and now we're continuing right where we left off.

this is part 2 of 2 of episode 2 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". this part also covers the Vulcan build. here goes:

Vivendi goon: damn it! how could this happen?!D:

Hanna: quite easily, pal! we're better than you are.>:)

Vivendi goon: no.D:

Hanna: yes.>:)

Vivendi goon: no!D:

Hanna: yes!>:)

Vivendi goon:!D:

Hanna: YES! get a grip, dude! you've been beaten! now give us Shelby back!>:(

Shelby: no need. i freed myself while you were fighting them.^_^

Hanna: oh.:I

Vivendi goon: whatever! i got what i needed from her anyway! i have no need for a whiny girl! now if you'll excuse me, i have to report to base! peace out, losers!>:P *tries to run away*

Shelby: YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! IT'S PAYBACK TIME!>:( *uses her psychic powers to immobilize the goon*

Vivendi goon: what's happening?! why can't i move?!O_O

Shelby: you got immobilized, that's what happened!>:I

Vivendi goon: wait! don't kill me! i got information you might need.O_O

Hanna: he's proably right.:I

Me: there's no point in telling us anything. you're already dead.>:)

Vivendi goon: WHAT?! *his head inflates* YOU MUST BE JOKING! O_O *his head explodes violently*

Hanna: he could've had valuable information, you guys.:(

Me: doubtful. Vivendi operates in cells.  and each cell has a specific objective. he wouldn't have any knowledge of the other cells.:I

Hanna: i see.:I

Me: i doubt he'd talk anyway. the Vivendi forces believe that the VVS and Azelfland.exe are omnipresent and watch them always. >:I

Hanna: do they?:I

Me: i don't think so. Azelfland.exe has limited power in the real world. it's just a myth Azelfland.exe cements in their minds. keeps them compliant and under control.:I

Hanna: what if he IS actually watching us?O_O

Me: i really don't think he is, Hanna.:I

Hanna: how can you be sure?:I

Me: because we're not dead. or worse.:P

Hanna: oh. right.:I

Me: ..................are you okay, Hanna?:I

Hanna: huh? oh. yeah. i'm fine.':I

Me: you sure?:I

Hanna: i said i'm fine, damn it!>:(

Me: you don't sound fine.:I

Hanna: mind your own business, Azelfland!>:(

Me: *sighs* okay.:I

Diana: he didn't hurt you, did he?:I

Shelby: no. i'm okay.^_^

Me: how is Shelby, guys?:)

Cyril: doing just fine! i'll have to get her to her room in your garage just to be sure.:)

Me: good idea.:)

the ghost girl comes next to Hanna and teleports back and forth and to the other side of the dining table

Hanna: *runs towards her but the ghost girl disappears* i'm losing it.......O_O

Me: everything okay, Hanna?:I

Hanna: i'm not sure. i thought i saw her.O_O

Me: who?:I

Hanna: the little girl from earlier.O_O

Me: in here?:I

Hanna: yeah. but she just disappeared.O_O

Me: well, that's something she does.:P

Hanna: something isn't right here. i can feel it. can we please find the parts of the Vulcan and get out of here?:I

Me: all right. if you guys are ready.:)

Diana: very much so.^_^

Cyril: same here.:)

Me: okay. let's move out.:)

at the main hall of the mansion

Me: wait up, Hanna!:I

Hanna: what?>:I

Me: what's going on with you?:I

Hanna: pretty sure i told you to mind your own business!>:(

Me: yeah, i remember that earful. but something has you rattled. i'm just concerned about you.:I

Hanna: seriously, don't.................:I

Hanna is about to fall asleep again

Hanna: don't worry about it. it's nothing.:I

Me: you sure?:I

Hanna: you guys are right. i have an overactive imagination. too many horror movies. i'm good. really!:I

Me: did you........... did you just admit WE were right?!:O

Hanna: ...................>:I

Cyril: has hell frozen over?!:O

Hanna: now you're starting to piss me off!>:(

Cyril: more than usual, you mean?:I


Cyril: kidding!O_O'

Hanna: can we just get the parts for the Vulcan, so we can get out of here and go back home? i don't wanna talk about this anymore.>:(

Me: all right! i'll say no more.:P

Hanna: thank you. Diana, do you have any idea where the parts might be?:I

Diana: they would probably be outside the mansion. so it should be easy to find them.:)

Hanna: super. shall we go?^_^

Me: let's.:)

suddenly, inside Hanna's mind (again)

Hanna: *sighs* i don't hear any walking! what are you four waiting- *turns around and sees that Azelfland, Shelby, Cyril and Diana disappeared* ...................for? ........................ Azelfland? Diana? Shelby? Cyril? *heads to the east of the top floor* okay, Azelfland! the joke's over! reveal yourself or i swear i'll introduce my boot to your face! *heads to the west of the top floor* guys, seriously. stop! this isn't funny! *heads near the dining room and Azelfland.exe teleports behind her* WHERE ARE YOU FOUR?! i'm REALLY not in the mood for this bull- *mistakingly bumps into Azelfland.exe from behind* S************T! you...............O_O 

