yep. new characters added, yada yada yada, you get where i'm going with this.

as the title says, i was able to get the Egoista and it's because i was lucky with the 24 boxes that gave 2 random cards each AND with the first Ultra box, after fusing some of the cards i got. got 25 blueprints and i had 20 unopened boxes with a guaranteed Lamborghini Egoista blueprint each. only 9 blueprint cars remaining and now i have every single Lamborghini in the game.

this is episode 1 of season 8 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

Los Angeles, California, Vivendi's fifth secret base

Vincent: ugh! can't believe that TrashF@#$er2014 and that R8 F@#k destroyed my fourth base!! and i can't believe Metal Azelfland betrayed me like that!>:(

Mike458: well, what do we do now?:I

Dr. Eggman: how about abducting their girls?>:)

Anais: no, that won't work. we did this a few times, but they're not damsels in distress.>:I

Dr. Eggman: oh.:I

Vincent: well, then. in that case, we need to form a villain syndicate. we'll summon 2 villains from 2 other franchises. and we'll join forces to take down team Azelfland for good.>:)

Anais: sounds good. so, who do we summon?:I

Vincent: you'll see.>:)

meanwhile, in Azelfland's garage

TraceG11: so, Nick the Wolf, was it? how do you and Rouge even have such a stable relationship? i'm amazed with that progress you're doing.^_^

Nick: well, it's because we were meant to be.^_^

TraceG11: i dunno if i can keep up.:P

Nick: i don't know about you, but................ the funniest moment in our relationship would have to be her getting breasy-punched.:P

TraceG11: excuse me?:I

Rouge: well, after our little boxing match, i decided to let him breast-punch me. it was so much fun.:3

Nick: yeah. her baby pink sports bra. her black boxing gloves and shorts with a heart buckle. and her white laced-up boots. she's so beautiful. still, it was a fun moment for the two of us.:3

Rouge: awwwwwwww.:3

two months ago

Rouge: *gets punched to her left breast* right to the heart. boom. boom.:3

Nick: well, i'll make sure you enjoy it.>:3 *proceeds to breast-punch Rouge*

Rouge (getting breast-punched): OH, YES! PUNCH ME HARDER! PUNISH ME HARDER!:D

back to the present

TraceG11: i'll just slowly back away before things get weird. ._.

Me: hey, guys! the 24 boxes that give us 2 cards each AND that first Ultra box -because i few some of the cards obtained, like blueprints of cars i already have- got me the 2 blueprints i needed for the Egoista! *opens the 20 boxes that give an Egoista blueprint each* now we got them all!^_^

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: nice! the Lamborghini siblings are finally reunited and better than ever!^_^

My Lamborghini Aventador SV: and i'm sure the parts of our brother is still in my EDD site.:P

Sonic: okay, then. Azelfland and i will go g-

???: *comes out of an Ultra Wormhole from the ceiling* ooof!X_X

???: owowow!!X_X


Hanna: WHAT?!O_O

Me: i'll handle this. *talks to the Mario Bros.* babity boopy?:P

Mario: excuse me?:I

Sonic: what are you doing?:I

Me: speaking Italian. *talks to Mario* babity boopy, bibity boobity babity babity!:P

Sonic: you can't speak Italian just because you heard their Italian giberrish.T_T

Me: bobity bapa! booba beepa booba bapa beepa bapa!:P

Sonic: please excuse my friend. he doesn't know what he's saying.:P

Mario: it's-a okay. anyway, i-

Me: we know who you are. Mario, right? and i see Luigi is with you. OH MY GOD, IT'S SO GOOD TO MEET THE WORLD-FAMOUS MARIO BROS!!!:D

Mario: i guess. that's a weird welcome.:I

meanwhile, back at Vivendi's fifth base

Vincent: here we go. let's see who's the villain who will come out of the Ultra Wormhole.>:)

Bowser: *comes out of the Ultra Wormhole* did someone page the king of awesome?!>:)

Dr. Eggman: YOU!!>:(

Boswer: YOU!!>:(

Dr. Eggman: ME!!>:(

Mike458: him.:P

Vincent: whoa-whoa-whoa!! you two need to co-operate. we have a huge threat to take down.>:I

Dr. Eggman: bah! we'll settle this later. right now, we need to stomp our enemies.>:I

