the title says it all, as usual.

another achievement becomes part of my career in Asphalt. which is getting a car through a multiplayer event, even though i don't really like multiplayer events. with the Fenyr built, this makes another great addition to my collection. feels so good to have the best drifter in the game. another thing that happens is the Atom V8 championship. and the reason it's called "the V8 guzzler" is because it needs 68 V8s, as we all know. still gonna get it though, no matter what the cost. though, i'm really disappointed, because it doesn't have a championship backstory.

disappointment aside, this is episode 6 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

another day in AsphaltLand, as another day of racing is here. our story begins with Persephone ending her boxing training as usual.

Persephone: phew! man, that was refreshing.^_^ *takes off her boxing gloves*

Carl: 'sup, Perse?^_^


Carl: calm down. i only came to talk.:I

Persephone: oh. it's you. sorry, Carl. i thought you were one of those bastards from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA for short.:P

Carl: why? did they do something bad to you?:I

Persephone: i....... really don't want to talk about it.:(

Carl: come on, Perse. i won't judge you. we love each other, remember? i would never judge you.:3

Persephone: *sighs* fine. if you insist.:I

Carl: again, i won't judge you. trust me.:)

Persephone: okay. here goes.:I

a flashback of Persephone's past begins

Persephone: when i was 11 and my sister, Wanda, was 9, and were both ordinary bat girls, after coming back from school one day, we both saw our parents lying dead on the floor. someone murdered them. it was then when we were kidnapped by PETA members. we were taken to their labs, in which we were locked in seperate cages. our friends were also there. we were abused a lot and we were on the verge of dying. however, as they were about to kill us, a drop of Uranium fell on our bodies. normally, that would kill an ordinary person, but this Uranium gave us powers beyond our imagination. we took them out. and thus, we escaped. after coming back home, we buried our dead parents and swore an oath that we would avenge them. that's why i must kill them for ruining our childhood. those bastrads will pay for what they've done to me and my friends!>:(

the flashback ends

Carl: wow. that's............... i don't know what to say. and i'm sorry for your loss, Perse.:(

Persephone: thanks for the encouragement.:3

Carl: anytime. anyway, that's not why i'm here. i wanted to talk to you about something else.:)

Persephone: what is it? well, other than hearing about my tragic past.:3

Carl: i was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me. so we can get to know each other better.:3

Persephone: sure. sounds great.:3

meanwhile, on the ground floor of Azelfland's garage

Me: okay, let's check the mailbox. *checks the mailbox* let's see. aaaaaand........... *gasps* WOOHOO!! YES! WE ARE GETTING THE FENYR, BABY!!! WOOHOO!!:D *runs around the garage, yelling in excitement*

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: i've never seen Azelfland this excited before. what happened?:I

My W Motors Lykan Hypersport: that's because he got the remaining 13 blueprints for my brother, the Fenyr.:)

My BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage: a new member, huh? nice!^_^

My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: so, he's excited over getting a new member after 5 days of a multiplayer war? that's cool, i guess.:I

My Pagani Huayra BC: at least we get a new friend and rival on the team.^_^

Gameloft's van arrives

Gameloft employee 1: Azelfland, right?:)

Me: yes.:)

Gameloft employee 2: the boss sent you these for coming at top 2000 on the multiplayer cup, as well as the basic and score rewards.:)

Me: give them to me. i'm so excited!:D *signs the papers and gets the rewards*

Gameloft employee 1: have fun with your new Fenyr.^_^ *Gameloft's van leaves*

Sonic: hey, man. what was that noise?:I



Alice: but...... why is there a spare blueprint?:I

Diana: we'll just fuse it and get 18.000 more fusion points.:P *fuses the spare blueprint*

Cynthia: problem is, the blueprints are written in Arabic. and we don't have the parts for it.:(

Alice: DAMN IT! i forgot about that!:(

SIlver Azelfland: no worries. we'll search for them.:)

Loraine: and how are we gonna do that?:I

Silver Azelfland: i found a map of Dubai behind the blueprints.:)

Me: i don't remember a map being with the blueprints.:I

Azelfland's phone rings

Me: *picks up the phone* hello?:I

Udo Roth: hey, Azelfy-boy! how's my good ol' friend doing?^_^

Me: Udo? well, it's good to hear from you. i was gonna ask. did you send the map of Dubai? 'cause we have to thank you for that.:)

Udo Roth: yes, i did. now, the derelict parts of the Fenyr are located in different places of Dubai. if you see them, bring them to your garage.:)

Me: and i supposed the circled locations are where the derelicts are. right?:)

