during the Dubai tour of the Ninja H2R championship, i was able to get the 26th blueprint for the 570S, AKA "Superdart". it was one of the cars i wanted to get for a long time and i finally got it. so, i thought i'd make this McLaren the pun machine of the McLarens. would be a cool thing to do for this episode.

this is episode 13 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". here goes:

French Guiana

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: so far so good. you two are just as the prophecy foretold.:)

Hanna: the prophecy?:I

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: yes. i'll tell you more about it after the Grand Finale of this tour.>:I

Me: um............... okay.:I

after the Grand Finale of the French Guiana

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: as promised, i'll tell you more about the prophecy of the Ninja H2Rs.>:I

Sonic: so, what's that prophecy wumbo jumbo that you're talking about?:I

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: the Ninja H2R prophecy told of a young couple and their friends taking on my championship and taking it down, no matter how difficult it got. i assume that your friend, R8 tyke is ahead of you. is he the one accompanied by his R8 LMS Ultra, a girl with Purple hair and a hedgehog version of himself?>:I

TheHawtDawg1: yes, that's him.>:I

Shelby: excuse me! i'm right here, you know!>:(

Shadow Azelfland: actually, she was talking about Zoe.:P

Shelby: oh. my bad.:I

Diana: and the Orange hedgehog version of himself is Jake.:P

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: yes, it's them. they're accompanied by another of my kind.>:I

Persephone: also, don't forget that Amy is accompanying them, as well.>:I

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: right. tommorow, Dubai awaits.>:I

the next day, on Dubai

Wendy: and it's back to the city where couples are not allowed.-_-

Alice: hey, don't feel too bad, sis. at least we get the chance for the tour.^_^

Wendy: yeah. i guess you're r-

Me: GUYS, CHECK THIS OUT!! THE 26TH BLUEPRINT FOR THE 570S!! I'M GETTING IT RIGHT NOW!!O_O *spends 115 tokens and opens the 29 McLaren 570S blueprint boxes*

Hanna: that escalated quickly.:I

Alice: and luckily, the blueprints are written in English.^_^

Shelby: so, where are the parts?:I

McLaren P1 boy: they're near the great wall of China.>:I

Shelby: that's where Shadow Azelfland and i first met. cool!^_^

at the Great Wall of China

Zoe: Shelby?! well, i'm surprised to see you and Shadow Azelfland here.^_^

Shelby: where's R8 tyke?:I

Zoe: oh, yeah. he got the TRION NEMESIS and......... i don't know.:I

Audi R8 tyke: i'm here. hey, guys.^_^

Shadow Azelfland: do you know where exactly the parts of the 570S are?:I

Audi R8 tyke: i'm sure they're near the parts of the wall, where we race. but be warned. Vivendi made an illusion of yourself and destroyed some racers. which is why the Asphalt Police is investigating. caution is advised, you two. okay?:I

Shelby: we'll be careful. let's go.>:I

a few seconds later

Vicky Watson: Shadow Azelfland, right? are you gonna make this easy?:)

Shadow Azelfland: .....................................>:I

Shelby: hey, you two! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! you listen here! Shadow Azelfland is a good man. you'll never seduce him with your.................. TRAMP CLOTHES!!>:(

Blackout Scarlet: she's remarkably obnoxious.-_-

Vicky Watson: yep..... *talks to Shadow Azelfland* i'm Vicky Watson, an officer of the Asphalt Police. there's a warrant for your arrest. let's come quietly. what do you say?:)

Shadow Azelfland: .....................................>:I

Shelby: how dare you take that tone! we're NOT coming with you!>:(

Shadow Azelfland: i'm not interested in your warrants. if you try and take me, it's not gonna be easy.>:I

Vicky Watson: i had a feeling you would say something like that. we do this the hard way.>:I

the announcer from Stret Fighter x Tekken: let's do this! FIGHT!

a few minutes later

Shadow Azelfland: maybe now you two will listen to us!>:(

Shelby: it wasn't him! Vivendi created an illusion of him to make that misunderstanding!>:(

Vicky Watson: oh. well, if that's the case, we're sorry to have caused you guys trouble.:(

