yep. i got myself the two Aston Martins of Asphalt 9. the DB11 was gonna be needed for the obvious Aston Martin only season, so with the blueprints i got from packs and career races, i got it. and i worked really hard to get the Vulcan as well. all those daily car loots AND the career races that provide guaranteed blueprints for it totally paid off. also, there's that back 2 school event, which means it's that time of the year again.

this is part 1 of 2 of episode 2 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". buckle up, because it's a long one. also, it covers the DB11 build. here goes:

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: do we have to go to school?:I

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: well, it is a back 2 school event, so......... yeah.:P

My Chevrolet Camaro LT: UGH! this will be so bad!>_<

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: it'll be fun. besides, we can get blueprints to star me up to the max -which is 3 stars, by the way-, lots of trade tokens AND 4 times the credits platinum league gives us.^_^

talking bell: f***ing RING RING RING! hey it's school biiiiiiiiiiiitch.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: time to go to school! (in Pewdiepie's voice) bye! bitch!>:D *drives away*

My DS E-Tense: well, how bad can it be?:)

the next day

Me: good work, 911. now we can get the DB11 to our side.^_^

My Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: cool.:)

Alice: okay. time to get to work.:)

after building the DB11

My Aston Martin DB11: you're Azelfland, right?:)

Me: the one and only.^_^

Aston Martin DB11: i'm the Aston Martin DB11. nice to meet you.^_^

Hanna: hey, i know you. you're the descendant of the DB9, right?:)

Aston Martin DB11: how did you know?:I

Me: well, we took a guess.:P

Aston Martin DB11: anyway, you guys need help to get my sister and i'm here to deliver. LET'S GO!>:)

after race 9 of the Aston Martin only season

Aston Martin DB11: wow. we surely made it.^_^

Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: my turn!^_^

after getting the last 10 blueprints needed to get the Vulcan

Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: thanks for backing me up, Hommage. you're a true friend.:)

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: anytime.^_^


Wanda: i've never seen Azelfland THIS excited about a car.:I

Flora: probably because it was his dream to drive a Vulcan.:I

Wanda: fair enough.:P

Cyril: Azelfland, we need your help!O_O

Me: hm? what is it?:I

Hanna: and why are you and Diana looking like you saw a ghost?:I


Hanna: WHAT?!O_O

Cyril: our parents will be mad at us if something happens to her!!O_O

My DS E-Tense: i know where she went.:)

Diana: hm?:I

DS E-Tense: according to my database, she's in an abandoned mansion in U.S. Midwest. we should also be able to find the parts for the Vulcan there.:)

Cyril: awesome.^_^

Me: let's take my Lancer.>:I

Diana: why your Lancer? you know my brother and i can run fast AND survive huge amounts of G-force.:I

Hanna: so can i. but we need to because we have to avoid detection.>:I

later, at the abandoned mansion

Diana: looks like this is the place.:I

Me: Lancer, you keep watch. and keep your engine running.>:I

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: i'm on it.>:I

Hanna: what is that?:I

Cyril: looks like a blood trail. probably a Vivendi goon went in.:I

Diana: that explains it.:I

Hanna: but what if it's not a Vivendi goon?:I

Me: do Vivendi goons have slightly ripped black clothes?:I

Hanna: usually, they do, but without the "ripped" part.:I

Cyril: take a look at this.>:I

Hanna: a piece of cloth? so it IS a Vivendi goon.>:I

Me: let's go.>:I

Everyone: *sees a ghost girl*

Hanna: um, hey there, little girl.:I

Cyril: where are your parents?:I

ghost girl: *disappears*

Diana: that was................ weird.:I

Cyril: moving on.>:I

near the entrance to the mansion

Hanna: okay, i'm just gonna say it, since no one else will. this is EXACTLY the sort of house people get brutally murdered in. there might as well be a sign out front that says YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!O_O

Me: oh, come on, Hanna. it's just a creepy old house.:)

Cyril: yeah. you watch too many horror movies.:)

Hanna: that's exactly what the idiots IN the horror movie always say to justify their poor decisions! right before they're all bodied by some psycho!>:(

Diana: well, the blood trail lead us to this house. if Shelby is inside with the bad man, we have to enter, don't we?:I

Me: Diana is right. we didn't come all this way just to-

the door opens by itself

Everyone: ...............................................O_O

Hanna: i'm out. ._. *tries to walk away*

Me: Hanna!O_O

Diana: please don't go!:(


Cyril: it was probably the wind.:I

Hanna: that's exactly what the idiots in the horror movie always say! right before the "wind" garrotes the whole lot of them! i'm NOT going in there, Azelfland and Cyril!>:(

Me: you promised, Hanna.:(

Cyril: promised me and my sister you'd help us.:(

Me: you really want to just walk away?:(

Hanna: no. of course not! but i...........:(

Me: we'll be fine.:)

Cyril: we have something that people in horror movies DON'T have. weapons and powers to protect ourselves. no one will dare mess with us!:)

Hanna: i guess that's true. FINE! i'll stay! but i warn you, Azelfland and Cyril! if i DO get slashed up in here, i will come back as an angry ghost and soul slap the S**T out of both of you!>:(

Me and Cyril: fair enough.':I

Hanna: all right, then. let's do this.>:I

Diana: thank you, Hanna.^_^

Everyone: *gets in*

Hanna (outside): *sighs* HOW do i keep getting myself into these situations?>:( *gets in*

the door closes. inside the mansion.