Udo Roth: yep. do your best to find them. i'll catch you later.^_^ *hangs up*

TheHedgehogOne: well, i guess we're off, then. Alice and i will go.>:I

Loraine: i'll come too.>:I

Silver Azelfland: don't forget about me. besides, i can send the derelicts to the garage. so, who's in for a high-speed race on foot?:)

Loraine: you're on!>:)

later, in Dubai, on the entrance to the Alladin hotel

TheHedgehogOne: all right. we're here.:)

Alice: now, to find that chassis. it will be hard, but we can do it.:)

Silver Azelfland: found it!:D

Alice: already?!O_O

Silver Azelfland: yep. it was on the right end of the entrance.:P *snaps his fingers and summons an Ultra Wormhole under the Fenyr's chassis, which gets to Azelfland's garage*

Loraine: well, that escalated quickly.:P

Silver Azelfland: Loraine, you and i will search in the air. Alice and Lucas (TheHedgehogOne), you two will look on the ground.>:I

Alice: understood.

Loraine: but how will you fly?:I

Silver Azelfland: don't forget. i got Azelfland's powers. which means i can self-levitate.:)

in the aquarium

TheHedgehogOne: wow. the aquarium sure is romantic, don't you think?:3

Ailce: yeah, it does. getting to see the sea life up close is sooooo romantic.:3

TheHedgehogOne: there's no time for that, though. we have 5 more derelict parts to fi- *sees a front and rear bumber lying around* never mind. we found them.:P

Alice: well, i know what this means.>:I

Silver Azelfland (from far away): *snaps his fingers and summons an Ultra Wormhole underneath the front and rear bumper, which get to Azelfland's garage*

Alice: nice one, Lucas. *sighs lovingly* i love you.:3

TheHedgehogOne: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

in a small alley

Loraine: do you see anything?>:I

Silver Azelfland: *sees some tires, rims, brake discs, calipers and suspensions of the Fenyr* found them.:)

Loraine: all right! *flies towards the derelicts parts* you know what to do.^_^

Silver Azelfland: right.:) *snaps his fingers and summons an Ultra Wormhole underneath the derelict parts, which get to Azelfland's garage*

near the construction site

Alice: seems like the construction site is the perfect place for derelict parts. this one will be easy.:)

TheHedgehogOne: problem is, they're not on the ground. they on the top of this unfinished building in front of us. so, how are we gonna get there?:I

Alice: i can teleport us there. *teleports to the top* see? no problem.^_^

TheHedgehogOne: and it looks like we found the derelict parts. those are.....?:I

Ailce: the head lights and tail lights. no doubt about it.:P *another Ultra Wormhole is summoned*

on the west side of Dubai

Loraine: okay. so, the next derelict part is right............ *sees the gearbox, steering wheel, seats and roof of the Fenyr* here.>:I

Silver Azelfland: let's get them.>:I *summons another Ultra wormhole*

5 hours later, outside of Dubai

Alice: have you guys found the last derelict part yet?:I

Loraine: no. we searched the entire city. we asked some of the locals, but nothing.:(

TheHedgehogOne: it could be around here somewhere. it could be anywhere.:I

Silver Azelfland: like those behind you?:I

Alice: huh? *turns around and sees an F6 engine, the hoods, the exhaust and the gas tank* you're kidding, right? WE'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR 5 GODDAMN HOURS FOR THE LAST DERELICT PARTS AND THEY WERE THERE THE WHOLE F@#$ING TIME?!>:(

Loraine: calm down. at least we found them.:I

back at Azelfland's garage

Me: what took you so long?:I

Loraine: the fact that the last derelict part was LITERALLY outside of the city.:P

Me: um........... okay.:I

meanwhile, in Cynthia's room

Emily: so, you and Carl are going on your first date? nice!^_^

Persephone: i know. though, when he talked to me, i mistook him for a member of PETA. and then i told him what happened on that day, 9 years ago. he took it calmly.:I

Emily: it's all in the past now. but i still can't forgive them for what they've done to us!>:(

Persephone: first, they kill our parents, then they abuse us and now they're after us. someday, those bastards will pay for ruining our childhood!>:(

Emily: anyway, tragic past aside, you guys have a good time.:3

Pesephone: thanks. so, how are Cynthia and Knux doing? haven't heard from the two.:)

Emily: they're good. like peanutbutter and jelly, as usual.:3

Persephone: good for them. well, i'm ready. i put my boots on. i put my makeup on. got my purse. anything else i forgot?:)

Emily: you're good. have a good time.:)

later that night (7:00 PM)