Shelby: it's all right. now, if you'll excuse us, we got some parts of the 570S to get.:P

4 hours later

My McLaren 570S: ICE to meet you guys!^_^

My McLare 675LT: good one, bro.^_^

My Pagani Huayra BC: um, excuse me?:I

McLaren 570S: oh, sorry. it's a terrible habit of mine. i'm basically the pun machine of the McLarens.^_^

My Ferrari GTC4Lusso: i actually liked it.:)

TheHawtDawg1: sooooooooooooooo, what do we do now?:I

Me: we wait for the next tour, i guess.:I

later, in Azure Coast

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: consider yourselves lucky.>:I

Tails: why?:I

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: because in the Azure Coast, we can hone our skills without interruptions.>:I

Cream: o........kay.:I

Loraine: well, you guys know what to do.>:I

after the Grand Finale of the Azure Coast

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: not bad at all.^_^

Me: thanks.:)

Hanna: so, do we go to the funfair?:)

Me: tommorow night, yes.:)

the next day, after getting 111 trophines

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: nice! i'm faster than ever.>:)

My Apollo IE: told you. Alice is the best when it comes to upgrading.^_^

Kawasaki Ninja H2R: and you were right, IE.^_^

Me: all in a day's work.^_^

McLaren 570S: you could say that we got aHEAD of ourselves! ba dum ts!:D

Everyone: .......................................-_-

McLaren 570S: okay, i'll stop.:I

later that night, at the funfair (7:05 PM)

Nick: well, this is the place.:)

Rouge: i remember this funfair. it was so much fun.^_^

Me: well, let's go have fun. after you, ladies.:3

Hanna: you boys are such gentlemen.:3

Nick: mind if i ask? is this where you went on your first date?:I

Hanna: yep. and ever since that date, after every tour that includes the Azure Coast, we go into that funfair and have some fun. kinda like our own tradition.^_^

Nick: cool.^_^

after the double date

nick: man, this was so much fun.^_^

Me: i have to agree on this one. it was so cool.^_^

Hanna: well, we'll see you tommorow.^_^

Rouge: yep. see you tommorow.^_^

meanwhile, in Vivendi's fourth secret base in Havana, Cuba

Mike458: sir, team Azelfland have completed the Azure Coast.>:I

Vincent: well, that's bad.O_O

Metal Azelfland: not all is lost, though. even though R8 tyke got the NEMESIS, just remember that Azelfland is the real threat to us. Iceland is where we'll put that dead end to him.>:)

Mike458: we rigged the qualifiers, so that they won't make it. that way, we'll watch them suffer.>:)

Vincent: and what if that doesn't work?>:I

Metal Azelfland: the San Diego Harbor's qualifiers are more rigged than Iceland's. if they beat the Iceland tour, the San Diego Harbor tour will be their doom.>:)

Vincent: excellent.>:)

Anais: they won't know what hit them.>:)

Vincent: even if the Age-a-Tron 3000 got destroyed and Shadow Azelfland figured out of our illusion, Azelfland, his girlfriend and his annoying friends will suffer, no matter what.>:)

Anais: they always come prepared. so don't get too confident.>:I

Vincent: that, i will give you.:P

Metal Azelfland: though, at some point, we need to make a syndicate with villains, like Dr. Eggman, from other dimensions. and by "from other dimensions", i mean from where the villains come from.>:I

Mike458: wait, why a villain syndicate?:I

Vincent: because that way, we'll have more chances to take down those nuisances to our plans.>:I

Aris Cheese God (through the vents): i need to let everyone know.>:I

Anais: huh? did you guys hear something?:I

Vincent: ...................................... nah. just my imagination.:I

Mike458: anyway, we do have a lot of DNA left from Silver Azelfland, after you created him.>:I

Anais: we'll use it when needed. got it?>:I

Mike458: understood. now, i must leave, so i can watch Azelfland suffer.>:)

and that ends episode 13 of season 7 of "Asphalt stories". i know it's a bit shorter than the last ones, but i don't have time. the exams are still going to kill me after this.

until next time.


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