this one is based on the Murcielago championship. and yeah, there will be a crossover with The Crew 2 and Real Racing 3 from here on.

this is part 1 of 2 of episode 8 of season 10 of "Asphalt stories". this covers the first half of the champonship. here goes:

Rome, Italy

Me: well, since the Murcielago will have token-only upgrades, we'll need a plan.>:I

Knuckles: okay. here's the plan. *puts a baseball bat on the table* we beat them up till they give us the car.:P

Nick: i vote for this idea.^_^

Flora: um, i don't think resorting to violence is a good idea. how about we go as far as possible?:3

Knuckles and NIck: ....................................... *hysterical laughing and wheezing* AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!XD

Me: it won't work. we'll need something better than this.>:I

Knuckles: does it involve b- *gets zapped* oh no!X_X (Knuckles got owned counter: 18)

Me: no, it doesn't involve baseball bats. there's only one thing to do.>:I

Cynthia: do we let it be?:I

Me: we'll spend tokens to upgrade her.>:I



Hanna: .......................................:'(

Me: i'm sorry. i really didn't mean to yell at you. i just hate those token-only upgrades.:(

Hanna: oh, it's all right. you didn't mean to.:3

Me: but have i told you guys i already have the Murcielago?:P

Everyone: WHAT?!O_O

Me: yeah. here's what happened.:P

Los Angeles, California, the Street Racing HQ, last week

Latrell: well, if it isn't my good old friend. how's it going?:)

Me: good.:)

Latrell: now, what's with the whole zombie outbreak outside?:I

Me: i.................... really don't want to talk about it.:(

Latrell: that's fine. i understand.:I

Me: anyway, i'm here for another car.:)

Latrell: take your time.:)

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................:I

Latrell: i can help. i heard rumors about a Murcielago championship coming soon. however, upgrading her would require spending tokens. you might want to get the Murcielago in case you don't make the championship.:P

Me: well, guess i'll take the Murcielago, then.^_^

back to the present

Me: and that's how i got it.:)

My Pagani Huayra BC: then why didn't you tell us to farm?:I

Me: well, it's because i got a fourth garage. for track racing. and got real busy with it.:P

Pagani Huayra BC: oh.:I

My Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: well, i'll come too. besides, it's a family matter. i'm not missing out on it.:P

Alice: let's get this over with.-_-

French Guiana

My Lamborghini Murcielago: well, if it isn't Azelfland.^_^

Me: here's the thing. Vincent rigged your upgrades. four of them cost tokens.:I

Lamborghini Murcielago: WHAT?!>:(

My Lamborghini Aventador SV: well, Vincent Bollore's greed sure knows no bounds.-_-

Lamborghini Murcielago: please tell me you have some free upgrades.:I

Hanna: sadly, we don't. guess we'll have to go along with it.:(


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: i almost forgot to mention. if she gets angry about something she doesn't like, she just won't let it go for a few minutes.:I

Me: well, one thing's for sure. we both share the same thing. to take down Vincent for what he's done.>:I

at the Grand Finale of French Guiana

the announcer: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 38th annual Asphalt championship. we're here with a classic Italian supercar of awesome today.:D

Lamborghini Murcielago: time to crush this!>:I

after the Grand Finale of French Guiana

Lamborghini Murcielago: i'm feeling better now.^_^

My Lamborghini Estoque: see? told you he was awesome. he even rescued me and the Aventador SV when we were mind controlled.:)

the next day, after the Grand Finale of Barcelona

Lamborghini Estoque: everyone, go. Azelfland and i will handle them.>:I

Asphalt Police's dispatch: attention patrol division. attention patrol division. we have a code 6 driver attempting to escape custody. suspect was last seen heading south-bound of Barcelona. all units, standby for the order.>:I

Asphalt Police member: more details?>:I

Asphalt Police's dispatch: suspect vehicle is a black Lamborghini.>:I

Lamborghini Estoque: that's racist!>:(

the next day, on Patagonia

Lamborghini Estoque: sheesh. can you believe that?! they chased me just because i'm black?!>:(

Lamborghini Aventador SV: they're cops. what did you expect?-_-

Lamorghini Sesto Elemento: more like AMERICAN cops.:D

Everyone: .................................................................................-_-

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: okay. i'll stop.:I

after the Grand Final of Patagonia

Lamborghini Murcielago: well, that's that. what's next?:)

My McLaren MP4-31: well, Azure Coast is next.and FYI, Azelfland and Hanna always go on a date after the Grand Finale.:)

Me: except qualifiers start at 10:00 PM.-_-

the next day, on Azure Coast ( exactly 10:00 PM)

Lamborghini Murcielago: well, guys. hope you had fun.^_^

Hanna; we sure did.:3

Lamborghini Murcielago: well, it's go time.:)

Me: we got this.:P

Hanna: oh, god. my feet are going to hurt so bad after this.-_-

Lamborghini Murcielago: i would highly suggest taking off your high heels before driving.:P

Hanna: do i still get to keep my dress on?:I

Everyone: ugh. yes.T_T

after the Grand Finale of Azure Coast

Diana: well, that's that.:P

Hanna: yeah. and thanks for the advice, Murcielago.^_^

Lamborghini Murcielago: anytime.;)

Feuerrm: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand next is Iceland. the hardest track in all of AsphaltLand.:I

Wanda: he's about to say it.:P

Emily: wait for it.............................:P

ThunderWolf: wait for it....................:P

Me: "hardest race track in the game" my ass.-_-

Shelby: i knew it.:P

Lamborghini Murcielago: what's the big deal anyway?:I

TheHedgehogOne: well, according to the human me, Iceland happens to have a small number of nitro bottles, is hard to navigate and the end might screw you up.:I

Lamborghini Murcielago: tch even if it's Nurburgring, Laguna Seca or even Brands Hatch, i'll still come on top against my opponents. bring it on!>:)

to be continued.

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