Carl: *sees Persephone in her black dress and Orange-and-Grey boots* wow. you're very beautiful and cool-looking, Perse.:3

Persephone: *giggles* why, thank you. you're also very handsome.:3

Carl: thanks.^_^

Persephone: so, wanna go for a walk?:3

Carl: sounds good. after you, Persephone.:3

Persephone: *giggles* you're such a gentleman.:3

a few minutes later

Carl: so, tell me about yourself.:3

Persephone: well, i'm athletic, nice, adventurous and strong. what about you?:3

Carl: well, i'm mostly a shy person -or cat-, but ever since i met you, i actually found the courage to talk to people. and to you.:3

Persephone: so, what's your favorite color? mine's Orange.:3

Carl: mine's Blue. it's a really calm color. so, what do you like and dislike?:3

Persephone: i like excersising, eating heathy food and i'm into ice skating and boxing. the only thing i dislike is losing. what about you?:3

Carl: i like making friends and reading books. anyone who dares to harm my friends or you answers to me. they'll never see me coming. am i right?:3

Persephone: it could be cool. but just so you know, i'm not a damsel in distress. besides, i can take care of myself.:3

later, at Azelfland's garage (9:30 PM)

Carl: now THAT'S an ice skating rink. it's really cool (no pun intended). ^_^

Persephone: have you ever ice skated before?:3 *puts on her Orange skates*

Carl: um......... no.:I

Persephone: it's fun. trust me. i'll help you.:3

Carl: whoa!O_O *tries to balance his weight*

Persephone: it's simple. just glide slow and easy. no sudden movements.:3

Carl: *glides slow and easy* i.......... i'm doing it! i'm actually doing it!:D

Persephone: told you. it's very easy. so, wanna skate together?:3

Carl: sure.:3

meanwhile, in the Nevada desert

Ariel Atom V8: that wasn't too bad. i guess i doubted for your girl.^_^

Hanna: told ya. don't mess with the likes of me.>:)

Me: now it's my turn.:)

on the Grand Finale

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 17th annual Asphalt championship! this is the first cahmpionship that includes a Formula 1 car in a long time. and this time, it's none other than the Atom V8!:D

Me: ready to take them down?>:)

Ariel Atom V8: i was manufactured ready.>:)

after the Grand Finale

Diana: *yawns* are we done yet?-_-

Shelby: yeah. that was, like, so boring.-_-

Cynthia: come on. at least tommorow, things aren't gonna get bad.^_^

back at Azelfland's garage (again)

Carl: man, that was so much fun. you were right after all.:3

Persephone: i told you.:3

Carl: and i want you to have these, as first-date gifts.:3 *gives Persephone a Sky Blue scarf, a pair of Orange high heels and a pair of Orange high-heeled mini boots*

Persephone: *gasps* for me? awwwwww. you shouldn't have. thank you so much.:3

Carl: it's the least i could do.:3

Persephone: *sighs lovingly* i love you.:3

Carl: i love you too.:3 *they both make out*

Persephone: *as they both stop making out* man, you're great at kissing.:3

Carl: thanks. we should hang out again sometime.:3

Persephone: *giggles* sure.:3

the next day

My W Motors Fenyr Supersport: well, if it isn't Azelfland. i heard a lot about you.:)

Me: the Lykan told you?^_^

W Motors Fenyr Supersport: yep. and i see that you're the real deal. but.......... where are we?:I

My Porsche 959: we're in the Ariel Atom V8 championship.:P

W Motors Fenyr Supersport: oh.:I

My Donkervoort D8 GTO: you'll see your sister once we're through with this championship. no worries.:)

W Motors Fenyr Supersport: well, that's good to me.:)

Me: and for Tenerife's Grand Finale, i'll let Hanna drive.:)


Porsche 959: yeah. you got a problem with that?:P

Ariel Atom V8: you do know that she can't even drive. no girl can.>:P

Hanna: HEY!>:(

Donkervoort D8 GTO: that's sexist. even though i'm actually a girl myself.:P

W Motors Fenyr Supersport: sheesh. this is 2018, damn it! it's not the 50s, the 60s OR even the 70s to say that women can't drive. Hanna is very good at proving the boys wrong. and she'll do the same with you.>:I

Ariel Atom V8: whatever. she's not gonna prove that with me around.>:(

Hanna: we'll see about that once we get to the Grand Finale.>:(

Porsche 959 and W Motors Fenyr Supersport (with the Atom V8 and Hanna arguing): oh, brother...... -_-

and that's the end of episode 6 of season 6 of "Asphalt stories". still a long way to get the Atom V8 but i'll make it eventually................ hopefully.

until next time.


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