Hanna: damn, this place is massive.:O

Me: see, Hanna? no slashers in sight. nothing to worry about.:)

Hanna: yeah, well...... the night is young, Azelfland. we'll see.:I

Diana: i wonder where my poor sister is at. this house is so big.:I

Cyril: would probably a good idea if we split up.>:I

Hanna: ..................... are you serious?>:(

Cyril: yeah. we can cover more ground that way.>:I

Hanna: that's exactly what the idiots in the horror movie always say! there's a maniac after them! clearly, there's safety in numbers! but they decide to split up?!>:(

Me: Hanna, not this again. please.-.-

Hanna: okay, fine! just want it stated for the record! i, Hanna, warned everyone!>:(

Me: we'll work the top floor first. i'll check the east rooms. Cyril and Diana will check the west. you head to the northern door. and check whatever is back there.>:I

Hanna: okay.>:I

Me: if anyone finds the Vivendi goon, call the rest of us to let us know. otherwise, we'll meet back down here in 15 minutes.>:I

Diana: i'm afraid..... what if Cyril and i find him first?':I

Me: Hanna and i are just a phone call away. call if you get into trouble. we'll come running.:)

Diana: okay, then.:)

Me: let's move out.>:I

ten minutes later

Hanna: damn, this place has lots of cool stuff lying around! *sees a strange item* what's this? *picks up the dread plate* wow. this thing looks weird. and feels really strange. it's solid, but its surface feels like water. and what are these strange engravings on the back? never seen symbols like these before. i'll just hold on to it. could be valuable. *checks the bookshelfs* well, nothing else here. moving on!:)

Hanna is ready to go until.......

Hanna: *checks the journal on the desk* hmm. looks like someone's diary. *reads the journal* final entry. "i have to abandon my research and my home. something has been stalking me throughout the mansion. or so i think. i can't stay here. i managed to complete preliminary analysis on the mysterious object. and i'm almost convinced it's one of the 17 elemental plates. whichever one this is has a devestating effect on the human mind. amplifying one's fears and making them...". MAKING THEM WHAT ASSHOLE?! WHY DOES THE ENTRY JUST END THERE?! RIGHT BEFORE THE CRUCIAL INFORMATION TOO! SO CLICHE! SO-!>:(

Hanna gets sleepy

Hanna: *yawns* oh, man. suddenly, i feel............... *yawns again* so tired......... why am i........?:I

inside Hanna's mind, Hanna wakes up in the main hall of the mansion

Hanna: what the-? *looks around* Azelfland?! Cyril?! Diana?! where are you guys?! *exits the mansion but ends up in the west of the top floor*  what the hell?! *exits again but ends up in the east this time* what's happening? this can't be real! *exits from the east and ends up north* okay, this Scooby-Doo bulls**t is getting old! *exits from the north and ends up back at the entrance* STOP! MAKE THIS STOP! LET ME OUT!! AZELFLAND! CYRIL! DIANA!!  WHERE ARE YOU?!>:( *heads to the dining room, but Azelfland.exe appears before her*

Azelfland.exe: *evil laughter*

Hanna: no. it can't be!O_O

Azelfland.exe: hello. Hanna.>:)

Hanna: Azelfland.exe.......  how........ how did you find me?!O_O

Azelfland.exe: i never lost you. i see all. there is no escape. there is nowhere in the universe you can hide.>:)

Hanna: i'm not hiding! we're doing everything we can to stop you! we'll never allow you to rule the world!>:I

Azelfland.exe: *evil laughter* your weak efforts to stop the inevitable. they amuse me. but I am a thousand steps ahead of you. your insignifigant human-mobian mind. it can't fathom what it takes to play on MY level. much less win. deep down, THIS terrifiies you. deep down you fear you won't be strong enough, won't be smart enough, that you will fail.>:)

Hanna: stay back........... get away from me........!O_O

Azelfland.exe: and fail you will.......>:)

Hanna: NO! *tries to exit but the entrance is somehow blocked* HELP ME!! SOMEBODY!!O_O

Azelfland.exe: because you are nothing. worthless protozoa. bacteria struggling against cosmic powers. the future is mine! i am the universe's end! and yours.>:)

Hanna: wait! don't kill me! let's talk about this! ._.