Bowser: fine! just don't get in my way!>:I

back at Azelfland's garage

Luigi: so, let me get this straight. that Vincent Bollore guy summoned an Ultra Wormohle that dragged Mario and i into your world, while Boswer joined forces with Sonic's arch-nemesis and that Vincent guy and he's going to get another villain by his side some other time?O_O

Hanna: yep. something like that.:P

My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: i'm not surprised how the Mario Bros. are here. besides, Nintendo even included some of our kind in Mario Kart 8 as DLC.:P

Me: well, i'll introduce you to my team later. right now, we got some parts of an Egoista to get.>:I

later, at the old EDD site

Me: what the-? the parts aren't here?!O_O

Mario: they must-a be clever to think of getting them away from us.>:I

Sonic: what do we do?:I

Me: however, i sense their presence in Transylvania.>:I

Mario: you have psychic powers or something?:I


insert a 60s Batman montage here

Sonic: well, that was fast.:P

Me: told ya. the power of teleportation always works.:)

Sonic: well, this reminds of that one castle that had switches that flipped gravity.:P

Mario: there's even scarier things than that.:P

Me (thinking): well, seeing Mario and Sonic being rivals and getting along....... i actually like this. still, if they can settle their rivalries in Super Smash Bros., i'm sure they can work together, as well.:)

a lot of 2spooky4me later

Sonic: the parts are here.>:I

Mario: are those.......................?O_O

Me: yep.:P

Boswer: MARIO!!>:I

Mario: you again?! what are you planning this-a time?>:(

Dr. Eggman: we'll snap you like a twig. that's what.>:)

Boswer: first, we'll take you down. then we'll trap you in the cage. then we'll throw you in the garbage. AND LIGHT THE GARBAGE ON FIRE!! BWAHAHA!!>:D

Dr. Eggman: that way, we won't have to see your faces ever again!>:)

Boswer: and this world will be mine!>:D

Dr: Eggman: i sure hope you mean OURS just then!>:(


Dr. Eggman: of course i do! I'M taking over this world!>:(

Sonic: not if WE can help it, "Baldy McNosehair"!>:P

Me: *laughs* "Baldy McNosehair".XD

Dr. Eggman: we'll settle this matter later. right now, we need to stomp them!>:I

Boswer: fine! but like i said, don't get in my way.>:I

Me: tch. it's going to be easy.:P

Mario: *pulls out a Fire Flower* SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!>:D *creates a distraction*

Sonic: *grabs the parts of the Egoista* i'll take those!>:)

Me: SO LONG, CHUMPS!!>:D *teleports out of there*

Dr. Eggman: did he just..........? ._.

Boswer: yep. he did. he called us chumps. ._.

back at Azelfland's garage (again) (8:00 PM)

Hanna: rough day, huh?:I

Me: yeah. so many things to process, you know.:I

Hanna: not every day is a good day, you know.:I

Me: yeah. and um............. i know i'm five days late, but............. here you go.:3 *gives Hanna a summer outfit*

Hanna: *gasps* for me? awwwwwww, you shouldn't have.:3

on the ground floor of Azelfland's garage

My Lamborghini Egoista: Azelfland! my man! it's been a while!^_^

Me: it sure has.:)

Diana: you can also thank me and Shelby for our Italian.^_^

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: thanks to you guys, i was able to reunite with my brothers and sisters.^_^

Audi R8 tyke: hey, guys. what did i miss?:I

Alice: not much. the Mario Bros. joined us. Vincent formed a villain syndicate. Azelfland got the Egoista now. also, we'll have to upgrade three cars.:P

Audi R8 tyke: congrats, dude.:)

Me: thanks. and i heard from Jake. you got the SLR McLaren, didn't you?:)

Audi R8 tyke: yep. and after getting her that day, and after our really fun date, Zoe and i got naughty and made love with each other.^_^

My Mazda RX-8: aw, dang it! i wish i recorded that.:(

McLaren P1 boy: what a day. dinner anyone?:)

Everyone: YEAH!!!:D

TheHawtDawg1: and the best part is, we didn't break the fourth wall for once.:)

Me: well, that's really nice of you guys. thank you.^_^

My real life self: *breaks the fourth wall* no problem, guys.:)

Everyone: DUDE, COME ON!!>:(

and that ends episode 1 of season 8 of "Asphalt stories". once the new events are released, i'll have more ideas. but for now, there will be some throwbacks from the Porsche Motor Series, or PMS for short, to celebrate Porsche's 70th anniversary.

until next time.


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