as you can tell, that's what happened. the day before yesterday, i got the Challenger Scat Pack with the last card pack from multiplayer, then i got the blueprints needed to star up my Hommage and DS E-Tense to 2 stars. for my Hommage, i had 12 blueprints and got 11 more through the BMW only season in career. for the DS E-Tense, the Legend store had those and i was 2 blueprints away, so i got them by spending 24.000 credits in total.

this is episode 1 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". which is very fitting since i'm playing Asphalt 9. here goes:

My DS E-Tense: now that you created your own XBox Live account, we should be able to get more allies by our side.:)

Me: how?:I

Diana: this is where i come in.:)

Me: is it because you update your status on the social media?:I

Diana: yep.^_^

Me: so, what's the deal?:I

DS E-Tense: now that you have an XBox Live account of yours, you can now sign up for the leaderboard events. they're like all the solo events we've done, except you compete with other racers while trying to make your best time. remember, you can't collect all the rewards at once, like in your previous garage that went into lockd-

Me: don't you dare bring that up again!>:I

DS E-Tense: um..... right. as i was saying, you can't collect them all at once. the place you're in will determine the rewards you get.:P

Me: this somehow reminds me of the events system in Asphalt Nitro.:I

Feuerrm: Asphalt Nitro?:I

Me (breaking the fourth wall): it's basically one of Gameloft's spin-off games. which is a 25MB version of Asphalt 8. and basically kind of like an alternate dimension in terms of race tracks.:P

Audi R8 tyke: okay.:I

DS E-Tense: GUYS, THIS IS SERIOUS! as i was saying, the next thing we'll take a look at is multiplayer.>:I

Diana: now, in multiplayer, your league determines on who you'll get matched up with. and there are crews everywhere that might want to become allies with us. cool, right?^_^

Me: i would love to have more allies.:)

DS E-Tense: speaking of which, where's the Lancer?:I

My Chevrolet Camaro LT: oh, he went to get something to eat.:P

meanwhile, in a random KFC drive-thru

KFC employee: can i take your order, please?

My Dodge Challenger SRT8: hey, Lancer. what do you wanna get? you gotta eat to keep your strength up, man.:)

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (in CJ's voice): 'ay, i'll take a number 9. fat boy.:P

My BMW Z4 LCI E89 (in Ryder's voice): gimme a number 9, just like his.:P

My Lotus Evora Sport 410 (in Sweet's voice): uh, lemme get a number 6 with extra dip.:P

Dodge Challenger SRT8 (in Big Smoke's voice): i'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.:)

back at Azelfland's garage

Me: okay. anyway, let's get to work. 911, we got some multiplayer races to do.>:I

My Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: gotcha.>:I

the narrator from Spongebob: approximately 10 hours later.

Dodge Challenger SRT8: okay, let's see what this pack has.:)

Me: *opens the multiplayer packs and sees 6 Scat Pack blueprints* WHOA!!!! we needed 5 blueprints for this car and we got a spare one as well!O_O

Alice: i'll build it. luckily, Kato-San, the guy you helped back in the Sbarro GT1 championship provided us with the parts needed for the car.^_^

Hanna: awesome!^_^

insert a building montage here.

My Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack: hey, there. i'm the Challenger 398 Hemi Scat Pack.^_^

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: nice to meet you too.^_^

Feuerrm: isn't it a little late? i mean, it's 2 AM right now.:I

Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack: well, you can do a quick test drive. no big deal.:)

Loraine: all right. if you say so.:I

the next day, after that amateur race event

Dodge Challenger SRT8: here you go.:) *hands over 52.100 credits*

DS E-Tense: nice. let's get those 2 blueprints for me.^_^

after buying 2 DS E-Tense blueprints in the Legend store

Alice: okay. now we need some translation for this one.:I

Flora: you got it.^_^

insert a research and development montage here.

DS E-Tense: awesome! now i can be upgraded some more. does that also mean i get a nice recolor like everyone else?^_^

Alice: yep.^_^

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: i wish i could be recolored too.:(

DS E-Tense: there is a way. but first, let's recolor myself, shall we?:)

Alice: sure.^_^ *repaints the DS E-Tense to a Cyan paint job*

Hanna: i didn't know you could repaint cars.:O

Alice: well, now you know.:)

DS E-Tense: okay. if you want to get 2-starred, there is a quicker way to get 8 more blueprints. there is a BMW only tournament going on. the first 5 races will give us those blueprints.:)

Me: cool. this will give me the the chance to star up my Be Em Ve.^_^

BMW Z4 LCI E89: don't you mean Bee Em Double U?:I

My Nissan 370Z NISMO: well, because he's from Greece, he's more used to the German pronounciation than the English one.:I

BMW Z4 LCI E89: oh.:I

on race 5 of the BMW only season

Asphalt Police dispatch: patrollers nearby, we have a code 6 driver attempting to escape custody. suspect was last seen heading north of the Himalayas. all units standby for vehicle description.>:I

Asphalt Police member: more details?>:I

Asphalt Police dispatch: vehicle is a blue BMW.>:I

Me: S**T! they're after us all right!O_O

BMW Z4 LCI E89: oh god, this is bad! but we have to win the race and lose the cops.>:I

after that aftermentioned race

BMW Z4 LCI E89: phew! that was intense.:)

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: i'm very proud of you bro. now let's get that star up.^_^

Knuckles: but that doesn't mean it w- *gets elbowed* oh no!X_X (Knuckles got owned counter: 13)

