as always, another championship comes to an end. even though i had a hard time, i got the Ninja H2R at last. looking forward to the Ducati XDiavel S R&D, even though i'll have a 3-hour limit a day, due to my final exams and because i'lll have to study A LOT. and let me tell you, i hate final exams AND school exams in general, because of my first experience of the Corvette Grand Sport EDD last year. at least it's going to be an R&D i have to deal with and not an EDD, like the Corvette Grand Sport EDD. or the Zenvo ST1 EDD on that matter.

this is episode 14 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:


Hanna: R8 tyke?! well, i'm surprised you're here.^_^

Audi R8 tyke: i'm surprised you're here too. so, what brings you guys in Iceland?:)

My Apollo IE: the championship. that's what.:P

Me: so you got your TRION NEMESIS back. nice!^_^

Audi R8 tyke: thanks. and you got your 570S, i see.:)

My McLaren 570S: well, ICE to meet you!^_^

R8 tyke's TRION NEMESIS: good one.:)

Me: now if you'll excuse me, we got a tour to take down.>:I

after the Grand Finale of Iceland

Hanna: "hardest race track in the game" my ass.............. even though i wrecked twice.-_-

TheHawtDawg1: so, we got that out of the way, but where are we gonna go in San Diego to avoid detection from Vivendi?:I

ThunderWolf: i know who can help us.:)

meanwhile, in San Diego

TheGoldenThunder: well, feels good to have a normal life. *his phone rings* hm? *picks it up* hello?:I

ThunderWolf (on the phone): hey, Thunder. how's it going?^_^

TheGoldenThunder: THUNDERWOLF?! dude, it's been a while! how can i help you guys?^_^

ThunderWolf (on the phone): listen. you know how we go to your garage every time there's a tour with San Diego in it? well, that's the case.:P

TheGoldenThunder: looking forward to your visit, my friend.^_^ *hangs up*

Kri: who was it?:I

TheGoldenThunder: it was ThunderWolf. our friends are on a new championship and they'll come here for a visit. cool, right?^_^

the next day, on San Diego

Me: it's been a while, Thunder. how's your normal life going?^_^

TheGolednThunder: studying for the final exams.:P

Me: speaking of final exams, these are killing me! i never struggled so hard right now!>_<

TheGoldenThunder: it will be fine. i'm sure you'll make it.:)

Kri: it's good to see you again bud.^_^

Hanna: yeah.^_^

TheGoldenThunder: so, you got your own 570S? nice! and who are the new car and bike?^_^

Me: Thunder, this is my Apollo Intensa Emozione, or IE for short. Intensa Emozione, this is Thunder.:)

Apollo IE: nice to meet you.^_^

My Kawasaki Ninja H2R: so, this is your friend, huh? anyway, there's no time to waste. on to the races.>:I

after qualifier 6 (attempt 5)

Audi R8 tyke: looks like Vivendi is pulling out all their tricks up their sleeves.>:I

Me: no doubt about it.>:I

R8 tyke's TRION NEMESIS: also, was it nescesary to strap the Ninja H2R on me?-_-

Audi R8 tyke: yep.:P

R8 tyke's Kawasaki Ninja H2R: it was the only way to get transported, you know.:P

My Kawasaki Ninja H2R: anyway, the Grand Finale awaits. let's go.>:I

at the Grand Finale of the San Diego Harbor

the announcer: this is it, folks! the final Grand Finale of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R! who's gonna win? who's gonna go home? let's find out!:D

My Kawasaki Ninja H2R: this is it, young one. we've come this far.>:I

Hanna: no room for mistakes now.>:I

on the final straight of lap 2

the announcer: the final stretch is upon them! we're about to see the finish here. AND LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS OVER!! WHAT A RACE!! ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP IS TAKEN DOWN BY TEAM AZELFLAND, WHICH NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ALL OF US!! EVEN THE WRECK IN THE BEGINNING WASN'T ENOUGH TO STOP THEM!! that is it for this championship! the next one is a surprise that we're all waiting for! see you in the next championship, folks!:D

Me: that was awesome! not perfect, but hey. you made it happen.^_^

Hanna: thanks.:3 *they both make out*

My Kawasaki Ninja H2R: i must say, turns out the prophecy came true, after all. as promised, i'll join you on your quest to take down Vivendi.^_^

My Suzuki Hayabusa: well, welcome to the team.:)

a ninja ambush happens

Cynthia: NINJAS?! OH, GOD!!O_O

Diana: let's kick their asses before they get the Ninja H2R.>:I

one butt whooping later (Knuckles got owned counter: 6)

