthaa impression): I'M DISGUSTED! I'M UNSUBSCRIBING! HOW DARE YOU LIKE THE CARRERA GT?! IT KILLED PAUL WALKER!D:<

TF2014: whoa! chill, dude! it's just my opinion!O_O

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: nah, i'm just kidding.^_^

TF2014: phew! you really got me there.^_^

the narrator from Spongebob: three hours later.

Aston Martin Vulcan: okay, now i really need my star up.:I

Me: no worries. we only need 4 more blueprints to get that. and i know just the thing to get them.:)

after the fourth-to-last race of the Super Cars 3: Return to ride season (previous race skipped)

Alice: here goes.:)

one research and development later

Aston Martin Vulcan: awesome! now i'll be stronger than ever!^_^

Alice: but we're gonna need to get the credits to upgrade you.:P

Aston Martin Vulcan: i can wait.:)

the next morning

Aston Martin Vulcan: wow! these upgrades are crazy!:O

Alice: told ya. and your times are imrpoving as well.^_^

meanwhile, at Vivendi's sixth base

Azelfland.exe: so you eliminated R8 tyke, huh?>:I

Vincent: yes. he won't be a problem anymore.>:)

Azelfland.exe: however, there's one thing i noticed.>:I

Anais: uh-oh.O_O


Anais: we didn't know THAT would happen!O_O

Azelfland.exe: but it's fine. he and his vehicles have nowhere to live. and like you said, Vincent, he's not a problem anymore. he's dead for sure. and his soul will be mine. a human dying of hunger. this kind of death is the one i wanted on my to-get list for a long time.>:)

back at San Francisco

Me: sorry to interrupt your R&D session, but i wanted to show you something cool my team and i did for you to keep yourself safe.:)

Audi R8 tyke: what is it?:I

Me: here it is! your new garage!^_^


Zoe: that's very kind of you.^_^

Me: well, it's got everything you need. a gym on the ground floor with all kinds of equipment. on the first floor, you and Zoe get your very own room. and on the top floor, there's an ice skating rink to have fun.^_^

Audi R8 tyke: do we also get a good view of the city?:O

Me: yep. and Vivendi won't be able to spot you.^_^

Zoe: it's good for faking your death.^_^

Audi R8 tyke: awesome!!^_^

Zoe: but Azelfland.exe knows he's not dead. how are we gonna keep our garage undetectable from him?:I

Me: he won't be able to spot it. the garage has a camouflage system, allowing it to look like a normal house. you'll be inside the garage, but Azelfland.exe will think it's just a normal house. in other words, stealth and camouflaged garages are two of his weaknesses. with the third one being the Pokemon Emeralds.:)

Audi R8 tyke: awesome!^_^

and that ends episode 6 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". the next one will come next weekend. or this friday when i get some time.

until next time.


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