Azelfland.exe: the time for talk is over.>:I *teleports a few steps back*

Hanna: Azelfland.exe! stop!O_O *tries to get away, while Azelfland.exe is charging his Demonic Hyper Beam*

Azelfland.exe: *fires his Demonic Hyper Beam and obliterates Hanna*


back to the real world

Hanna: *wakes up and sees Emily* Emily?:I

Emily: hey, Hanna.^_^

Hanna: where am i?:I

Emily: you're in the master bedroom.:)

Hanna: *gets up* how strange. i don't even remember walking here. what a horrible nightmare that was...... i can still feel his gaze on me. *talks to Emily* it WAS a nightmare, right? Azelfland.exe isn't here, right?:I

Emily: nope. and i watched over you while you were asleep.:)

Hanna: you watched over me while i was out? thanks, Emily. you're a true friend.^_^

Me (outside of the master bedroom): HANNA?!O_O

Hanna: IN HERE!^_^

Me: ah, there you are.:)

Hanna: there WE are.:P

Me: oh. hey, Emily.^_^

Emily: hey, Azelfland.^_^

Hanna: so, what's up?:)

Me: seems like the top floor is clear. no Vivendi goon. no Shelby. oh, and no slashers just to put you at ease.:P

Hanna (being slightly sarcastic): ha ha....-.-

Me: i assume the rooms back here are clear?:I

Hanna: pretty much. i did find an interesting item, though.:)

Me: cool. show me later. Cyril and Diana are waiting out in the main hall. we'll head down to the dining area. it's the last place the goon could be hiding.>:I

Hanna: thanks again, Emily.^_^

Emily: anytime. hey, if you need me, call me.^_^ *teleports back to Azelfland's garage*

Me: are you okay, Hanna?:I

Hanna: huh? oh. yeah. i'm fine. just fine.:I

Me: okay, then. let's go.>:I

in the dining room

Hanna: where could he be?:I

???: I WON'T ASK AGAIN!!>:(

Shelby (in the distance and tied up): i'm not gonna help a scum like you!>:(

Cyril: that's Shelby's voice!:O

Everyone: *walks towards the Vivendi goon and Shelby*

Vivendi goon: use Heal Pulse one more time! and then i'll be good to get out of here!>:I

Shelby: but-

Vivendi goon: DO IT!>:(

Shelby: UGH! fine!>:(

Hanna: HEY, YOU!>:(

Vivendi goon: hm?>:I

Shelby: Cyril! Diana!:D

Diana: Shelby!:D

Vivendi goon: well, if it isn't the gullible saps i took Shelby from. found the courage to come after me, did you?>:I

Diana and Cyril: .........................>:(

Vivendi goon: for a second i thought TweakRacer had found me. and you two brats! i recognize you from the Bailey EDD. hah! just can't keep yourselves out of our business, huh?>:I

Me: you keep giving us reasons to intervene.>:I

Hanna: like kidnapping our friends! give us back Shelby!>:(

Vivendi goon: ha! you didn't say the magic word.>:)

Diana: SHAME ON YOU!>:(

Vivendi goons: hey. i make no apologies for trying to survive, lady. that psychotic son of a bitch was hunting us. and i slashed up my leg up good when i fell down a hill on San Francisco. i needed a place to lay low. and someone to heal me. it's your own fault that you lost Shelby. D.T.A., bitches!>:P

Cyril and Diana: it's OUR fault?D:

Hanna: don't listen to this prick, you two! you guys did nothing wrong. he's just trying to excuse his own actions. *talks to the goon* give us Shelby back. you've caused enough trouble for Cyril and Diana.>:I

Vivendi goon: you want Shelby back? then you'll have to battle my goons for her.>:)

Hanna: ha! no. problem. i'll happily kick your asses up and down this mansion all night long. Azelfland? want to help take down these punks?>:)

Me: absolutely.>:)

Cyril: count us in, we're in for 100% buttkicking.>:)

Diana: i'm getting sick of hearing this loser talk.>:I

Vivendi goon: you don't scare me! i may be a mere goon, but in the hierarchy of goons, i'm one of the generals! just remember. if we capture you, you and your little friend here will stay in the prison of our base. forever.>:)

Shelby: don't let him do it.O_O

Diana: oh no......O_O

Hanna: don't worry, Diana.>:I

Me: we won't lose!>:I

a lot of Vivendi goons appear

Everyone: *beats the crap out of the Vivendi goons*

Shelby (thinking): good thing he doesn't realize that i'm no damsel in distress.>:) *unties herself with her nails*

Vivendi goon: HOW DID YOU..........?!O_O

Shelby: *kicks the Vivendi goon to the face*

Hanna: well, that's the last of them.:)

Vivendi goon: DAMN IT! i can't believe i got beaten by a bunch of kids! it wasn't a fair fight! 5V25!D:

Hanna: this is the best part! watching the excuses come forth!^_^

Me: and since when did someone like you care about fairness?>:I

Vivendi goon: screw you all!>:(

to be continued...

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