Azelfland.exe: greetings, pathetic girl.>:)

Hanna: OH, COME ON! wasn't blowing me away once enough for you?!>:(

Azelfland.exe: why kill a soul when you can break it instead? i'm just getting started.>:)

Hanna: where are Azelfland, Shelby, Diana and Cyril?>:I

Azelfland.exe: far far away. it's just you and me. and all the time in the universe.>:)

Hanna: no........... don't come any closer...........!O_O

Azelfland.exe: i have always wondered......>:I

Hanna: wondered what?:I

Azelfland.exe: how much terror does it take to kill a human-mobian? what is the lethal dose?>:)

Hanna: not really dying to know.-.-

Azelfland.exe: on the contrary.>:)

Hanna: *takes a step back and runs away* SOMEONE WAKE ME UP!!!O_O

outside the mansion

Hanna: *hears Azelfland.exe's evil laugh* LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU'RE NOT GETTING ME! NOT THIS TIME! *realizes* deep fog. nice! i should be able to lose him in this. unless he has Predator vision. or that thing Daredevil has.  *turns around and sees the open door* hello? *sees two red eyes glaring at her and hears an evil snicker* leaving now.O_O

at the point where the Lancer was (but is not, because it's a nightmare)

Hanna: s**t! where the hell am i? i can't see a thing! ............. i take it back! deep fog NOT nice! i wanted to lose HIM, not my sense of direction! *checks her phone* my phone is offline. of course. the GPS can't get a lock on my posistion. aaaaaaaaaaand my compass is suffering from geographical dyslexia. brilliant! the "you're screwed!" trifecta!>:(

suddenly, a sound of a broken stick is heard

Hanna: who's there?! *hears Azelfland.exe's footsteps and sounds from far away* oh, god. PLEASE wake me from this. don't let him zap me again!O_O

Azelfland.exe: *comes towards Hanna in the deep fog with an evil laugh, then uses his power to make everything clear*

Hanna: no. not again! NO!O_O

Azelfland.exe: i told you there was nowhere to hide.>:)

Hanna: stay back!O_O

Azelfland.exe: not even death will save you, Hanna. you belong to me. i will haunt your soul for all eternity.>:)

Hanna: hell no!>:( *tries to run away, but Azelfland.exe teleports in front of her again*

Azelfland.exe: going somewhere?>:)

Hanna (backing off to a bunch of rocks): appearently not............. why are you doing this?! why are you tormenting me?!O_O

Azelfland.exe: because it's so easy.>:) *teleports a few steps back*

Hanna (as Azelfland.exe charges his power): Azelfland.exe! stop!O_O

Azelfland.exe: I STOP FOR NO ONE!>:)

suddenly, the ghost girl appears

Azelfland.exe: *stops charging* huh??>:I

Hanna: no way! it's you! who ARE you?! what are you doing he-?!:O

ghost girl: *fires her laser to repel Azelfland.exe*

Azelfland.exe: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!X_X *disappears into oblivion*

Hanna: oh my god! did you just ice that motherfu-?!:O

ghost girl: *fires her laser on Hanna as well*


back in the real world

Me: Hanna? Hanna!! HANNA!!O_O *slaps Hanna to wake her up*

Hanna: *gets up* wha.....?! where?!O_O

Diana: Hanna?:I

Me: are you okay?:I

Hanna: ....... Azelfland? you're here!:O

Me: yes!^_^

Hanna: Diana, Shelby and Cyril are here!:O

Shelby: hi.^_^

Hanna: I'M here! he's not here................ i'm alive! ow. but why is my face all sore?:I

Me: oh, um...... well, i kind of had to, um.............^_^'

Diana: Azelfland slapped you.:P

Me (being sarcastic): thanks, Diana!>:(

Hanna: HE DID WHAT?!>:(

Me: just to snap you out of your catatonia! i promise!O_O

Hanna: *backs off* what happened exactly?:I

Me: we were leaving the mansion when suddenly, you went ballistic. you ran off till here screaming at the top of your lungs. we found you out here, ten minutes later, completely out of it.:I

Cyril: we were afraid to touch you. but then you started screaming again.:I

Hanna: so you slapped me?>:(

Me: hey, it worked, didn't it?! nothing else we tried did.:I

Hanna: nothing else? what else did you try?:I

Me: uh..................:I

Silver Azelfland: i was there too, you know.:P

Hanna: oh, hey, Silver Azelfland. didn't see you there, buddy. but why are y- WAIT!>:I

Diana: Azelfland asked Silver Azelfland to thunderbolt you.:P

Me (being sarcastic again): thanks, Diana!>:(

Hanna: OH NO HE DIDN'T!!>:(

Me: yeah................':I


Me: just a little jolt. nothing dangerous. but he couldn't bring himself to shock you.O_O'

Hanna: well of course he couldn't.>:P

Silver Azelfland: it's because i'm a perfect gentleman. i wouldn't dream of thunderbolting-

Hanna: wait a minute. since when do you have thunderbolt?:I

Diana: it's probably because he has a bit of Azelfland's DNA in his cells.:I

Hanna: that's awesome! maybe we should test in on Azelfland? give him a taste of what "a litttle jolt" is.>:)