McLaren P1 boy: i think we know who's behind this. *sees Mike458 and Vincent trying to sneak out of their sight* GOTCHA, BITCH!>:D

Mike458: ah, s@#t! he figured it out!>:(

Alice: trying to sneak out on us again, aren't you? we knew you were behind all this.>:)

My Kawasaki Ninja H2R: you rigged my top speed so you could make us all suffer. but that didn't work, because Alice sure knows how to upgrade the cars and bikes.>:)

Hanna: the next thing you did was that you'd rig Iceland and the San Diego Harbor to make them difficult. not even that worked.>:)

TheHawtDawg1: and during the third and sixth qualifier, you made sure Hanna would get owned. but that didn't work, either. even the Grand Finale didn't stop us.>:)

Vincent: and we would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!>:(

Cream: well, no point in talking to these idiots.>:P *blows raspberry*

mike458: WHY YOU LITTLE.......................... NO ONE EVEN LIKES YOU, YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL!!>:(

Cream: *gasps and starts crying*

Tails: *gets steaming mad* NO ONE INSULTS MY GIRL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!>:(

Zoe: you seriously need to learn some manners!>:( *gives Vincent and Mike458 the middle finger*


Zoe: *also gasps and starts crying*

Audi R8 tyke: *also gets steaming mad* OH, YOU MOTHERF@#$ER! YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS, YOU SEXISTS!>:(

Mike458: oh, we already have.>:)


Mike458: oh, god, not this crap again!O_O

TweakRacer: yes, this crap again!>:)

Shadow Azelfland: well, i'm out of f@#ks to give. *bumps his fists and uses the Electric Fly* BRINGALLTHESAUUUUUUCE!! *uses it again* GIMMEMYMONEYYYYYYYYYY!! *and again* GOTTASUCKMYNUTS!! *and again* JOHNYSTARTTHECAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!D:<

Me (making my Spongebob narrator impression): 500 Electric Flies later.:P

Mike458: ow.X_X

Flora: *grabs Mike458 by the coat* do you even understand that actions also have consequenses?! you know what happens to people who dare insult us, right?>:(

Mike458: oh, come on! it's always the nut shot!O_O

Flora: that's right! WE KICK THEM IN THE BALLS!>:( *kicks Mike458 right in the nuts*

Mike458: AUGH! oh, my English tea bags!X_X

Vincent: oh, now you've d- *also gets kicked right in the nuts* AUGH! oh, my English tea bags!X_X

Flora: serves you right, meanies!>:(

Hanna: let's get out of here.>:I

later, back at Azelfland's garage, in Cream's room

Tails: *knocks on the door*

Cream: what do you want?;_;

Tails: don't listen to what they say. they're just trying to make you feel bad. you're a great girl.:3

Cream: r-really?:'(

Tails: yeah. we all care for you.:3

Cream: awwwwwwwwww.:'3

Tails: *pets her hair* shhhhhhhhhhhh. everything's gonna be okay. don't cry. i'm here for you.:3

meanwhile, in Thunder's garage

Aud R8 tyke: hey, have you seen Zoe?:I

Kri: she's in my room. and she won't stop crying.:I

Audi R8 tyke: i'll just cheer her up.:I *knocks on the door*

Zoe: go away, R8 tyke! i don't want to talk to you anymore!;_;

Audi R8 tyke: listen. i just want to talk to you.:I

Zoe: why? so you can mock me like Vincent did?;_; *cries*

Audi R8 tyke: don't listen to what Vincent says. he's trying to make you feel bad. you're a great girl.:3

Zoe: r-really?:'(

Audi R8 tyke: yeah. i will always love you no matter what. trust me.:3 *holds her hand*

Zoe: awwwwwwwwwwww.:'3

Audi R8 tyke: *pets her hair* shhhhhhhhhhh. everything's gonna be okay. don't cry. i'm here for you.:3

Zoe: *stops crying* thanks, R8 tyke. you sure know how to treat a lady.:3

Audi R8 tyke: anytime.^_^

Zoe: so, um...................... what do we do now?:3

Audi R8 tyke: i think i know what to do.:)

and that ends episode 14 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". like i said before, i'm looking forward to the XDiavel S R&D. but this whole "3 hours a day" thing is killing me AND limits during the final exams are for the stupid. there! i said it!

until next time.


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