Shadow: are you ever gonna shut your mouth?>:(

Alice: anyway, let's do it.:)

insert another research and development montage here.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: awesome!^_^

Alice: and now let's give you that blue color you wanted. what kind of blue do you want?^_^

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: i'll go with Metallic blue.:)

Alice: Metallic blue it is.:) *recolors the Hommage*

Dodge Challenger SRT8: i guess my upgrades can wait.:I

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: yeah.:I

the next day, after another amateur race event

Dodge Challenger SRT8: another day, another 52.200 credits.:) *hands over the 52.200 credits*

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: nice. now i'm gonna have a better nitro boost.^_^

after the adavnced race event

Porsche 911 GTS Coupe: it's not much, but it will do for an upgrade of mine.:) *hands over 32.200 credits*

DS E-Tense: and by staying in platinum league, we can get 150.000 more AND some import parts and the blueprints of cars we might need.:)

My VolkWagen XL Sport Concept: cool.^_^

My Chevrolet Camaro LT: at least it's better than losing to a bunch of supercars for the blueprints of "the beast 2.0". and i'm dead serious about that.-.-

Audi R8 tyke: hey. how's it going?:)

Me: hey R8 tyke. good to see you again.:)

Audi R8 tyke: that's a cool garage you got there.^_^

Me: thanks. it's not much, but it makes for what happened then.:)

Audi R8 tyke: well, i'm here because you owe me a rap battle.>:I

Me: oh. you're on.>:)

ALERT! RAP BATTLE INCOMING with PSY-Napal Balji playing on the background

Feuerrm: FIGHT!>:I

Me: A to the Zelf to the L to the And. that's a name i'm sure you've heard of beforehand. filled to the brim with rythm and flow. a sexy ass man from head to toe. now i don't want to mention, but just pay attention, 'cause i'm about to kick your ass to the next dimension. if you think you're gonna win, then you're deranged. because ever since the beginning, NOTHING'S changed. an overweight Asian won't ever stick. you need a man like me who's EXTRA THICC! try to take a swing, but you'll never be the king. you'll get knocked out with a RING RING RING!>:)

Audi R8 tyke: oh boy. you're back. am i living a dream? i get to re-destroy this stupid meme. what you gonna do, you stupid dingus? sit at your computer and yell out PINGAS? you're weak and pathetic and never athletic. Shelby the Fox thinks that you're a diabetic, as you sit at your computer all day long, doing crap all except expanding that dong. now go home and cry to all your little fans! while me, R8 tyke, i got much better plans! you're such a big fool and it may sound cruel, but sorry Azelfland. i've already won this duel.>:)

Me: HAHA! that's funny! we've only begun! i've brought some help to show you how it's done!>:D

TraceG11: R8 tyke, my paesano, it's time to stop! if you keep this up, my ears are gonna pop! you do nothing with your life except hanging out with Zoe.  how about you get some excersize or maybe beat a Hitmonlee? sorry, man, but every diss here is true. looks like for once, you're player two.>:)

Audi R8 tyke (being sarcastic against Trace's verse): oh no, it's Trace. i'm so afraid. i can't stand losers who never got laid. you rap like a mom, it's really freaking dumb! just go back home and keep sucking on your thump! now, i've got a rapper who you don't wanna cross! come on, Sean the Cat! show 'em who's boss!>:(

Sean: hey, Azelfland, you're stinky and fat! and um..... crap! i also hate your hat? ah, i'm sorry! that was really mean! ah, man! it's not easy being green.:(

Me: i'm sorry, Sean, but that rap was invalid. 'cause i'm not gonna listen to some stupid salad!>:(

Sean: hey!:(

Me: is this your best, R8 tyke? 'cause it's sounding weak. you'll end up adding to my winning streak. here comes the next rapper. things are looking dire! give it to him Cyril and spit hot fire!>:)

Cyril:  WHAT'S UP BITCHES?! THIS IS MY RAPPING DEBUT! looks like this rap could use some higher IQ. R8 tyke, there seems to be a lot of tension. don't fret boy! have this new invention. use this mic! it will help you refute. but that's only because it will be on mute.:)

Audi R8 tyke: SHUT UP, YOU STUPID WANNABE EDISON! go home and take your old people medicine! now i'm gonna need someone as cool as spaghetti! i need the one, the onle, the badass Persephone!>:I

Persephone: it's such a shaaaaame. you boys are laaaaame. just raise your game, raise your game, baby. never, give up. yeah!:D

Dodge Challenger SRT8: what up, bitches? it's SRT8 time! dropping hot beats like Busta Rhymes! bitches, get ready! here comes the hook! *the music stops* check out my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook! *awkward silence* what?:I

and that ends episode 1 of season 9 of "Asphalt stories". we're starting out with a bang with those! here's a mini preview for the next episode:

My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: do we have to go to school?:I

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: well, it is a back 2 school event, so......... yeah.:P

My Chevrolet Camaro LT: UGH! this will be so bad!>_<

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: it'll be fun. besides, we can get blueprints to star me up to the max -which is 3 stars, by the way-, lots of trade tokens AND 4 times the credits platinum league gives us.^_^

talking bell: f***ing RING RING RING! hey it's school biiiiiiiiiiiitch.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: time to go to school! (in Pewdiepie's voice) bye! bitch!>:D *drives away*

My DS E-Tense: well, how bad can it be?:)

and that's it for the mini preview as well.

until next time.


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