Silver Azelfland: i don't think he deserves it. he was trying to help.:I

Hanna: haha! you're right. he WAS only trying to help. i know he'd never hurt me. so we'll forgive him.^_^

Me: phew!':)

Silver Azelfland: i'll see you guys later.^_^ *teleports back to Azelfland's garage*

Me: so, are we gonna adress the elephant in the room now?:I

Hanna: you'll have to be more specific, Azelfland.:P

Me: something is clearly up with you. and please don't tell us you're fine.>:I

Hanna: yeah, okay. i'm not. *sighs* i've been seeing things.:(

Me: seeing things?:I

Hanna: Azelfland.exe specifically. he's been appearing in my dreams. tormenting me. threatening me. killing me.... long story short, i've been hunted, trapped and killed. like some animal. no escape. no mercy. it's awful. even now, awake. i feel like something is following us. watching us.....:I

Cyril: when did these nightmares start?:I

Hanna; when we entered the mansion. it was right around the time i found that. *shows the Dread Plate and realizes* no way!O_O

Me: what?:I

Hanna: DAMN IT! of course! now it all makes sense!>:(

Me; what makes sense?:I

Hanna: take a look at this. it's the item i told you i found.:I

Me: oh my god.:O

Hanna: what?:I

Me: that's............. that's one of the legendary plates of Arceus!:O

Hanna: you KNOW what this thing is?!O_O

Me: of course.:)

the pokemon world, thousands of years ago

Me (narrating the flashback): in the pokemon world, at the apex of their civilization, the Alphians were visited by Arceus. Arceus was impressed by how just and advanced their society was. so it created 17 magical plates and imbued them all with portions of its power. with each plate representing one of the 17 pokemon elements. Arceus allowed the Alphians to borrow these plates. with the condition being that they use them to beautify the world.>:I

Hanna: wow.:O

Diana: how wonderful!:O

Me (narrating the flashback): unfortunately, the story didn't have a happy ending. and the Alphian civilization fell a few years after Arceus' visit.>:I

Shelby: that's so sad.:(

back to the present

Me: after the Alphians were destroyed, most of the plates were lost to time.>:I

Cyril: until now?:I

Me: it's a mystery how one of them ended up in an abandoned mansion in the middle of the U.S. Midwest.:I

Hanna: the scientist who lived in the mansion was studying it. according to his diary, it messes with your mind. pretty brutally. it drove him insane. obviously affected me too.:I

Me: so this must be the dread plate, then.:P

Diana: you've studied these plates?:O

Me: extensively. according to Alphian records, this plate periodically emits dark power.>:I

Hanna: let me guess.:I

Me: yep. it produces hallucinations in anyone nearby.:P

Hanna: damn, i'm stupid! the connection was so obvious! and i couldn't see it. so what do we do with this thing? throw it into a volcano?>:I

Diana: luckily, Flora knows what to do, she's an Alphian expert and has the proper setup to contain and safely study these plates. this find is huge. she'll know what to do with it.:)

Hanna: we're supposed to carry this thing back to your garage, Azelfland? what about the parts for the Vulcan, though?:I

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: sorry to interrupt your chit-chat, but while you were doing your thing, i found the parts for the Vulcan.:)

Hanna: awesome!^_^

back at Azelfland's garage

Flora: the Dread Plate, huh? i'm sure i'll find something about it. i'll let you know, okay?:)

Hanna: sure, but how are you gonna prevent its power from keeping me awake at night?:I

Flora: with the Plate neutraliser 5000! this machine will neutralise the power of the 17 elemental plates.^_^

Hanna: cool!:O

Alice: hey, i finished building the Vulcan.^_^

Hanna: awesome. let's see her.^_^


all my cars: *awkward silence for one minute*

Everyone: *laughs*

Aston Martin Vulcan: what's so funny?>:(

My Aston Martin DB11: go home, sis! you're drunk!XD

My Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack: bruh look at this dude. oh, wait till you see the- *laughs a bit* no no no no no. oh-ho-ho. *hysterical wheezing and laughing* AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD! *laughs* LOOK AT HIS LIPS!XD

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: nice "look at this dude" roast back there.^_^

Aston Martin Vulcan: ENOUGH! i'll show you all i'm NOT to be messed with!>:(

Me: and you'll prove it. let's go!^_^

after the final race of the Aston Martin only season


Aston Martin Vulcan: looks like you're not one of the top racers of AsphaltLand for nothing.^_^

Me all right! looks like i've still got it.^_^

back at Azelfland's garage (again)

Me: hey, Hanna. look, i'm very sorry i got you into this mess.:(

Hanna: it's okay. oh, and um, Loraine and i are going shopping, we'll be back in a few.^_^

Me: have a good time.^_^

Hanna: we will.:)

Me: oh, and do you wanna go on a date together?:3

Hanna: sure.:3

Me: cool. see you at 9.^_^

and that ends episode 2 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". the next one will be another normal episode, like the others.

until next time.


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